While We’re Waiting… Braylon Edwards Update, NFL Salary Cap and Big Ten BCS Boost

88972005MS004_NEW_YORK_JETSThanksgiving weekend is finally ending and here we are yet again with another feature of While We’re Waiting. This daily post is a breakfast of sorts for Cleveland sports fans and compiles links from around the web. Have something else you think that should be included for the future? Feel free to send it over to us in the tips e-mail address in the right sidebar.

Another update on Braylon Edwards and why the Browns won’t cash in on his season with the Jets: “For all his talk about wanting to be a big-time receiver, Edwards struggles in the spotlight. With 12 catches in the past five games, he is offering excuses for his lack of production. It’s also why there was not much of a market for Edwards, dating back to last summer when the Browns let the NFL know he was available. The downside of Edwards’ decline with the Jets is the Browns seemingly have no shot at that third-round pick in the deal becoming a second-rounder.” [Terry Pluto/Cleveland Plain Dealer]

What would the NFL look like without the salary cap? This post explains some of it all: “The NFL is perfect. That is my opinion. My reasoning is simple. It doesn’t matter how big “my” city is. It doesn’t matter what television deal my team has. This all could change. We have all heard it. If the NFLPA and the Owners do not hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement, or CBA, 2010 could be an uncapped season. Money will be flowing and players will be striking it rich. Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder will be buying anything that isn’t nailed down.” [Bernie19Kosar/Dawgs By Nature]

Those rival Bungals have a dark history with our lovely Cleveland Browns and their soon-to-be departed head coaches: “Head coach Romeo Crennel’s job was in question in the next-to-last game last year when the Browns lost 14-0 to the Bengals at Cleveland. He ended up getting fired, of course. Butch Davis was in trouble, too, in 2004, and a 58-48 late-season loss at Cincinnati caused him to resign a beaten, shaken man a day later.” [Steve King/Orange and Brown Report]

The newest Brownie Matt Roth is already making some pretty good impressions: “Cleveland Browns outside linebacker Matt Roth acknowledged that the reason he’s no longer with the Miami Dolphins is because of a ‘falling out’ with the Dolphins after suffering a groin injury that required surgery. ‘Sometimes when you get hurt, people don’t get happy,’ Roth told the Cleveland Plain Dealer today. ‘We had a good relationship until the injury.’ Roth was claimed by the Browns off waivers one year after recording five sacks for the Dolphins.” [Aaron Wilson/National Football Post]

The losses across the college football radar should help the Big Ten out in a big way: “When the new BCS poll comes out tomorrow afternoon, there will likely be three Big Ten teams in the Top 10. Yes, you read that correctly. Prior to this weekend, Ohio State stood at #10, Iowa at #11, and Penn State at #13. Honorable, but still overlooked. But then came a weekend of unseen upsets…” [Jeff/The Buckeye Battle Cry]

Is modern scoring in the NBA different? Always an intriguing concept in my statistical research: “Many folks may catch the bottom line or watch the “exciting” SportsCenter highlights and get the wrong idea. Others will check out the 128-125 Knicks-Nuggets box score and assume this must have been NBA action at its finest. Call me an old-school cynic, but I strenuously object.” [Cecilio’s Scribe/The Legend of Cecilio Guante]

More on Dan Gilbert’s comments during Friday night’s television broadcast: “The Cavaliers lost to the Bobcats 94-87 last night and the game was awful for an assortment of reasons. I hope they learn from it tonight when they tip off against the Mavericks at the Q. But I also hope the Cavaliers aren’t the only people in learning mode tonight. Here’s hoping that Mark Cuban can learn a lesson in coolness, class, and controlled rage from his Cavalier counterpart, Dan Gilbert. ” [Brendan Bowers/Stepien Rules]

To conclude, here is a personal reflection on the firing of the football head coach for the 3-9 Akron Zips who finished their season on Friday: “J.D. Brookhart did not forget how to coach this season. A guy who wins a bowl game and a Mid-American Conference championship and does things for the University of Akron that no coach has done before knows what he’s doing. Brookhart is a good guy and a good coach who was let go Saturday by UA. He became a victim of injuries and unmet expectations in this, the first year at the school’s new stadium.” [Patrick McManamon/Akron Beacon Journal]

(The photo of Braylon Edwards above is via Marc Serota/Getty Images)

  • daveh

    Why are you spreading Pluto’s nonsense and passing it off as fact? He got his information off of a fan blog. There is no 55-catch requirement for a second-round pick. Find one reputable football source where it states it’s 55 catches. Guess what, you won’t. Do you know why? Because that purported number of 55 is fictitious. A complete fabrication.