While We’re Waiting… Delonte and the Media, Dirty Hines Ward, and Dysfunctional Browns

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delonte_west tattoosYour must-read article of the day: “There are no best practices or guides for dealing with an athlete with a diagnosed mental illness.  The Cavaliers have been patient with Delonte West. Every decision regarding their talented but troubled guard is made with caution because, although they dealt with West last year, the situation is an unfinished puzzle of doctors, coaches, front-office execs and counselors. […] The organization and the league aren’t the only ones in uncharted waters. The media that regularly cover the team are in a similar position. How do you couch analysis or report information when the affliction is mental, not physical?” [Vince Grzegorek/’64 and Counting]

It “wasn’t on the refs” but we still get screen shots of select fouls on the Wizards from Tuesday’s game. [Truth About It]

Congrats, Hines! “Sports Illustrated asked 296 players who they thought was the dirtiest player in the league and Pittsburgh Steelers receiver [Hines Ward] was a resounding victor, earning nearly double the votes of the next highest player.” [Shutdown Corner]

Congrats, Browns! “Just when it appeared the Oakland Raiders had solidified their stranglehold on the title of the NFL’s most dysfunctional franchise, a new contender has appeared: the Cleveland Browns. Browns general manager George Kokinis was fired Monday amid unexplained circumstances, and the story only grew stranger the next day.” [Scout.com]

And finally, Stan Van Gundy finally realizes what we’ve been saying about LeBron James for years.  Like Dwight Howard, he’s nearly impossible to officiate. [NBA FanHouse]

  • nullster

    Thank you Rick and Scott for commenting on that Wizards post so I didn’t have to flip my sh … *lid* over the complaints

  • Clown Baby

    What a bunch of whiners!!! The Wizards choked away an 18 point lead and had the free throw attempt advantage….yet they were somehow jobbed? You are one pathetic loser!

  • http://www.slawdiesel.blogspot.com SlawDiesel

    I enjoyed that Troy Polamalu was included on that list as well of dirty players…

    And let’s be honest, does anyone even care about the Wizards anymore? They’re like the Browns playing the Steelers these days. There is no rivalry when one side dominates every time the game is played.

  • mendy

    and now for something completely different (a la monty python):

    I’m usually a fan of Buster Olney, however this morning on Mike & Mike he said one of the more ridiculous Lebron to NYC statements I think I have heard yet. Stay with me here:

    Because the Yankees won the World Series…
    and CC is on the Yankees…
    and CC and Lebron are friends…
    Yup, that’s right: Lebron might go to the Knicks!!!

    Now, in Mike & Mike’s defense, they did laugh at Buster like he was crazy. Golic reminded Olney that there is no way he can compare the Knicks to the Yankees, then Greeny of course brought up Sam Smith’s article from yesterday and said if anything, CC winning with the Yankees would be more like Lebron going to the Lakers and winning there. I then turned of the radio in disgust and walked into work. Good morning.

  • Chris

    Good call Rick, you saved me some effort with your comment.

    I’m still attempting to wrap my mind around what exactly the difference is between “completely legit”, “legit but questionable” and “fairly legit”.

  • Chris

    @ Mendy – don’t hate ESPN for pandering to the masses. Didn’t you know that anything between New York and L.A. is flyover territory?

  • steve

    I just want to skip this season so I don’t have to hear these rumors anymore.

  • Ron

    Go to any Wizard websites and you will quickly realize two things:

    They are obsessive in their compliants about LeBron getting away with traveling, fouling and being a “crybaby”. Many believe he is a superstar because the refs let him “get away” with so much.

    Anytime they lose, the refes were a large part of the problem. It’s their default position.

    Must be something in the water. I think their water source is the Potomac.

  • MattyFos

    I hope Delonte gets his head on straight.. I wonder if he can claim insanity when he’s facing 18 years for his “Once Upon a Time in D.C.”

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    Ron – I drink the same water as the Wiz fans in DC. Aside from (allegedly) high mercury levels, it’s fantastic!

  • MattyFos

    I think the water in DC is intended to make you complain about things.. but never get anything, ANYTHING done competently. Congress and 1600 Pennsylvania come to mind

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    “They are obsessive in their compliants about LeBron getting away with traveling, fouling and being a “crybaby”.”

    They even go as far as to rename the team the Crabdribbles – very, very creative. Sam Smith should just move to the WaPo…

  • MattyFos

    If I were a Knicks fan, there’s a good chance I’d be a jerk and probably an idiot as well, I’d go to the game Friday and rock a #23 Knicks jersey with “The King” on the back.. Just to make the Cleveland fans mad. Then I’d storm the court and try to steal the ball and throw the hammer down, hoping LBJ would block me with his chasedown

  • Roosevelt

    I did not like that article about the media and Delonte. If anything, it’s a breath of fresh air that the Cavs are willing to put his health first, keep their mouths shut, and give him space to recover.

    I’ve commented before on previous threads but what makes mental illness difficult to deal with is that the symptoms ARE acting irrationally. There is no point at which you can say, “we were letting it go until now, but this crosses the line,” crazier actions are a just further symptom of a deeper disorder.

    It is frustrating to watch, because you can’t separate the personality from the disease, but that is the nature of mental illness. It’s easy to jump on Delonte because he looks like a thug, but on the other hand, it does seem like he is well liked in general by his peers, and his personality now has been taken over by bipolar disorder.

  • http://www.hardawayhatespittsburgh.blogspot.com Pittsburgh is for Man Lovers

    I’m glad it’s not only Browns fans that recognize that stupid chipmunk with the s#!t – eating grin is a dirty SOB as well as that psuedo-pious soft spoken chodehammer that makes a crucifix before every play and then goes straight for the knees.

  • Joseph

    Remember Hines Ward on Daven Holly? It was last year or the year before. A Pittsburgh player was tackled, the play is over, Holly lets his guard down, and then Hines Ward comes and drills him. Gave him a concussion. Ward should have been ejected. I don’t remember if a penalty was called, but he was fined for it later.

  • Anthony


  • LP

    DC fans should pay more attention to Gilbert’s bad shots and not the officials.

    Might I suggest another website for them…


  • Scotty

    I love the “legit, but questionable” category of foul used in the Wizards article.