Wedge: “I hope to have some resolution before the season is over.”

wedgeThe Grinder, before today’s afternoon tilt with the Tigers, told the media that he fully expects to learn his fate in regards to his future as the Indians manager. Per Paul Hoynes of the PD Wedge said the following:

“I hope to have some resolution before the season is over. . hopefully. If I was told today that I was going to be back, if I was told today that I wouldn’t be back, I wouldn’t do anything differently the rest of the way. That’s not who I am. I want to put us in the best position to be the best team we can be next year regardless of whether I’m here or not.”

Where do I stand on this topic? The Indians have blown this team completely up. Victor Martinez and Cliff Lee – gone. Mark DeRosa, Ryan Garko, Ben Francisco – Peace. Rafael Betancourt and Carl Pavano – Later. With the organization clearly in rebuilding mode for 2010, the obvious move is to start with a fresh face to lead the young group. Wedge has had seven years to prove himself. Whether you believe he is a good manager or not, sometimes all it takes is a new voice.

Just ask the Colorado Rockies.

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  • Boomhauer

    Firing Wedge after another lackluster April start may have saved this season, in the standings and at the box office. After sharing season tickets this year, I have no interest in renewing no matter what happens in the offseason. However, if Wedge is the manager next season, I may not go to a game all season.

  • Robbie

    Wedge was the rebuilder during the first rebuild. Why give him (and his staff) another chance to screw it up? I include “his staff” because I’ve never liked Carl Willis. While two Cy Young award winners came through at the very end, I think that was despite his position.

  • Isis

    TD-do you still feel the Dolan’s will keep Wedge as you referenced weeks ago due to his contract?

    I hope you’re now on board as I referenced weeks ago that he’s GONE. Re-read the comments from Paulie and Shapiro, the arrow has been pointed directly at Wedge and he’s fully aware of his status. The year and paltry sum left on his contract is meaningless.

    Kudos to Wedge for forcing the issue and flushing out Dolan/Shapiro and their weakfaced agenda.

  • Harv 21

    “Kudos to Wedge for forcing the issue”? OK I guess, if you’re so confident another team will hire you rght awaythat you want to be first in the candidate line. That doesn’t always work, and more likel;y it makes you look like a guy with an attitude problem to other teams. Ask Charlie Manuel, who didn’t see another manager’s office for a while after he pulled that here.

  • AMC

    I too think Wedge is gone, if for no other (cynical) reason than the Dolans trying to deflect blame away from themselves and their baseball guy Shapiro. Moreover, as others have suggested, what is the point of having him manage a newly-formed squad of youngsters that will surely struggle at times? It’s tough to truly evaluate any manager’s performance in that type of situation. Wedge had his chance to be evaluated – he hasn’t stacked up and it’s time to move on.

  • Jason

    I think Wedge is gone, and he’ll be immediately hired by another team, probably as a bench coach, as he’s well respected around the league. He’s a lot like Terry Francona in boston, a player’s manager who never shows his hand. Sadly, he never had the talent pool that Francona has had, and yet, they still almost beat Boston in 2007 despite our two best pitchers getting the playoff yips.

    That said, maybe Wedge could be better at preparing his teams, and maybe the Tribe just needs a breath of fresh air, but I remember Grover and Manuel…talk about wasting away talented teams… and I still think Wedge is by far and away the best of the three.

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