Michael Reghi Blows Up About “Really Big Show”

reghiThose of you listening to WKNR/AM850 this afternoon were able to hear a very, very rare Michael Reghi.

Reghi has gone on record to slam the Really Big Show, the 9a-12p show that airs on ESPNCleveland and the credibility that lacked today with a female host, Sabrina Parr – who claimed to be an eye witness for the Braylon Edwards altercation on Sunday night.

Reportedly, her depiction of the events have already been refuted by a handful of individuals.  Parr has been on the ESPNCleveland airwaves in the past discussing her relationships with Cleveland athletes as well as her place in the “scene” that occurs frequently at The View nightclub.  Today, she aired conversations about football that (per Reghi) lacked credibility and were based more on “pillow talk.”

“Miss Parr, I hope you enjoy all the time you get on the Really Big Show.  Because you will never, ever have a word to say between three and six.  You are not credible, and the stuff you were throwing out today were shocking.  Have you ever thought about legalities involved in the things you say?”

Rarely do you hear talk show hosts calling out others by full name when they usually go by one-word air names.  Reghi called Parr a “gossip monger,” and has voiced his complaints to upper management of ESPNCleveland, WKNR.

“A joke.  An absolute joke, what took place today with that young woman running her mouth.”

(Update: Via CursedCleveland, we have some audio that occurred earlier in the Reghi show prior to the segment that has been discussed in this report.  Also, Parr has reportedly already been questioned by Cleveland police regarding her statements made over the air.  From what I gather, it is the portion regarding Edwards’ criticism of teammates/coaches and lack of claimed responsibility that has produced this response from Reghi)

  • CleFanVA

    I have to say it: KNR is horrible. No personality on that station is worth listening to. I never knew this until I moved away from NE Ohio. I now live in Northern Virginia, so I listen to a lot of Washington’s sports talk radio, ESPN 980. Let me tell you guys, it is AMAZING how good their local sports radio personalities are. There isn’t a single bad program. I stream KNR a few times a week, and I always give up b/c they NEVER talk about the teams (especially Rizzo) and when they do, it is like my dumb uncle’s opinion or something.

    You know why Washington’s sports talk is better? Because just about every show has at least one sports journalist. That’s right, someone who writes for a respected publication like the Washington Post or Times. In other words, they are smart and so their shows are smart. Rizzo? Reghi? Kenny Rhoda? They are all dimwits. I’m sorry. I LOVE Cleveland sports. But I can’t listen to these guys. It lowers my IQ. Reghi and Rhoda have these annoying fake radio voices, like they’re trying too hard. Rizzo is just a moron. The whole show is a bunch of sounds mixed w/ sophomoric conversations about totally irrelevant things. Can you imagine if Brian Windhorst had a radio program? Now THAT I would listen to!

    I can listen to Washington radio hosts talk about the Redskins easier than I can listen to Cleveland hosts talk about MY team, the Browns! It is a joke.

  • http://clevesportsflow.blogspot.com Ryan

    I enjoy The Really Big Show but I’m not listening to it because I think it’s a credible news source. I’m listening to it because it’s NOT a credible news source.

  • Painesville

    Who cares.

  • Shaun

    Airing legal matters in public during an investigation is a dangerous water to be treading in for Sabrina Parr and for KNR.

    I hope she’s lying, so her 15 minutes of fame ends with a civil suit.

    While I like Michael Reghi, he should’ve stuck to calling games. He’s not a radio “personality”. The moment he starts expressing his opinion it’s pretty much over for me.

  • Howard Roarke Is God

    You’re a joke buddy. You come on here and write as if you’re some type of genius bashing countless members of the Cleveland media, but why do you keep listening and reading then? Seriously, you must have nothing better to do than listen to Reghi so you can mark down all his misuses of the English language. Reghi is a mediocre radio host, but what are you? Reghi has a lot more influence in this mid-market than you have in any market.

  • allenMG3

    When Reghi farts dust fills the air and clouds his brain to what is reality and what is his egotistical view of life

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  • http://clev.com zeppelin1


  • Jay

    Cleveland is a white trash radio market – a show like Rizzo’s appeals to a larger demographic in Cleveland because they use low class humor, gossip and 3rd grade antics to capture their audience – much like other successful shows in Cleveland (Maxwell, Rover etc…). The dumb Cleveland listeners with short attention spans need Hammer antagonizing them, Rizzo using childish sound effects and Sabrina bringing the “oh no you didn’t” attitude to their radio dials to keep them entertained. Ever listen to the WKNR callers – brain cells are lacking. “I think Quinn is good.” Great insight. “Hammer is mean – go Bucks.” Great take Cleveland.

    Reghi provides a credible show that discusses sports – that is why I listen to him and I repsect his opinion.

  • Word

    Jay, Your last statement is all we need to know about you…

  • Jay

    Hey Word – OH NO YOU DIDN”T!!!! – (Sound Effect) – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!