While We’re Waiting…Cribbs Contract, Boobie’s Hair, Holmgren as Coach

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Cribbs Pay That Man His Money_med

Josh Cribbs was on Sirius radio yesterday and continues to call for a new deal to be worked out in the imminent future: “Definitely. Within the next three weeks definitely. I would definitely appreciate a deal before the end of this football season. It would show a lot of loyalty on their behalf. You know, I’ve been here from the beginning and steadfast with this football team and I feel like I’ve not caused a disturbance to where I’d let this off-the-field issue come on the field. And it hasn’t affected the players in any way. I feel like I’ve held up my end pretty good and, like I said, I’m just going to keep playing football and let that speak for itself. That’s my leverage.” [Sirius Radio/OBR Blogs]

Joe Thomas callin’ out names: “It’s something James Harrison has been doing.  It seems like he didn’t do it last year.  Now he’s kind of perfected it.  When you push him by the quarterback, if he doesn’t think he can get to the quarterback anymore, he thinks the best thing for him to do is kind of flop as dramatically as possible and hope it baits the ref into throwing the flag.  Basically as you push him by, he’ll just throw his arms up in the air and his feet and try to make it look like you threw him down.  It’s kind of like taking a charge in the NBA.  It was my mistake for not talking to the refs before the game because it shows up on tape over and over again.  I don’t know if he has a reputation yet, but I know after this year he will.” [ProFootballTalk via PD]

Boobie debuted a new hair design this weekend which will surely be popular tonight in Dallas: “If you watched the Cavaliers vs. Bucks game tonight, there really was only one key takeaway. Of course, it’s that Daniel Gibson continues to have ridiculous designs shaved into his hair. Tonight’s design paid homage to his Alma-mater Texas, as he had a longhorn (their mascot) logo shaved into the back of his head. With a haircut like that, Gibson knew whether the Cavs were victorious or not, he was going home a winner.” [Stu Holdren/NBA Noise]

OSU hoops takes care of business in a slow-it-down dud: “The Hornets slow it down style combined with sloppy and disinterested play from OSU allowed D-State to hold a 7-5 lead nearly eight minutes in before Jeremie Simmons once again provided a spark off the bench triggering a 20-10 run to close the half. Simmons got it started with a triple to retake the lead then hit another bomb on the ensuing possession pushing OSU up 11-7 with 10:55 left. Closing out the run, Simmons would team with Wil Buford to force a Hornet turnover then find Buford with an alley-oop lob to make it 20-13 then Simmons closed the half with another perfectly placed lob to Dallas Lauderdale for a thunder dunk and a 25-17 halftime lead.  That little burst was about all the excitement provided on the day as the Hornets walked it up every time down rarely shooting with less than :05 on the shot clock while committing six shot clock violations.” [Chris/Eleven Warriors]

Local power Mount Union loses national championship to rival Wisconsin-Whitewater: “It was the fifth consecutive year the two Division III powers met up in the title game. Mount Union, which lost for just the second time in the last 68 games and was 139-5 overall in this decade, won three of the previous four.  For a while, it looked like the Purple Raiders (14-1) would finish off 2009 with another win, as they dominated play for much of the third and fourth quarters to make up a two-touchdown deficit.” [Steve Hemphill/Cleveland.com]

A plea to see keep Holmgren away from the sideline if he does become the Czar: “However, if indeed Holmgren has a genuine interest in both running and coaching the Browns, and if Randy Lerner signs off on this move, then the league quickly needs to enact the football equivalent of a Ted Stepian Rule. If Holmgren indeed assumes complete control of the on and off field versions of the Browns, then Lerner has once again proven to be the most incompetent owner in the league.  For the sake of our collective sanity, let’s hope Holmgren merely made an innocent statement. To assume that a 60 year old ex-coach would take on some 20 hours of daily responsibility is nothing but insane. And counterproductive. And something that Lerner could very well sign off on.” [DK/Cleveland Reboot]

  • Jack

    Cribbs = The Man

  • http://www.60bpm.com Robbie

    You’ve got to love having Joe Thomas on the Browns. Calling out the Steelers?!? Love it.

  • MrCleaveland

    It’s time for Bernie Kosar and Jim Brown to step up and earn their money. They have got to convince Randy Lerner that he must not let Holmgren coach. It seems that left to his own devices, Lerner generally makes the wrong decision.

  • historycat

    I cannot believe that Holmgren doing all is even an option that Lerner would listen to.

    Once again Lerner is a poor student.

  • kmzipsgolf

    Cribbs houses another one. Pay the man.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com DP

    So much for the “Holmgren using the Browns as leverage with Seattle” discussion, though.

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