Browns News: Not a Trade, but D’Qwell is in the IR

large_jackson-bartonNews from the Cleveland Football Browns today – LB D’Qwell Jackson has been moved to the IR list.

Per press release:

The Cleveland Browns today placed linebacker D’Qwell Jackson on injured reserve with a shoulder injury he sustained in last Sunday’s game at Pittsburgh, the team announced. In addition, the club signed defensive lineman Keith Grennan to the practice squad and released defensive lineman Carlton Powell from the practice squad.

Jackson started all six games this season, and recorded a team-high 57 tackles, two passes defensed and one forced fumble.

Grennan was originally signed to the Browns’ practice squad on September 9, before being released on October 9.

Coach Eric Mangini had the following to say about losing DQ:

“It’s disappointing any time you lose a player for the season, and this is especially true with someone like D’Qwell, who has proven to be an outstanding leader for us both on and off the field.”

More to come I’m sure, but this is not good news for the Browns defense.

  • MrCleaveland

    Mike Lombardi cements his status in the Incompetence Hall of Fame along with Mangini and Anderson.

    Isis, I don’t recall seeing your Week 6 analysis of Mangini’s three second-round draft picks. Many of us look forward to it.

  • Nullster

    Wow Mr. Cleveland way to stay off the topic completely !!!

    That Being Said, I think I speak for all of Cleveland fans with this news with one simple phrase: Ugh

  • Sam B

    (CAPS) Shoulder injury eh? Gee, I guess the coaching staff is still letting promising players practice without pads on… (/CAPS)

  • AMC

    No need to worry… D’Qwell was only the heart and soul of what was already an extremely shaky defense. I’m sure everything will be fine.

  • Schrute

    [Insert staph infection joke]

  • P@

    This should just about lock up that #1 pick! Go Mangini Go! St. Tebow, here we come!

  • Isis

    MrCleaveland-here’s the cliffs notes version of the second round tracker vs. the Steelers:

    Brian Robiskie: 1 catch/23 yards. Ray Maulauga anyone?
    Mo Massaquoi: 5 catches/83 yards + 3 drops. Shows some ability.
    David Veikune: DNP, while Ohio Northern FA Jason Trusnik plays OLB and 5’11” undersized Maiuva plays ILB ahead of him. Drafted as on OLB/edge rusher-failed that and moved to ILB.

    Smart guys, potential Mensa candidates. Round two NFL talent?

    Well…….with Dqwell out, will Veikune sniff any PT?

  • Isis

    MrCleveland-you didn’t request, but shall I even update the Mangini second half adjustments tracker? Who’s kidding who? Game planning……are you serious? Browns came out and actually played the run tough for a bit, so Pittsburgh just walked all over them and threw over the top-adjustments from the defensive side you say?

    Offensive gameplan…..well, offensive again. Check this-Pittsburgh is known to be vulnerable against the pass, having given up huge yardage per game via the air. What does Daboll go? Takes the air outta the ball and runs and ducks, eschewing the passing game. Still waiting for the Daboll assessments, along with the George Mcdonald assessments-both part of the crescendo of first year rookie coaches on Heir Mangini’s staff.

    Steelers adjustments? Perhaps holding in the milk spewing laughter at the Browns pants and St. Clairs Norge butt.

  • Alex

    Isis: Massaquoi “shows some ability?” Well, I suppose that’s true, since he’s played pretty darn well.

    Rookie WRs making an impact:
    Julian Edelman (Pats) 20 rec, 188 ryards, 0 TDs
    Austin Collie (Colts) 20 rec, 228 ryards, 3 TDs
    Percy Harvin (Vikings) 20 rec, 243 ryards, 2 TDs
    Kenny Britt (Titans) 19 rec, 289 ryards, 0 TDs
    Mike Wallace (Ptt) 18 rec, 296 ryards, 1 TD
    Johnny Knox (Bears) 17 rec, 224 ryards, 3 TDs
    MoMass 16 rec, 278 ryards, 0 TDs

    Those are the rookie WRs with at least 15 recs. Given that the others on that list had QBs of Brady, Manning, Favre, Roethlisberger, Cutler, and Collins, Massaquoi is doing pretty darn well for having the ball thrown to him by DA in essentially 3-4 games.

    I’m not arguing with you about Robiskie or Veikune, but come on, Massaquoi has done just about as well as he could given the situation and certainly looks like a decent pick to me. He has the size and skills to be a #1 wideout for years to come and is producing as well as anyone could reasonably expect at this point. Sounds like a pretty good second round pick.

  • Alex

    Oh, and Beanie Wells?
    35 rushes for 124 yards (average of 3.5), no TDs, 2 fumbles (1 lost) in 5 games. Can we keep track of his stats, too, as the year goes on?

    Last game: 12 carries for 29 yards (average of 2.4), no TDs. Making the kind of impact you’d expect from a first round RB, no?

  • Desert Wahoo

    Alex – one problem with tracking Beanie Wells. He plays for the Arizona Cardinals. They simple don’t run the ball. Living here in Arizona it’s the same as last year. Warner throws the ball 40+ times a game. runningbacks are for show only.

  • Alex

    Doesn’t matter. They’ve given him 35 carries and he’s showed nothing so far, a pretty decent sample compared to the almost-zeros of Robiskie and Veikune. They don’t trust him to do any pass protection, either, which doesn’t show up in the stats.

    If Isis is going to track everyone we did draft to show how smart he is, then we should track the people he wanted to draft to show how smart he is. He wanted Beanie and Maualuga instead of Mack and Robiskie and, seeing as this is basically the only concrete prognostication he’s made, it’s entirely fair.

    Beanie has not been valuable and has not impressed in his limited time. How many carries has Hightower had as a (universally acknowledged) less-talented back? Answer: 51. Hightower looks like garbage but he’s STILL playing more and carrying it more than Beanie. This is all just Isis-baiting but it’s also entirely fair.

  • Scotty

    This certainly is a strange D’Qwell Jackson comment thread, with only 4/12 comments staying on topic.

  • bobby

    D’Qwell’s injury certainly will hurt this season, but it could turn into a positive. The Browns arent making the playoffs (surprise) and so hopefully we can speed the development of Maiava and/or Veikune. This should get Veikune on the field much like the Edwards trade has done for Robo. I havent seen Robo drop a pass yet btw, off topic I know, but as long as he gets open he should be a decent WR. but back to D, Barton isnt going to be here for much longer, so hopefully either Maiava or Veikune show some ability to play ILB and we can have a 3-man rotation next year (Jackson + Barton/Maiava (or Veikune).

  • Rico Despeedstra

    Amen #12… Let’s also talk about K2’s play in Tampa…

  • kevin

    Don’t forget about Mangini calling out Crabtree as a diva weeks before everyone else found out he was exactly that. Can we at least throw the coach a bone when he gets something right. Sure glad the Browns didn’t draft that guy.

    But, for the topic at hand, bummer about D’Qwell. There’s just not that much to discuss. He’s out, someone else is in to try to prove something. hopefully he does.

  • Alex

    Too bad it’s D’Qwell out. I’d be happier if it wasn’t someone who actually produced.

  • Mark P


    You’re right. D’Qwell going down is awful but hopefully at least one of the young LB’s that gets dropped into the meat grinder can show some promise.

  • Boomhauer

    Without D’Qwell, who’s going to make all of the tackles 7 yards down the field? He’s a decent player, but I can’t remember him making any tackles behind the line of scrimmage. Of course, on this team, a decent player is like a Hall of Famer compared to his teammates.

  • cleveland-blues

    Wasn’t he doubtful to play against Pittsburgh but Ryan and Mangini let him play? That turned out to be a great call…

  • MuptheM

    Yeah not great. However, I’ll take the rookie development. I don’t understand the Viekune obsession. So he’s not ready to take the field… NOT ALL PICKS PAN OUT THE FIRST HALF OF THEIR ROOKIE SEASON. However, we have a 4th round ilb in Maiava that looks ok and probably going to be a good player in the league. Our 1st round pick looks like he’s going to be a beast. MoMass is going to be a stud. So all in all not that bad.

  • paulbip

    Mack is a top 5 rookie.

  • phred


    No, but the issue many have is that you don’t take projects in the 2nd round. First-day draft picks are generally expected to win starting jobs and have an impact. We’ve had a tough time just getting most of them dressed on game day.

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