While We’re Waiting… LeBron’s Number Change, Mirror Lake Pictures, and 2010 NFL Draft

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“If LeBron [James] truly decides to change his number, he has to file his intentions in early March with the league office.  That is, unless, he plans to join another team next season.  […] Does David Stern let him bypass the policy to keep the mystery?” [Stepien Rules]

“The sporting press has always been quick to target pretty-boy Quinn for criticism, so we’re not particularly surprised to see things blowing up a bit here, especially with public distaste for the league’s protection of quarterbacks at at all time high. But it’s hard to imagine that Quinn’s hit was anything more than a frustrated quarterback doing his best in the heat of a bad bad moment to prevent a second interception from being taken to the house on consecutive drives.” [Cleveland Frowns]

A few pictures from last night’s Jump into Mirror Lake [Thunder Treats]

Could the Browns once again trade down in the NFL Draft? “It is realistic to think the Browns will be drafting No. 1 overall in April. I do not think they should go after a quarterback with the first pick. I wouldn’t be opposed to drafting a player like Dan LaFevour from Central Michigan with a big upside if he were to fall.  The way to handle this draft is to add to the 11 picks the Browns already have and trade back. Trading back would allow the Browns to take a player like Alabama middlelinebacker  Rolando McLain, Tennessee safety Eric Berry or USC safety Taylor Mays.  It would be foolish to start talking about who they are going to pick in the third round because, at this point, we don’t even know who is coming out. Everyone is just guessing.” [No Logo Needed]

Sadly, most fans would love this: “Manny Acta and the Cleveland Indians have announced a press conference for tomorrow morning where they will announce that Alvaro Espinoza has been hired to a newly minted position: On/Off-Field Coordinator With Regards To Preparing For A Mid-1990s Style Run Of Success.” [Lets Go Tribe]

  • Isis

    Why even begin to postulate on the 2010 draft when those who will be running it for the Browns aren’t even in place? The above reference speculating whether the Browns will trade down is baseless and without merit. That strategy will unfold once those in place build it. Not even worth discussing.

    2-14 and one and out, bashed incessently by those who refused to OBSERVE.

  • mendy

    that lebron point is really really interesting… i’m surprised that the worldwide leader hasn’t had an hour long special on it yet

  • Omega King

    I loved Alvaro Espinoza. He’s like a folk hero between my father and myself. I think I still have the old Indians Ink I got autographed by some Indians prospects (who never panned out, btw) with Alvaro on the cover. Ahh…memories.

  • Titus Pullo

    I don’t know who this Jeff Neuman fellow is, but I like the cut of his jib:


  • Clown Baby

    Very nice. Thanks Titus.

  • B-bo

    Nice to OBSERVE you up on the cross so early this morning, Isis. Scott clearly forgot that only you get to do any form of “baseless” speculating “without merit”. I’m sure it was an honest mistake.

    If the Browns do end up with the number one overall, a trade down seems wise. That’s assuming, of course, that Eric Berry isn’t the projected number one overall (shouldn’t be, given his position). The crop of QBs coming out, while good, don’t strike me as good enough to sink the top money into. Not sure about that whole LeFevour idea, but QBs will be available later, and we do have flexibility with the sheer volume of picks available.

    And I say bring on Espinoza, but only if he’s bringing Wayne Kirby along for the ride.

  • Clown Baby

    Look at Isis! Sitting on his cloud of judgement, handing out life lessons to all the sinners.

  • B-bo

    @ ClownBaby: He’s crackin eggs of wisdom!

  • historycat

    I’m all in favor of trading down.

    The last think we need. (literally) is a rookie QB. Lets do what we should have done 10 years ago, and suffer through some bad to mediocre QB for another season while building our offensive line.

    Let’s put Brady behind a line that gives him more than a second to throw, and get some guys who can tackle on the defensive side.

    Build from the inside out. Then get a QB to bring it all together, if necessary. Get a line. Stop the run. Tackle people with the ball.

  • mendy

    great article titus… nothing we haven’t read a million times already, but nevertheless, its always good to see

  • 5KMD

    What about the big D lineman from Nebraska? Is he worth the #1 to clog the middle next to rogers for the next several years.

    Also, I think it is a lot harder to try to trade out of the number 1 than the number 5 unless there is a superstart to take at 1. But if that was the case, the Browns would take him themselves.

  • Dave

    historycat, you just made an excellent argument for not drafting a QB. At first when you said “Brady” I thought you meant “Tom Brady”, and I realized that you could put Tom Brady behind this offensive line and still have a bad offense.

    Right now, the Browns are a team where good college quarterbacks go to get their NFL careers ruined. If there’s going to be hope for the franchise, that trend has to stop.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com DP Diesel

    For me, it’s easy to speculate about trading the #1 pick, but trading the #1 pick is always easier said than done (hat tip, Eazy E). The last time I remember it happening (unless you count the Chargers and Giants swapping players because Eli was too whiny to play for SD) was when Vick came out and was viewed as a transformational player. And that worked out well for SD (Tomlinson and Brees in that draft). Interesting that the last two times it’s effectively happened involved the Chargers.

    The Chargers/Giants thing brings up an interesting point. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that a player projected #1 would say, “I will not play for the Browns.” Then what do we do?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com DP Diesel

    (My point above was that there needs to be that one “once in a lifetime” kind of player for people to seriously considering trading up to #1 to take him… sorry, I lost a little steam because of my ADD…)

  • bobby

    I was listening to Todd McShay on sc the other day and he said Eric Berry is his top rated guy, and he wouldn’t have a problem taking him 1 overall. I don’t agree with McShay on a lot of things, but I do on this. Berry would be HUGE for our D since he’s a ball hawk. Many people say he makes the Tennessee D from around avg. to great. He won’t be that big of a difference in cleveland, but with him and hopefully a pass rusher opposite of Wimbley this D gets a lot better (then we need a guy opposite of Wright, because Mcdonald is a bum).

  • Lars

    Espinoza was awesome…

  • brixdawgpound

    @clown baby, love the always sunny reference, classic.

  • jeff

    Regarding Lebron, and going anywhere, I think the thing some people fail to realize (or that I haven’t read much of) is the fact that people are correlating the wrong things. Being in New York will certainly earn him a certain amount of exposure, but the greatest exposure he can get and therefore the most money is if he wins CHAMPIONSHIPS. The fact that people are pointing out his desire to just win and that money doesn’t matter (so he said) should realize that those two things go hand in hand more than where he is. That is why Michael Jordan was so successful, the reason Gretzky moving all over was so successful. Your reputation, brand, and bank account grow with accolades, not geography.