April 24, 2014

Not Exactly What The Browns Intended

Browns FansJust finished reading something really funny about yesterday’s Browns game. (And hey, I’m looking for anything positive to write about the Browns right now.) Jeff from the Buckeye Battle Cry was at the game and writes about his experience with the Browns’ Guest Assist program.

Throughout the game, the Browns implore the crowd to “report fan misconduct” by texting to a special number. I personally believe that the ads placed around the ring of the stadium are a waste of space that could be better used with a running scoreboard from games around the league, but that’s another story.

I decided to send a report to the Browns today, regarding misconduct;

“There’s a guy who keeps going on the field who shouldn’t be there. Please remove him. He can be identified by the large number 3 on his jersey.”

The Browns were not amused. Three minutes later, I got the following;

“The GuestAssist service is provided to ensure a safe environment for all guests. Continued misuse of the service may result in your mobile phone being blocked.”

Well played sir. Well played.

  • Chris

    Absolutely brilliant.

  • Alan

    Awesome! Wish I had thought of that! Maybe start a campaign?

    Thanks for passing along.

  • Roosevelt

    Funny, but why would you do that? Don’t go, it will have a bigger effect.

  • Oppie

    That is awesome!!! Anderson has been so bad that I can’t believe I’m begging for the days of Tim Couch.

    Has it been statistically determined that Brady won’t get his 70% of the snaps yet? If so, can they put him back in? Atleast he was completing 60% of his passes; no matter how short they may be, they’re completions nonetheless.

  • Charlie

    Two thumbs up.

  • oribiasi

    This person deserves kudos and a better football team.

  • Keith

    only thing about the browns that has made me smile

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Much better than the “Rush buy our team” sign that Schefter says was up in the stadium at one point yesterday.

  • Jay

    I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about how much football has sparked an inerest in London, with the NFL playing games over there the past couple years. I also heard they may one day put a team there. Any chance Mr. Lerner has anything to do with this? And if so, can he take this version of the Browns, and we’ll expansion it up all over again?

  • Dave

    if GuestAssist is able to block – maybe we get them a uniform?

  • CLESportsFan

    That was awesome ! And really… if the GuestAssist service is anything like the team… could they really “block” the mobile phone???

  • MrCleaveland


    Dear GuestAssist, there’s an obnoxious fat guy here whose behavior is ruining the game for everyone. He’s on the sideline wearing a Browns jacket and a headset.

  • Jason

    #10 Dave FTW!

  • MrCleaveland

    I wonder how many of those sports betting services had yesterday’s game as their Ten-Star Guaranteed Lock of the Year.

  • http://thebuckeyebattlecry.com Jeff at The BBC

    Thank you, thank you….

  • Brad in ATL

    Per my usual routine when I get home from the bar I switch on STO and listen to the irate fans Bruce has on. When I saw Gino screening calls with a bag over his head I must have laughed for 30 mins. Then one guy emails in saying Gino needs to take it easy on the bag since he is going to be needing it for the Indians season. It was the 2nd biggest laugh I had all day, right behind the the laugh I had at watching McDonalad trying to tackle.

  • Saggy

    Not to beat a dead horse but this is so brilliant I have to offer my applause. Hilarious.

  • MrCleaveland

    On the 11 o’clock news on channel 5 last night, Reggie Rucker really went off on Anderson and Mangini. He was steamed!

  • http://www.hardawayhatespittsburgh.blogspot.com Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    If anyone can post the number during the game on this site – we can let ‘em have it.

  • Pat18970

    Why wait until the next game? Starting texting them now!


    To report an incident anonymously during an event, a call can be placed to the “Tip Line” at 440-824-6000 or Text BROWNS to 78247. On non-event days, fans can reach us at 440-824-6284 or e-mail us at Fansquad@clevelandbrowns.com. These policies will be strictly enforced.

    Gotta love their code of conduct. I think half the team and coaching stuff is in violation of something:

    * Behavior that is socially unacceptable, offensive, unruly, or illegal in nature.
    * Using or displaying foul or inflammatory language or gestures.
    * Verbal or physical harassment of opposing team fans.
    * Throwing objects onto the field.
    * Entering the playing field or interfering with the progress of the game.
    * Failing to follow instructions or refusing to show your ticket stub when asked by a Stadium representative.
    * Attempting to sit in seats for which you are not properly ticketed.
    * Intoxication or other signs of alcohol impairment that results in irresponsible behavior.
    * Excessive standing – please be aware that when you stand, you block the view of the fans behind you. We do not wish to diminish your ability to cheer and enjoy the game; however, your continued standing can interfere with others’ ability to enjoy the game from their seats.
    * Smoking- In compliance with chapter 3794 on the Ohio Revised Code, smoking is prohibited in Cleveland Browns Stadium.

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    @ Pat – well it’s true that DA and BQ repeatedly throw the ball onto the field, so there’s that.

  • Derek

    Throwing 16 of 19 objects onto the field against the bills D must be a violation.