While We’re Waiting…Analyzing Wisconsin, Pryor Booed, Mangini Jumping Ship, Dan Gilbert Is All In

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Badgers frustrated: “I think if you’d told the Badgers coming in that they would run twice as many plays as Ohio State; gain twice as many yards; force almost as many three-and-outs (six) as they allowed first downs (eight); and hold Terrelle Pryor below 150 yards total offense and pick him off once while limiting the Buckeyes to one offensive touchdown, I think the Badgers would have taken that game. The Wisky offense went on three different drives of at least 14 plays, on the road, which is the essence of Badger football.” [Matt Hinton/Dr. Saturday]

Questions abound about Terrelle Pryor after yesterday’s game: “But back to Pryor, which is all anyone will want to talk about after this game. For the first time in his Buckeye career he was booed by the home crowd. This came right about the time when, right after throwing the pick to give the Badgers the ball in scoring position, he followed it up with what should have been another pick after he threw into coverage on his very next attempt of the game. His first four passing plays of the day were two at the feet of receivers, a sack and a completion to Small that was short of the sticks. Further, outside of the 27 yarder, he didn’t look all that elusive running the ball. Throw in the weird grounding call he had late in the game, which was a weak throw over his shoulder while going down for a sack and it’s all pretty puzzling. When you crush Toledo, Illinois and Indiana the people are fine for a bit, but when he has afternoons like the one he did Saturday, you have to start wondering about how well the people around him are actually developing him.” [Jason/Eleven Warriors]

Cundiff will be kicking again today: “Please be advised that the Cleveland Browns downgraded K Phil Dawson (right calf) to ‘Out’ on their Saturday (10/10) injury report.  The kicker will miss his third game Sunday vs the Bills, and it means that Billy Cundiff will earn another paycheck as he’ll be the kicker Sunday.” [Matt Loede/Browns Gab]

A Ravens blogger takes a sarcastic look at where Eric Mangini might go if he decides to jump off the sinking ship mid-season, a la Petrino: “Petrino had a reputation as an offensive genius at Louisville.  With the Falcons, he coached his offense to 29th in the NFL in terms of total points and total yardage.  Mangini was known as a defensive stalwart while with the New England Patriots.  With the Jets, two of his three teams were in the bottom half of the league in points allowed, and you can never count the first season as part of the coach’s work.  Now, with those parallels raised, and some other less significant ones put on the backburner, we’ll look at 10 possible places Eric Mangini could flee to as his Brownies begin to pull a Lions.” [Joe Barnes/The Ebony Bird]

A thoughtful article from an NYC source on what Dan Gilbert thinks about this upcoming season: “As Gilbert considers the stakes, his sentiment again drifts toward civic concerns. He mentions the recession and its brutal effects on the region. He references the disappointment of the city’s football and baseball franchises. Then he mentions Shaq and LeBron.  ‘For these guys to pull this off and make this happen, you cannot underestimate for this region and this city what that’s going to do for this town,’ Gilbert said. ‘This is just something that they need right now. To me, it’s the most motivating factor in the whole thing.’ ” [Howard Beck/New York Times]

D-Man puts together some notes and lowlights on the Tribe’s season: “The Indians’ 2009 season was forgettable but managed to provide plenty of wild and wacky moments and stats. Here is a look at some of the nuggets…” [Dennis Manoloff/Plain Dealer]

A Bills blogger perspective on today’s game: “Nothing is more irritating about this current Bills team – I repeat, nothing is more irritating – than watching this team turn the ball over and commit penalties not just with alarming frequency, but with appalling ease.  Even bad teams can beat you when you beat yourselves; it’s little wonder that Buffalo has been defeated so thoroughly and convincingly in their past two games.  It’s dreadful to watch them implode week in and week out.  No more pick-sixes, Trent Edwards.  No more penalties, Demetrius Bell, Eric Wood and the entire special teams unit.  Play good, clean, smart football.” [Brian Galliford/Buffalo Rumblings]


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  • Jethro Tull

    I love you Dan Gilbert

  • Kirk Anderson

    Pryor’s problem is in his head. He’s thinking instead of reacting. He’s hesitant with the ball whereas last year he simply reacted. You can almost see the play book floating above his head when he makes the little ball fake to a lone back. He makes the decision to pull it down and run late. So too with his throws. A simple out route is a split second late.
    The pseudo option they is run is somewhat effective but I don’t recall TP pitching or even faking it even once. (That’s not an option. It’s a QB sweep) His throws are short armed, pushed indicating more indecision.
    He doesn’t know Tressels offense well enough to let it go and play.
    I predict he will by season’s end. There will be a game, maybe even a half where suddenly it clicks. When he can relax and play the game we’ll see the possibilities.
    In the meantime, a pretty good, young defense will keep them in the hunt.