Breaking News: Reports Tom Heckert is the Browns General Manager

According to Adam Schefter of, Philadelphia’s Tom Heckert has been named the new General Manager of the Cleveland Browns. The general manager for the past three plus years for the Eagles, Heckert brings instant credibility to Cleveland despite the fact he likely will not be able to sign with the club until after the NFL playoffs are over for his team. As a reminder, WFNY was one of the first on the Heckert beat two weeks ago when Scott reported that he was coming to town for an interview with recently hired Mike Holmgren.

Stick around for updates throughout the day from the local publications. Schefter’s report also states that it is possible Seattle’s director of pro personnel Will Lewis could join the Browns front office as well. Keep on chugging Holmgren, it is looking like a good off-season so far.

  • Mark has it too. Gotta love it as another step inthe right direction. Lets vope they use those 11 picks well.

  • Mark

    Wow. Too many typos. Sorry.

  • Denny

    I give Heckert 3 hours in Cleveland before Cribbs’ agent starts spouting off about how he hasn’t gotten a call back.

    Great pickup though, from all accounts.

  • PayDaMan

    A buddy of mine said that he has the 3rd most drafted probowlers out of all current active GMs.

  • bobby

    Like it, and really have expected this to happen. Announcement should be made soon. The next best thing to happen will be to have Lewis come in as the personnel director.

  • MrCleaveland

    I don’t get it. So many people said that no one would ever want to come to Cleveland.

  • Mark

    Last year Heckert skipped out on his GM interview with the Browns after Mangini was hired. The conventional wisdom was he didnt want to work with Mangini. When he was mentioned as a candidate this year we all assumed that meant Mangini was a goner. Obviously that did not happen. I think it is safe to assume Holmgren and the change in power structure is the difference. Maybe Heckert never had an issue with Mangini but who had control of what. I guess that has all changed.

  • TBrown

    Holmgren makes Cleveland a more desirable locale. He represents the stability our club has been lacking since its return in ’99, and instability was really Cleveland’s only drawback as a football destination.

  • Jack

    Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!

  • milton

    “I give Heckert 3 hours in Cleveland before Cribbs’ agent starts spouting off about how he hasn’t gotten a call back.”

    Pretty sure he’s already stomping his feet and holding his breath til he turns blue.

  • kirkcheated

    Holmgren, Heckert, Mangini

    Just put together a winning plan…..that’s all I want.

  • BigBrown

    Holy crap!!! I don’t think I have ever been so pumped up about the Browns in my entire life. Things just keep getting better and better. If only we didn’t have to suffer through another tribe season before we get to see how this translates to gametime.

  • TSR3000

    Heck yes to Heckert. Maybe some eagles will follow?!

  • dgolf221

    @ PayDaMan – If that is true, that’s an excellent stat! Good work. Really like the hire. Will Lewis, you’re next.

  • dgolf221

    @ PayDaMan – If that is true, that’s an excellent stat! Good work. Really like the hire. Will Lewis, you’re next.

  • dgolf221

    Sorry, don’t know why that posted twice.

  • Jonathan

    A great step. I don’t think I have been this excited about an off-season in a while.
    A little off topic – watching the bengals/jets game, the crowd sounds freaking dead. How can fans not be pumped about a playoff game?

  • AMC

    I like everything the browns have done since they lost that game to sd the first week of december – go 4-0, hire holmgren, keep continuity with the coach, hire heckert and probably hire lewis, who is going to be cast of from seattle with carroll coming in (questionable hire by sea, btw)

    Here we go brownies!

  • RobGoBlue

    Did anyone see Braylon drop that PERFECT touchdown pass?

  • Jeff

    I am so stoked about this move. I remember who badly last offseason went, just the whole feeling I had the whole time was one of dread and I wasn’t looking forward to the draft or the season.

    Now I can’t wait. It sucks our season just ended. I am hoping Heckert brings Kolb with him and that fixes our QB problem without a draft pick. Will Lewis will be a nice addition to the staff and we will have a real, competent front office. We haven’t had one of those since… ever?

    Now lets get through the playoffs, do whatever we are going to do with Cribbs, and get ready for the Draft.

    Go Browns!!!!

  • DJ

    Heckert is an outstanding get. He is someone that could be in Cleveland for a long time to come. And if Will Lewis decides to go to the Browns, then Holmgren has established a terrific front office, one who will do a great job scouting and identifying the personnel the Browns need to move forward. They have to be salivating over having 11 draft picks this year.

    Too bad they kept the coach.

  • Jeremy C

    This is pretty exciting stuff. I think the only time I’ve been really excited about this kind of move was when Butch Davis was brought in. Major difference here though since both Homgren and Heckert have proven track records. What these two should be able to do with the salary cap Mangini wisely cleared up and the abundance of draft picks should be very nice. Especially rounds three through five, where Heckert has made some very nice picks. Go Browns!

  • bobby

    @ Jeff- Kolb would be a great get if the browns could bring him in. I am looking forward to FA/ Draft to see what happens.

  • Jeff

    Thanks to the Eagles tonight for rolling over quickly. Looks like we can hire Heckert now on Monday if we want. He will be free after this lame game.

  • Burke

    Everything is looking good……except the offense still!

  • Oppie

    @Rob I was dying laughing when Braylon dropped that ball. I enjoyed how he faked an injury after. I’m going to be interested to here his excuse for that drop.

  • MP34

    I was talking with a friend about this hire. The Browns are putting together one of the best front offices in the business. The off-season is always the best time to be a Browns fan but this really seems like a reason for optimism!

  • deebo

    Since all indications seem to be that Heckert is our next GM and from McNabb’s comments, Philly may be doing some roster retooling I began to wonder what other Philly-Browns transactions may occur. A quick perusal of Eagles free agents didn’t do too much for me other than the fleeting intrigue of Sean Jones returning (always thought he was good not great but fairly solid). And then I began to wonder about viability of trades for Donovan McNabb? Asante Samuel? Not saying I would want either of those guys but argueably better than some guys on our roster now. This is all super premature, but watching the espn this morn got me wondering about possible senarios…thoughts? ridicule? taunting?

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