While We’re Waiting…Dan Gilbert Announcing, Eric Mangini and the Lions, Power Rankings

Apologize for the slight delay today y’all. That turkey makes me quite sleepy and I hope everyone out there had a good Thanksgiving with their family and friends. While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email in the sidebar.

dan-gilbert-owner-of-the-clevleland-cavaliersEveryone’s favorite owner was chatting along with the FSN crew for a while on Wednesday night and here are some of the main highlights: “The Cavs beat Coach Kuester’s Pistons 98-88 in Detroit last night. LeBron had 34-8-7, Daniel Gibson threw in an extremely efficient 13, and Mo Williams had double digit points with 8 assists. All that said, Dan Gilbert stole the show for me from the announcers’ chair.” [Brendan Bowers/Stepien Rules]

Well Lions faker-gate ended pretty quickly: “Head coach Eric Mangini has essentially repealed what he said about Sunday’s loss to the Detroit Lions, which was that he thought the Lions were faking injuries to slow down the Browns’ no-huddle offense that was torching the Lions in the first quarter. Citing mostly his frustrations with the game itself, Mangini explained that he apologized to the Lions coach Jim Schwartz and the two friends sorted it all out.” [Steve Dimatteo/Dawg Pound Daily]

Definitely love to see a story like this; it has been a while since an update on Edwards: “A few days later, Edwards was shipped to the New York Jets. The last remaining image of Edwards in a Browns uniform was his drop against the Bengals. Those drops continued in New York. New York Daily News’ Rich Cimini reports that Edwards got a little testy Wednesday when asked about his recent drops. Edwards has two drops the last two games.” [Don Delco/No Logo Needed]

Saw this the other day as well. Interesting to see how even after our 37-point outburst, the Browns still are last in pretty much every single power ranking out there. [Special Brownie/Dawgs by Nature]

Cavaliers are #7 in these hard core stat basketball rankings: “Hopefully everyone had a fun, happy, and restful holiday yesterday, and maybe you were even able to ward off the tryptophan long enough take in the two games last night, including a showdown between #1 and #8 in last week’s BBR Rankings. After that matchup, we have some changes at the top of the “poll”, so let’s dive right in and take a look at how the teams rank this week…” [Neil Paine/Basketball-Reference.com]

A decent highlight reel for the former Cavalier and possible dunk contest candidate this year: “If you’re at work today, I’m sorry about that. I really am. So, to make your Black Friday go a little bit smoother — and a whole lot faster — here’s a 10-minute highlight reel of Lakers guard Shannon Brown(notes) blocking and dunking on absolutely everyone in sight. Yes, even that fat guy at Walmart. Enjoy.” [J.E. Skeets/Ball Don’t Lie]

BCS is back on the prowl and even are on Twitter (@InsideTheBCS). Here are the main lessons learned from their new internet response: “Listen up, dummy. You probably think the BCS is a terrible way to determine a football champion, but that’s because you’re a moron. Your stupid playoff ideas are stupid and I know this because I read it on the INTERNET!” [Dashiell Bennett/Deadspin]

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    Who’s going to have a better 2010, Shaquille or Braquinn?

  • Lebron3eb

    I loved Gilbert announcing with Fred and Austin. He was really humorous and brought up some great points. It was really entertaining.

  • Tribal

    Saw a story on RealGM.com Baseball that Tory Lovullo has left the Tribe to become Boston’s AAA manager. Haven’t heard anything else on this…he must be ticked about not coming up to the bigs.

  • 5KMD

    “That turkey makes me quite sleepy”

    It’s not the turkey, it’s the carbs in the potatoes, yams, stuffing, etc, combined with alcohol, combined with a day off, combined with a (usually) very warm room.

    other types of birds (eg, chicken) have just as much tryptophan as turkey.