Eric Mangini hints at new Cribbs contract

Cribbs Pay That Man His Money_med


From Friday’s press conference:

Eric Mangini on Josh Cribbs’ contract negotations as of right now: “Nothing right now. It’s something that we are looking into and want to, obviously, move forward with.”

When asked about whether something will be done with Cribbs’ contract going forward: “Yes, I imagine that something will get done.”

It seems as though Cribbs has finally made the impression that is needed to get things done. While it would be nice to have a GM in place to do the deal, the fact that Coach Mangini is making note is definitely a good thing.

Others are angling for Cribbs, including former Browns great Jim Brown. “He is a spiritual force,” Brown said after Thursday’s win over the Steelers. “What he does is so pure, it’s running the ball, then going down to make a tackle. It’s playing the game with the right attitude, giving himself all the way.”

[Tip of the cap to Jerod at MSF. Quotes from PD and PFT]