While We’re Waiting… Mike Brown’s Decisions, Cool Cliff Lee, and Mangini Saving Face

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mike-brownYour reigning Coach of the Year: “In a town where Jhonny Peralta has been the starting shortstop for the better part of a decade and Brian Robiskie is a second round pick, it’s too much to bear yet another coach who’s too dumb to see what’s apparent to even the most casual of fans. Not with the Cavs. All we have is the Cavs. It was one thing for Mike Brown to “experiment” with Shaq and Z on the floor together last night against Boston. The experiment, of course, was a disaster, and it destroyed any chance the Cavs had to win the game.” [Cleveland Frowns]

Want me to dress up like Thor?  I can dress up like Thor! “Cleveland has never been Thor or Odin; it’s lucky to be Ullr, god of skis and ring oaths. And Cleveland is fine with that. There is a level of pride in being the little guy, in not being New York, in representing a select few instead of an undiscerning multitude, in being ignored by the media sometimes because not so many people own television sets in Northern Ohio. This, I imagine, is what most Yankees’ fans think everyone is so upset about: that they were born Odin and we were born Ullr. To some degree, they’re right. However, the analogy lacks nuance; it’s not simply that we are minor players in the universe of stories they dominate. It’s that, more and more, we’re not part of that universe at all.” [Let’s Go Tribe]

What Lee Worry: “I think we all wish we could be half as cool in our own lives as Cliff Lee is in his.” [The 700 Level]

Deep breathes: “It’s better to struggle now than later on in the season, but to shrug off both of the Cavs losses as flukes is to ignore the vulnerabilities that a squad that was expected to contend for a title must resolve if it wants to rediscover the dominant team from last season. Because it sure doesn’t look like Orlando or Boston are having identity crises.” [Matt Moore/NBA FanHouse]

I’m Hannibal Lecter, so in case you’re thinkin’ of saving face: “[Eric] Mangini clearly isn’t trying to win football games anymore.  He would rather save face and not go back (re-go back) on his word (again) then try to put players in the right positions to win games.  Now, I’m not opening up the whole Anderson versus Quinn debate here, but something has to be done, doesn’t it?  Play Ratliff for all I care.  Just get Anderson out of there as he has shown his true colors (he sucks) and leaves a lot to be desired (a.k.a. rudimentary quarterback ability).” [No Logo Needed]

  • Mark

    How could anyone object to seeing Ratliff at this point?

  • MrCleaveland

    Cast thine gaze upon the NBA standings,
    and what to our wondering eyes appears?
    There at the very bottom o’ the heap,
    slump our last-place Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Ah, the warm, soothing, familiar comfort of last place. No matter the season, no matter the sport,
    last place is there for us. She embraces us in her loving arms.

    They said it would be different this time. They said it couldn’t last. But last it has, and last we are.

    And we meekly accept our lot. At last.

  • Swig

    2 losses are seriously freaking everybody out? This blows my mind. Guess what, every team in the league has flaws, all of them. Sometimes they lose 2 in a row. This season is like 5 months long.

    How do you people watch baseball? The best team had a 63.6% winning percentage. That’s a 10-6 team in football, or a 52-30 team in basketball. Did you want to slit your wrists every time the Indians went 2-1 (lets assume 2007) over a weekend series.

    /punches self in face

  • Joseph


    I agree with you; it’s just high expectations and they’re even higher being that we have no real football team to watch and our baseball team sucked last year and being reminded of Lee/Sabathia makes it even worse. =]

    The Cavs will turn it around; they’re too good of a team to not figure things out.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny


  • Roosevelt

    I also don’t see why everyone is freaking. Windhorst wrote about Ferry and Brown’s meeting as though it was a tense, last ditch effort to save the season. People talk about Boston’s wins as though a two game lead with eighty to go is insurmountable. Shaq looked awful so far, the Cavs looked lost.

    1. Players get better on good teams; especially the Cavs. This happened to Mo Williams, Delonte West, even Drew Gooden was better on the Cavs than he’s been since. Just because it didn’t happen in two games doesn’t mean we have to start tearing out our hair and counting down to Akron Baseball.

    2. We didn’t hear about John Kuester until the middle of last year. For what it’s worth, there’s another anonymous guy drawing up plays during time outs now. When the Cavs are successful, we’ll hear more about him.

    3. Shaq will not average 8 and 8, all in the first quarter, for an entire season. He won’t let it happen, Lebron and Mike Brown won’t let it happen. If it becomes a possibility despite that, he’ll be gone.

  • DCBucks

    Has anyone ever seen a Cleveland team turn it around?

    Yes, it’s only two games this NBA season. But, it’s been 34 years of Cleveland sports seasons for me. So forgive me, if past experience clouds my opinion. It’s not so much that they lost the first two games, but the manner in which they did.

    Of course the optimist in me is still hopeful that the season ends with champagne and streamers, but the wounded realist in me keeps laughing at him.

  • mikey

    # 2 was the gayest comment ive evr read. wow.

  • Cribbage

    The Cavs are done. Just pathetic. Season’s over! Fire Mike Brown! Fire Danny Ferry! Dan Gilbert needs to just sell the team!

    /Browns Fan’d

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    For evr-evr?

  • Isis

    Sunny Manny Acta just told you to rejoice in the fact that CC Sabathia was drafted and developed by your Indians organization. Unfortunately for Manny and his sunny disposition, a little matter called facts got in the way. CC was drafted by John Hart’s organization, and nurtured and propped up by one Charlie Manuel.

    Manny-enjoy your morning coffee with Mark Shapiro. Keep smilin’, that’s one thing your equally unqualified peer with the Browns doesn’t do.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Every time Swig smiles, a cute puppy is born. Luckily for us, it happens often. Thanks, buddy!

  • Windy City Wahoo

    Brown played Shaq and Z together for a total of 3 minutes in the preseason. And now he’s putting them on the floor during critical stretches of actual games. This is just like when a contestant on “Top Chef” cooks a dish he’s never done before in an elimination challenge. It’s a recipe for disaster.

    (Pun intended)

  • Omega King

    @ #8 Mikey – How could you tell his comment was gay? Did it come on to your comment? Did you see it in a bar with other comments, getting a little “too friendly?” Leave your commentaphobia at the door, please.

  • B-bo

    Actavision needs less smiling!!

  • http://farmersonly.com Jordan

    Mike Brown Doodiecan watch!

  • nullster

    Ha … love the website choice Jordan

    Swig, my god buddy, you keep up the great work you’ve been doing

  • Swig
  • Matthew R

    I have to believe that Big Important Meeting after last night’s game basically came down to Ferry going, “Dude, WTF? Shaq and Z on the floor together is insanely stupid. We have this JJ Hickson, USE HIM.”

  • DKH

    I don’t normally agree with the excerpts in WWW from Cleveland Frowns, but this time I read the whole article, and agreed (except for the trade). These losses make me feel like the Cavs are unprepared and unmotivated, and that’s on the coach.