Eric Wedge: Fired? (Update)

The Indians have called a 1:30 press conference for a big announcement. Looks like Eric Wedge won’t make it through the year after all. More details to come when they are available.

(Update 11:40 AM: Entire coaching staff has been dismissed.  Reportedly, Wedge has known for days; Derek Shelton, Carl Willis, Chuck Hernandez, Luis Rivera and Joel Skinner were informed last night).

  • DCBucks

    How do you recover from an atomic Wedgie?

  • JD


  • Isis

    Cmon now…..he’s got a year left on his contract…….”he won’t be fired”.

  • Boomhauer

    Why fire him with 6 games left? They should’ve fired him in May when the season was still salvagable.

  • BisonDeleSightings


  • Joe H

    its……. about…….. time

  • Don

    uggghh cleveland is a terrible sports town…All hail LeBron James, please bring us championship before you leave.

  • Jon S.

    I know he’s gotta go for PR reasons, but he has been scapegoated in this town in a serious way. Managers have so little to do with winning and losing. I don’t think Wedge is a “great manager” (whatever that means), but the witch hunt was outrageous. At least it’s finally over. Now we can start worrying about hating the next guy.

  • kunal

    why so late… like really?

  • ben

    Hey – at least it happened.
    I’m happy. This makes the DA news more bearable.

  • Ben

    The move had to be made. If you replace Wedge with anyone in the minor league system though I am going to go crazy. I would rather keep Wedge and fire Shapiro then have to watch Lovullo or Sarbaugh here next year.

  • Brendon

    he’s getting an extension. lol

  • Scotty
  • Mark P

    Glad to see they cleaned house. Skinner’s time was overdue as well.

  • historycat

    KNR just reported that Wedge is going to finish the season, but Wedge and the 7 coaches have been told they will not return next year in their current positions

  • Derwood

    Shapiro better be out of here also.

  • CJG


  • Carol

    @ 17: DITTO

  • steve

    if only the owners could fire themselves now

  • mitchum man

    Unfortunately the oly rooting were gonna be doin in the future, is rooting for the management to be fired. While the yankees and red sox have another bout, we at least get the satisfaction of our manager fired. Gotta love the mlb!!

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