Talking Protests, Browns, and Cavaliers in Athens, Ohio

I was asked to appear on a sports radio talkshow in Athens, Ohio- home of the Ohio Bobcats. The segment went live last Friday night, but you can hear a podcast of the discussion here if you are interested. Thanks Brian for the opportunity. The first segment is with Bobcat head coach John Groce. My segment starts at the 12 minute mark. If you are curious about my take on the Brown-out you can listen. Here’s hoping the Browns make news on the field instead of the fans making news in the seats.

  • Cody

    Good stuff, go Bobcats!

  • Tylor

    Got Frank?!

  • Jackson

    As an OU alum, I can say this is the biggest celeb to grace Athens airwaves since the interview with the man who met Andy Griffith..

  • Dave D

    Good stuff! Mad props to Brian B for the interview.

  • Shawn Kemp

    I am a current student at OU and i loved the interview. big fan of the site, keep up the good work guys

  • bobby

    There was a man who met Andy Griffith on the radio down here at OU?… o wait..

    Nice work. good to see you guys getting your name out more.