While We’re Waiting… Mo’s Expectations, No Standing Policy, and the Cavalier Girls Calendar

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Mo Williams

[Mo] Williams said he was much more comfortable and confident coming into this training camp. Last season, he was new to the team, having been traded from Milwaukee in August. He also was coming off surgery for a sports hernia. 

“I got a year under my belt,” he said. “I’m more comfortable here. This actually feels like a home to me now. I’m settled in, in a lot of different ways. My confidence is at an all-time high right now. I’m more experienced. That playoff really, really helped me — helped my game, helped me prepare this summer mentally because I know what to expect.  Last year I enjoyed it. This year I expect it.” [MSB/Plain Dealer]

New Cavaliers blog looks into the “No Standing” policy: “The NBA has just banned players from standing on the sidelines for extended periods of time while the game is going on.  Players will still be able to react to the game, but the NBA doesn’t want the bench just standing around, blocking the view of the fans behind them. […] This anti-standing “movement” was apparently spearheaded by a Chicago Bulls beat writer, who takes every opportunity to call out the Cavs in particular for their “jerk”-ish behavior.” [Wine and Goldrush]

I know New York could use somebody.  Someone like Braylon: “As rare as in-season NFL trades are, isn’t there a pair of Super Bowl contenders in New York each with a hole at the wide receiver position?  Isn’t there a team somewhere for whom it might be worth giving Braylon a change of scenery?  If the Browns don’t get something for Braylon before the end of this season, there’s no chance he won’t walk for nothing.  And it appears that neither party has a use for the other for the remainder of this season.” [Cleveland Frowns]

Pack it up, pack it in… “With the Badgers coming to town, so too comes that creeping suspicion as to what lies ahead. Wisconsin’s seemingly found a way to make life miserable for Buckeyes throughout the better part of this decade. I’m not going to lie: I was somewhat relieved when it came time for Bucky Badger to be absent from the Buckeyes’ rotation in 2005 and 2006.” [Luke/Eleven Warriors]

And finally, Cavs.com keeping the man down once again: “Unfortunately I’m not able to do my traditional breakdown of the candidates, as the Cavaliers have once again been woefully deficient in updated the CG website.  Look, we can argue about the necessity of the dance team, but the Cavaliers have not done a good job of capitalizing on the Cavalier Girls for the past several seasons.  Yes, the have the calendar, and it is appreciated.  But the photographers at Woodard Photography have routinely cast the team in less-than-flattering light, and there’s isn’t nearly the focus on the Cavalier Girls as the squads for the Lakers, Hornets and Rockets.  If Dan Gilbert wants to make every aspect of this team Championship-caliber, that should extend to the dance team as well.” [Mike/Cavs HQ]
  • historycat


    Been “nice” knowing you, but in this year more than any no one upsets the King in this town. You’re not going to screw us in two sports.

    The City of Cleveland

    PS, we don’t like you because you do these dumb things, not because of where you went to college.

  • Chris M

    The problem now, is that Steve Smith and Mario Manningham are both murdering teams, and they just drafted Hixon. What value does Edwards hold for their team? I doubt you want a guy like that around to corrupt your young receiving corps.

    I think it’s quite obvious that they need another wideout in Oakland, and MAYBE AL DAVIS WILL SEE FIT TO PAY EDWARDS’ MARKET VALUE, OAKLAND’S FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICK NEXT YEAR.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    I like dancers and the dancing that they do. Like @jerryricetwo says: “Where dem booty babez at!”

  • JK

    OSU over Wisky by 2 TDs.. No fear here.

  • Eli

    Chris, I know it was using the sarcasim font, but didn’t Big Al trade his first round to Nhew Ehnglahnd for their first rounder?

  • Eli

    I meant for Seymour.

  • Nullster

    Raiders traded the 2012 First Round Pick for Richard Seymour

  • Boomhauer

    Maybe for his next act, Braylon will be seen having dinner with Jose Mesa and Art Modell.

  • Scotty

    Just cut him and let the rookies get experience. This season is over anyways.

  • Jay

    I tried and tried and tried to hold on to my last shred of support for #17, but this incident has proven to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. When you start piling on small incident after small incident, pretty soon that mole hill has become a mountain. Sorry Braylon, I have officially turned my back on you.

    As far as I’m concerned, bench players can stand all they want. They’ll never block my view, unless they get hoisted into Loudville on a platform and harnesses.

    I’m all for any and all publicity the Cavs girls get. Not an Ug-O in the whole lot of them.

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com Cleveland Frowns

    Chris M., FTW.

  • Matt#2

    As a fan, I like when the players stand – it increases a sense of excitement, even drama. No sarcasm, really. Poor decision.

  • CJG

    No Standing Policy? What is the NBA doing? First its the no handshake rule, now its a no standing policy? What do you get when a game has too many rules? BORING.

  • Cody

    I just realized the Cavalier girl that I went to highschool with is now a Laker girl.. I am devastated.

  • http://www.themeatkitchen.com cody

    No!!! There are two Codys. I live in LA maybe you could give me her number… In all seriousness great name, the more the merrier.