Braylon Edwards Drops Easy Touchdown Pass Again. Jets Still Win.

braylon Edwards dropIn case you missed it yesterday during the first afternoon NFL playoff game of 2010, Braylon Edwards reminded folks of his Northeast Ohio habits against the Cincinnati Bengals. This epic play came towards the end of the first quarter with the Jets actually trailing 7-0. Rookie Mark Sanchez delivered a beautiful ball down the left sideline, but as always, Edwards made sure it touched nothing at all except for the touchdown dirt.

Enjoy this one folks for a while, but as Craig tweeted last night, it will be interesting to see how Braylon parlays his team’s domination of the Bengals into some extra cash in the off-season. Clearly, the Jets won the game 24-14 due to their aerial attack when Sanchez only attempted 15 passes and Edwards himself had just 15 yards receiving. The big name might just be enough to have some other team forget he now has just 37 catches/556 yards in 13 games for New York.

For those that missed it as well, Edwards ripped into his former employers earlier in the week to Yahoo! Sports. He told Jason Cole specifically that, “Over there, everything is petty, worried about the wrong thing – what a guy is saying, what a guy is making. There’s just too much foolishness over there and too many people there who are still worried about the wrong thing.” Harsh words for a man whose numbers don’t really emphasize that the change of scenario helped to do much of anything outside of a better football team.

[Check out the video courtesy of the .gif file uploaded by Dan McQuade (dhm)/Twitter]

  • Jeremy C

    Man… I hate Braylon Edwards.

  • subadai

    I’m glad he’s not our problem any more.

    Still… I would’ve loved to see Holmgren’s reaction to one of his drops if Edwards was in Cleveland next year. I’ll be he would just go absolutely code red, ape-[WFNY Edit: poop].

  • cninja

    he was right about one thing, I never liked him b/c he went to michigan.

    and because he plays like he belongs on the Little Giants

  • Mortimer

    I tried to feel sorry for Braylon Edwards, thinking that maybe he had a sort of Steve Sax disease, but his comments lately have made me realize what an arrogant ass he is. I also wonder if maybe he’s not projecting a bit, with the whole ‘those guys worry about money instead of winning’ schtick that’s gotten very old…

  • Oppie

    That play made me happy especially after remembering that New York media/fans tried to blame Cleveland for Braylon’s drops and said that he needed a change in venue and wouldn’t do that in N.Y. As much as I enjoyed watching Cincy choke, I kinda wish that the Jets would have lost by a TD so the NY media could go back to that play and play the blame game with Braylon.

    Oh yeah. “Lloyd Carr’s University of Michigan”, Really???

  • historycat

    This was good, but better was the one last week when it was a quick out from Sanchez. The ball was snapped Braylon doesn’t even look and it hits him in the side of the head.

    does anyone have that video?

  • dgriff13

    ooooo… lookit you guys with the fancy animated gifs. Classin’ up the joint, unlike Mr. Edwards.

  • JackGonzo

    Reminds me of Stonehands from Texas State University…without the speed. Loved how the truck had the dropped passes stat ready and waiting too

  • Grammaticus

    I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll say it again: Braylon Edwards has the worst fundamentals of any receiver in the NFL.

  • kirkcheated

    I spilled my beer all over my snout on that play !!

  • Denny

    Stout on your snout.

  • tom

    how funny would it be to see the jets make it far into the playoffs/superbowl only to see braylon drop a game winning pass in the endzone and get run outta ny…

  • Denny

    @ tom – not very, because we’d have to hear all about Mark Sanchez and NYC for a few more weeks.

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  • boogeyman

    I don’t miss Bray Bray in the least it’s just to bad NY beat Cincinnati.

  • J

    Hmm…. I could’ve sworn this was a Cleveland sports blog…