August 15, 2014

Could LeBron Win Defensive Player of the Year?

DPOY TrophyPremature, sure.  But it is not like LeBron James just started blocking shots and playing the passing lanes like few others before him.  Last night’s blocks on Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen are likely just the tip of the iceberg. 

James was second in the league in DPoY voting last season, and will likely get a run for his money once again from the likes of Dwight Howard and Dwyane Wade.  But as the Cavs will undoubtedly improve on the defensive end (using what we saw last night as a frame of reference), James should only have more help on D, allowing him to gamble even more.

Red’s Army claimed that James may be the best ever at blocking shots in transition.  Brandon Hoffman called it “childs play” at this point and recommends that the opposition just slow down and take a three by the bench.  Sporting News preseason predictions listed James as the favorite for winning the actual award.

So break out the “Jump to Conclusions” mat, rewind some of the videos from last night’s blockfest and cast your early votes. 

Oh, and here’s to a few more of those tonight as the Cavs take on the Raptors – a team that is defintely not the Boston Celtics.  Hey, he is on pace for 328 of them…

Cavaliers Preview Game #2: Cavs at Raptors

Cavaliers vs RaptorsCleveland Cavaliers (0-1) vs
Toronto Raptors (0-0)
Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
7:00 PM EST

The Cleveland Cavaliers have to begin their schedule this year with 4 games in the first 5 nights. Normally that would be a bad thing, but after Tuesday night’s loss to the Celtics, it’s clear this team still needs time to gel. The only way that happens is by playing more games, so the quicker the Cavaliers can get back on the court, the quicker they can work on getting better. Wednesday night’s opponent is the much improved Toronto Raptors. In the LeBron James era the Cavaliers are 16-6 against the Raptors, and LeBron James averages 28 pts, 7.4 rebounds, and 6.9 assists per game against them. In the past this has been a team that the Cavaliers have been able to “get healthy” against. This year, though, it’s the Raptors’ home (and season) opener and the Cavaliers will be coming off a tough loss in playing a road game in the tail end of a back to back. Not exactly a recipe for success, but this is still the kind of game NBA Champions win.     [Read more...]

The 5-Hole: Blue Jackets News and Notes – 10/27/09, err, 10/28/09

Every Tuesday Wednesday when DP has the flu on Tuesday, WFNY’s The 5-Hole brings you up to date with the goings-on of the CBJ…

The Week That Was

Week: 1-3-0, 2 points
Overall: 6-4-0, 12 points (2nd division; t8th conference)

Aaaand, the other shoe droppeth. Obviously, we’ve pointed out how tough a scheduling stretch this was, but the Jackets didn’t do themselves any favors with their play. They gave up 22 goals in four games this week, which is not only “un-Jackets-like” but nearly impossible to overcome. What’s really frustrating is that Columbus scored plenty of goals themselves, scoring almost four a game (15 in the four games). But, when you give up more than five a game, it doesn’t much help.

[Read more...]

Former Browns GM Savage Not Loving The Browns Changes


Thanks to The OBR’s Twitter we have this from Phil Savage-

“You don’t take a lot of solace in watching a place you leave go downhill further,” he said. “But they took what we did have going there and they just dismantled that even further. We left two quarterbacks behind that both seem ruined right now. They traded a lot of players out of there. I feel for the guys we brought in because they’re good players and good people and they’re stuck in a situation and can’t get out for at least the time being.”

I would disagree about one thing in his statement. He implies that the current management ruined both quarterbacks. I maintain that Anderson was ruined long before Savage was fired. He is what he is. As for Quinn, he may be ruined in Cleveland, but there is still hope for his career. We certainly don’t have a large enough sample size to accurately call Quinn ‘ruined’. [Read more...]

Cavs Channel Their Inner Mark Price

Brad Daugherty ThrowbackThe Cleveland Cavaliers are no strangers to rolling out merchandise for the masses.  While Nike produces countless colorways of the LeBron James shoe line, the Cavs provide fans with a slew of apparel to don on any given night; the biggest item of which comes via the jersey. 

Last season, the Cavs not only wore their standard versions of wine, blue or white, but they also wore “Hardwood Classics” wine/gold as well as a “Cav Fanatic” royal blue version that still confuses most fans.  This year’s Fanatic jersey was mentioned a few weeks ago.  But thanks to Paul Lukas (via V to the G) we see that this year’s Hardwood Classic may be one of the best jerseys to ever feature the Cavs name on the front.

[Read more...]

Braylon Unlikely To Be Suspended

braylonedwardsWell that dream is over.

A league source told the New york Post that former Brown Braylon Edwards isn’t likely to be punished by the NFL for his conduct outside a Cleveland night club-

The NFL is “monitoring” the case of Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards, an NFL spokesperson told The Post yesterday, though there doesn’t appear to be any chance of him being suspended this season — if at all.

Braylon finally won a game this season, as the Jets manhandled the Raiders 38-0. It was Braylon’s first win since the Monday night game in Buffalo last year on November 17. Former Brown Kellen Winslow Jr. is still seeking his first win of the season. So I guess we’ve got bragging rights?

Tribe Fans Hide Your Eyes: D-Day is Here

cliff ccThat’s right friends of the feather; your worst nightmare has officially arrived. Tonight is Game One of the 2009 World Series. The Fall Classic features two big market, big payroll teams from the East Coast with stars galore. Their are storylines galore, but perhaps the biggest and best one heading into tonight’s opener is the fact that former Indian teammates and the last two AL Cy Young award winners, CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee, will face off head to head in the Bronx.

Most Indians fans I know refuse to watch one second of it. I for one, will be glued to the TV. Will it make me sick? Absolutely. Seeing two former Indian aces face off against one another, knowing that just one year ago, they were in the same rotation in our city, is nausiating. But the thing of it is, we all knew CC would leave for the big bucks after his contract was up last winter. The 2008 team was given every chance to contend, but they started poorly with some of the kids (Franklyn Gutierrez, Asdrubal Cabrera, Ryan Garko, Fausto Carmona) failed to take the next step forward in their development. Throw in a mess of a bullpen and a horrific start, and the Indians had no choice but to deal Sabathia to the Brewers before the trading deadline. [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting…Shaq Interview, Delonte, Browns’ Media Member Ashamed

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email in the sidebar.

Shaq Garnett

Shaq is interviewed by Sam Alipour. Very candid answers. Well worth the read: “What’s the key to success for your guys? Playing together, but I’m not going to talk about that. They already do that. I think a lot of it is going to be luck. Look, I’ve got four rings, but three of them was luck. The first one, Kobe won that. The second one, if D-Fish don’t hit that shot in San Antonio, it’s over. The third one, if Robert Horry don’t hit that 3 over Sacramento, that’s over. The fourth one, in Miami, if GP don’t hit that shot over Dallas, I don’t get that ring. And this year, if Fish don’t hit that 3, it’s a different series. Gotta be lucky to win it.” [Sam Alipour/Page 2] [Read more...]

Celtics 95 Cavaliers 89:Cavs Offense A Work In Progress

The Cavs started out hot, but good defense won the night as Boston was able to keep Cleveland’s new offense in check.

LeBronShaqYou knew there would be struggles trying to incorporate all the new pieces. So let’s not lose our heads thinking the sky is falling. I was a little disappointed to see Boston get the majority of loose balls. Those are usually a good indicator of who is playing harder. The Cavs seemed just out of position or a hair slow to the ball, especially our bigs. Way too many rebounds hit the floor. Andy Varejao grabbed 5 offensive boards, and Zydrunas 1. That was it for Cleveland in the category. Cleveland also struggled to get the ball near the basket unless it was a Shaq back-down, until LeBron starting driving strong to the basket, probably a few minutes too late.

I thought it would be interesting to track the line-ups and substitutions. The least effective line-up by far was in the second quarter with Daniel Gibson, Mo Williams, Jamario Moon, Andy Varejao and Zydrunas Ilgauskas on the floor. Aside from the lack of scoring, Daniel Gibson was brutal trying to cover Ray Allen. Allen has struggled against the Cavs, but that was with Delonte West chasing him. Daniel Gibson and Anthony Parker had a miserable time in comparison. Coach Brown played Shaq and Z at the same time for a considerable stretch in the fourth quarter. With Varejao in slight foul trouble and Hickson’s disappointing second quarter, you have to imagine Brown felt he had little choice. [Read more...]

Cavaliers vs Celtics: Game One Open Thread

Ladies and gentlemen give it up for your Cleveland Cavalieeeeeeeerrsss!


Remember the commenting policy please. Go Cavs!

Cavaliers Preview Game #1: Celtics at Cavs

Cavaliers vs CelticsBoston Celtics (0-0) vs
Cleveland Cavaliers (0-0)
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
7:30 PM EST

Here we are once more. Back for another season of NBA basketball, and tonight the Cleveland Cavaliers look to pick up where they left off last season at home. After going 39-2 at the Q last year, we all know if will be awfully tough for the team to match that record again this year, but if the Cavaliers want to have any hope of doing so, they need to get off to a good start. And so we welcome in our old nemesis, the Boston Celtics. It feels like it’s becoming an annual rite of passage to kick the season off against the Celtics (even though this is only the 2nd year in a row), and this year will be no exception. These teams know each other all too well, and after 2 seasons of home team domination, we continue to wait to see which team will be the first to get a road win in this series. Here’s to hoping it won’t be Boston’s time to shine tonight.    [Read more...]

Delonte West Doubtful for Season Opener

Delonte West KFCWhile we will have a preview of the Cavs/Celtics game coming up a bit later today, those fans looking forward to seeing Delonte West return to the court may have to wait just a bit longer.

While George Thomas of the ABJ reported that guard Delonte West was in fact at Quicken Loans Arena, Brian Windhorst quickly followed up with a note that West is in fact doubtful to suit up for tonight’s game.

If this were the NFL, West would be given a 25 percent shot at playing.  Earlier this week, LeBron James (among others) stated that they would love to see West get back on the court given all that has happened to him over the past few months.  There is some talk that the team may just reevaluate West’s state of mind closer to tip-off and decide from there, and that this “doubtful” listing may be more of a formality.

Given that West is reportedly more at peace when he is playing the game of basketball, perhaps it would be worth getting Delonte a few token minutes of tonight’s game if only to start things moving in a positive direction.  Anthony Parker will start in West’s place, but the Cleveland fan in me is holding out hope that No. 13 at least gets to dress for tonight’s season opener.

Finally, A Cleveland Team To Get Excited About!

It seems like an eternity since the last time the Cavaliers left the court. Much has changed since that night. One thing that hasn’t: the Cavaliers are the top sports organization in the city. In case you missed it the season tips off tonight against the Boston Celtics. Rock will be by later with his game preview. For now, here are 10 reasons to love the Cavs’ chances of winning it all this season.


1.) We have LeBron. It all begins with the MVP. LeBron gets better every year. He adds a new wrinkle to his game, or tweaks a ‘weakness’. Even through all his public appearances this off season LeBron was busy finding gyms all around the world to work on his game. Chris Jent often accompanied him. As did JJ Hickson. LeBron says he worked on his post game this time around. That is excellent news. LeBron is such a freakish athlete that the only players quick enough to stop him have no chance against him in the paint. He should overpower smaller opponents this season. I wouldn’t have called it a weakness before, as he really wasn’t a post-up kind of player. This could be the begining of an incredible run for LeBron. Jordan didn’t become the most dominant player in the league until he perfected his outside game. The same might be true of the post for LeBron.I can’t think of a player that has the ability to dominate from the outside and the inside quite like LeBron could. That is excellent news for Cavalier fans. [Read more...]

Barton’s Book Club?

Whether or not you use Twitter, you can’t really say it doesn’t bring fans and athletes closer together. At least it gives us a glimpse of their private lives. Browns linebacker Eric Barton asked through his Twitter account yesterday for some book selections. I think the fine readers at WFNY might be able to help him come up with a few.


The tip was sent in by WFNY reader Mike, who sent the suggestion “Paul Brown: The Man Who Invented Modern Football”. A good suggestion for the former Jet. I added “Browns Town 1964” by Terry Pluto.A nice history lesson I think, don’t you? How about it WFNY community? What should be at the top of the list for one of the Browns’ defensive captains?

2009-10 Collaborative NBA Preview

Editor’s note: The complementary portion of this preview — the Western Conference — can be found at Cavalier Attitude. Cavalier Attitude’s Amar Panchmatia, a good friend of this site and one of the most passionate Cavs writers you will ever find, details each of the 15 teams from top to bottom in the West.

Last season we saw the Cavaliers run through the regular season en route to a 66-16 record, a Central Division crown, and the top seed not just in the Eastern Conference but in the entire NBA. It was all for nothing, however, as the Orlando Magic broke our collective hearts in the Eastern Conference Finals.

This offseason we saw a lot of teams make multiple moves in attempts to improve, while other teams were simply looking to cut costs. As a result, we had a shift in philosophy and a wide chasm developed between the haves and the have nots. The question is, though, how will this change the balance of power in the Conference?

Below is our preview of the Eastern Conference, and please be sure to also check out Amar’s breakdown of the Western Conference. The NBA season begins tonight, and before long, these previews will be distant memories as we get wrapped up in the day to day minutia of the NBA. But for now, we hope you enjoy these previews.

[Read more...]

Leave Delonte West Alone!

delonte_west tattoosIt is no secret that this past offseason has had its ups and downs for Cavs guard Delonte West. 

He gets married.  His GM finds him some relief at the off-guard that can allow him to get some actual rest.  His GM finds a big man that could be the piece that gets a ring on his finger.  He becomes an [even bigger] Internet sensation thanks to a few videos that bubble up through the tubes – including the infamous “Hot Sauce in my Bag” bit.

Then things seemed to take a turn for the worse thanks to his inner battle with a well-documented bipolar disorder.  And then the whole motorcycle/trio of guns episode.  And then skipping camp.  And now this whole alleged suit from his wife of three-plus months.

Through all of this, there is a strong contingent of fans (and members of the media, his team, etc) that are standing by West no matter what. 

But on the other side, there is a contingent of fans that apparently haven’t a care in the world regarding the future of West – both on the court and in a more personal light. [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… Pryor vs Tebow, Big Ben in Detroit, and the Browns’ No. 1 Receiver

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email in the sidebar.

Terrelle Pryor Tim Tebow 

Take that, Tebow: “I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that Pryor didn’t shy away from the media like Tim Tebow did after a poor performance Saturday in a win (!) over Mississippi State. Pryor has received much more criticism in a year and a half than Tebow has in three-and-a-half seasons, but Pryor never dodged reporters after a game, no matter how poorly he played.” [Adam Rittenberg/ESPN]

[Read more...]

Braylon Edwards Has Unfinished Business In Cleveland

braylon edwards dropReports indicate that former Browns WR and current Jet Braylon Edwards  has been charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from an earlier incident. Less than 48 hours following the incident with a friend of LeBron, Edwards found himself booted out of the city.

Are the two connected? Of course not. But we would really like to say they were! Good luck Braylon. Hope you get the maximum penalty. You won’t of course. It will be a typical athlete slap on the wrist. But this and other pieces written on Cleveland blogs and on Twitter will no doubt cause Braylon stress and grief. Perhaps we should take it easy on him this time? Nah.

A Few More Thoughts on Acta

Let me just get this out of the way first.  Hiring Manny Acta is not a sexy, “get the fans excited,” kind of move.  I am guessing that there will be no uptick of ticket sales in the Cleveland Indians’ offices today.  So, then what should we all think of the Indians’ latest hire? Much like Terry Pluto said, I have no idea.

In all fairness to Acta and his record with the Nationals, I don’t think Joe Torre deserves all the credit he gets for the 90′s New York Yankees either.  Acta had horrible results as manager of the Nationals.  Then again, how would Joe Torre have performed there?  Torre has been out there turning around the Dodgers.  He also has been able to get management to bring in Manny Ramirez and a host of other players including the incomparable Casey Blake.  In Washington, I am guessing Acta would have considered the addition of an aging journeyman like Casey Blake to his roster as an absolute blessing. [Read more...]

Not Exactly What The Browns Intended

Browns FansJust finished reading something really funny about yesterday’s Browns game. (And hey, I’m looking for anything positive to write about the Browns right now.) Jeff from the Buckeye Battle Cry was at the game and writes about his experience with the Browns’ Guest Assist program.

Throughout the game, the Browns implore the crowd to “report fan misconduct” by texting to a special number. I personally believe that the ads placed around the ring of the stadium are a waste of space that could be better used with a running scoreboard from games around the league, but that’s another story.

I decided to send a report to the Browns today, regarding misconduct;

“There’s a guy who keeps going on the field who shouldn’t be there. Please remove him. He can be identified by the large number 3 on his jersey.”

The Browns were not amused. Three minutes later, I got the following;

“The GuestAssist service is provided to ensure a safe environment for all guests. Continued misuse of the service may result in your mobile phone being blocked.”

Well played sir. Well played.