Cavs Fans continue to love the Witness Campaign


Taking a page out of A. Gully’s book, Cavalier fans continue to provide Nike and Nike Basketball with free advertising thanks to the Witness campaign that is tied to our very own LeBron James. 

The latest comes from Cav Fanatic Candice who decided to give her garage door an alleged long overdue makeover.

I could have painted it wine and gold like my computer room, or I could have went with the retro theme and painted it blue and orange.  I wanted to express the level of “fanhood “ that I have, and that’s when it hit me.  We as Cavs fans all have one thing in common: we’ve experienced both highs and lows with our beloved team.  From 17 win debacles, to our record breaking 66 wins last season, we’ve seen a lot.  Over the last 6 years especially, we’ve been lucky enough to WITNESS the growth of both a superstar and our team.  Now in his 7th year in the league, Lebron is poised to lead what could be the strongest team in franchise history.   This season I can’t wait to WITNESS Lebron, Shaq and the rest of the squad challenge the other elite teams in the NBA for the Championship. 

She chronicles the paint job on her fan page.  Thankfully, she also provided a slew of pictures along with the final product, which we’ve displayed above.







Per Candice, the job took about a month as well as six gallons of paint.  The gold LBJ’s in the corner of the door are obviously a bit tough to see in the images above, but the white ones on the back of the ride make up for it.  Definitely a solid job and a very good way to show display fanhood. True fans, ahoy!

Did I mention that the Cavs start camp in less than a week?

Putting My Fanhood On Display [Cav Fanatic]

  • Brian

    Why did it take a month.

  • Harv 21

    1 week until I can start makong positive comments about a Cleveland sports team without suspending belief. Woo-hoo. .

  • Denny

    So the real important question is this: does she live along Lebron’s commute from his home to Independence or the Q –

  • J

    Um thats a girl?

  • JD

    I’m not the world’s biggest basketball fan…but thanks to baseball and football season, I’ve haven’t been this excited for a basketball season since the days of Price/Daugherty/Nance/Hot Rod/Ehlo!

  • Anon Imus

    Nice Cavs fluff fill-in aricle.. I am surprised WFNY has no comments on Delonte’s recent gun episode and his battle with bi-polar. that would be an interesting cavs topic for the blog… painting a garage not so much…

  • Scott

    Coming later today, Anon. Chill out…

  • Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    All she needs now is a crappy rap song and make claims of racism towards white people and her and A Gully will be tied for the truest fan.

  • JK

    I too thought that she was a he.

  • Omega King

    It’ll be a bummer if he bouces after this year.

  • Omega King

    *bounces. n’s are often important.

  • Dave

    a coworker came into work the other day and told us that someone on his street did this…turns out this is the person…awesome photos…glad you guys put this up