Boobie Gibson in the Halloween Spirit

After last night’s victory over the Bobcats at home, Boobie Gibson decided to have some fun.  I normally say that adults shouldn’t dress up, but I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed Boobie as Spiderman!

  • Oppie

    I saw this too and thought it was pretty funny. Although, I think Boobie should have dressed up as a good 3-pt shooter b/c he surely hasn’t looked like one lately.

  • Kory

    he’s at 44.4% so far and had back to back games with 4 made three pointers, so yeah, he sure sucks

  • C

    the 3’s he hits don’t make up for the terrible defense he plays…

  • S

    wow, you guys are harsh. Boobie has had a very good first week. Calm yourselves. He doing just fine.