Cleveland Castoffs Staying Put With New Teams

cliff-lee-standing-ovationThough the Cleveland Indians will be coming off of a season that saw 97 losses, those that were traded away in said season will look to be a little more successful with their respective teams.  Fortunately for both Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez, they will get at least one more crack at the post season with their new squads.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. has already picked up the club option on ace lefty Cliff Lee.  Costing the Phillies $9 million, hopes are that Lee can replicate his successes in 2010 that he saw in 2009 where he saw a postseason record of 4-0 with an ERA of 1.56.

Lee has stated that he would like to at least discuss an extension with the Phils, but given what starting pitchers are going for on the free agent market, he may be better off financially if he waits things out.  Rumors swirled that Lee wanted the money which former teammate CC Sabathia was offered by the Indians – to the tune of $100 million over seven years – back when Mark Shapiro and company were discussing a possible extension.  Despite his success rate over the past two seasons, few are willing to lump Lee in with the top tier of MLB arms.

The Boston Red Sox will be on the hook for an additional $7.1 million after picking up the option on former Tribe backstop Victor Martinez.  A guy that the Red Sox claimed would back up Jason Varitek and David Ortiz prior to the trade deadline has whimsically managed to now be considered the “every day catcher” for the Sox.

“We’re going to really look for Victor to be an everyday catcher for us next year,” Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein told a group of Boston reporters at the General Managers’ meetings in Chicago. “We feel like that puts us in the best position to win with Victor catching as much as he can. The other spot we’ll have available is for more of a traditional backup. We’ll see what Tek’s decision is before we move forward.”

Martinez raked at a very high rate after the trade to Boston, hitting .336 with eight home runs and 41 RBI.  Jason Varitek – whom the Sox declined their club option, but later opted for his player version – hit .209 with 14 home runs through the entire 2009 season.

Switching fields, former Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards would like to stay put with the Jets for the foreseeable future.  Given his “fresh start” in the Medowlands, Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum claimed that Edwards is “a part of [the] team now and [they] expect him to be in the future.”  The Jets hope that Edwards is a member of the team for years to come as he has managed to catch 13 passes for 192 yards and two touchdowns since the Jets sent two players and two draft choices to Cleveland.

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  • Scooter

    shocking…former Cleveland stars go to a successful team and want to stay…next you’ll tell us that the Browns aren’t any good this year…

  • oribiasi

    Of course they are staying elsewhere, I would too.

    As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Always remember those who stayed for dessert on the Titanic.”

  • Karsten

    Cliff is looking to repeat his successes from 2090? Man, he really never stops, does he?

    (Sorry. Had to call it out.)

  • Isis

    Still waiting with baited breath for Mark Shapiro (yes, Shapiro-not his flunky Acta) to finialize his coaching staff of Indian’s farm system hands. Tim Belcher will headline this all-star cast of cheap, inexperiencied, over-their heads bobble boppers.

    As Bruce Springsteen once said, “pay your money down”.

  • Anthony

    I’m waiting for the inevitable Red Sawx fan argument that Vic wasn’t a great player before coming to Bahston.

  • Tapin

    Isis, are you really trying to bolster your point by misquoting Springsteen covering Woody Guthrie? Really?

    Also, are you claiming that Shapiro is blackmailing and/or extorting Belcher and/or Acta? ‘Cause that’s the only reasonable reading of the comparison to the song. Seems like a stretch.