Now Is The Time To Pull The Trigger For Jamison

Antawn JamisonYou have to admit that, for being a Cleveland sports site and being “rivals” of the Washington Wizards, we really haven’t taken too many cheap shots at the Wizards over this whole Gilbert Arenas fiasco. Perhaps because in truth, I’ve quietly been watching from afar, just waiting for this thing to spiral out of control to the point that Washington will get serious about moving their pieces.

Well, that time is now. Chris Mannix of wrote an article about the fallout of the Arenas scandal and how it will affect other teams in the league. In the article, he points out that literally every single player on the Wizards roster can be had, writing:

“According to multiple league sources, Washington is making its entire roster available and is open to all trades, including for players who bring less talent but have shorter contracts.”

That has to be music to Danny Ferry’s ears. As I pointed out earlier today, the Cavaliers offense has not always been what it should be this season. Picking up someone like Antawn Jamison is, as we’ve pointed out time and time again, precisely what the doctor ordered for the Cavaliers. The problem has always been the Cavaliers lack of solid young talent to sweeten any pot. But if the “including for players who bring less talent but have shorter contracts” line is to believed, this trade rumor may heat up sooner than we thought.  

Later on in the Mannix article, he hypothesizes how a potential deal might look:

“Sources said the team would prefer to move Jamison, 33, a good soldier and automatic 20-point, eight-rebound performer every night. The free-spending Cavaliers have long been enamored with the versatile Jamison, and they might be willing to absorb the final two years of underachieving Andray Blatche’s contract to get him.”

Now, if this were a fantasy world, I would say the Cavs should offer Shaq for both Jamison and Butler. Obviously that would never happen. But if the Cavaliers are indeed looking to acquire Jamison and the Wiz want them to take Blatche as well, a potential Ilgauskas and Hickson for Jamison and Blatche swap would work.

As always, the problem hinges on Washington’s willingness to help the Cavaliers win a Championship. Cleveland doesn’t want to move Ilgauskas without word that the other team will buy out his contract so Big Z can come back to Cleveland. I’m not sure this is something Washington would do.

For now this is clearly all speculation and we’ve yet to see any word that anything is in the works. Knowing Danny Ferry, though, I have a feeling he’s going to be making some calls to the DC area this week, and with any luck, maybe Ferry can pull off one last masterpiece to top off this roster. Keep your eyes open on this one.


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  • historycat

    Brendan Haywood vs. Orlando in 07-08 4 games

    5-9 PTS:10

    0-2 PTS:0

    4-9 PTS: 10
    PF: 4
    AST: 1

    3-5 Pts: 6
    PF: 1

    Missed 08-09 with wrist injury.

    Would I take him or Shaq vs. Orlando? In the playoffs, I’m thinking haywood will have more left in the tank.

  • Scott

    @saggy – If it’s the physical ring that matters, I’m fairly certain that each championship team gets an allotement of rings on top of those on the roster that they get to give out. in that event, I’m sure Z would get one.

  • historycat

    I say,

    Shaq and Z to Wash


    Haywood, Jamison, and Butler

    Then we can bring back Z.

    Ya I know, dreams. Haywood’s got one year left so Wash probably wouldn’t do it.

  • DK

    @34 – haha….


  • EZ


    Dwight Howard in those same four games:

    Mins: 37
    Pts: 17
    Rebs: 15
    Blocks: 3
    Steals: 0
    PF: 4

    Mins: 31
    Pts: 20
    Rebs: 11
    Blocks: 0
    Steals: 2
    PF: 2

    Mins: 31
    Pts: 3
    Rebs: 15
    Blocks: 1
    Steals: 0
    PF: 5

    Mins: 12
    Pts: 6
    Rebs: 4
    Blocks: 0
    Steals: 0
    PF: 1

    Note that the last game was the final game of the season and Howard hardly played.

    Now note Howard’s numbers when the Magic played Cleveland this year:

    Mins: 31
    Pts: 11
    Rebs: 7
    Blocks: 1
    Steals: 1
    PF: 5

    Shaq handles Howard far better than Haywood does.

  • Jay

    Jamison to media: “I will not go to Cleveland as long as Mangini is there”


    All jokes aside…Make it happen Ferry!

  • historycat

    Ya I did notice that.

    Shaq Vs. Orlando

    4-8 Pts: 10

    I agree, Shaq was good in that one game for us which is exactly the reason we brought him in. Plus lots of intangibles, I agree.

    But wait, there’s more:

    1. Who’s going to have more left come playoff time? Shaq looks pretty tired in December. Haywood’s only 30

    2. Is he the only one who can play against Howard? stats say no.

    3. Haywood: 6 million Shaq: 21 Million, both expiring contracts.

    EZ: the 1st and 3rd games are below Howard’s average for that year. So Haywood does have some effect according to the evidence, plus he was with Washington (we’re better all around) Logic says he would still help against Howard, perhaps even more with us than with Washington.

    4. Haywood avg this year Pts9-Reb10-Ast2 Shaq 10-7-1

    I’m not saying we need to trade shaq, but if we can get haywood and Jamison for shaq, I think we’ll be better off come playoff time.

    Younger, fresher, and still be ok against Orlando. for less money$ That’s long term going to keep Lebron here. (Or at least another reason)

    Win here! Win Now! Win Forever!

  • historycat


    haywood 9pts, 10 reb, 2 blocks
    Shaq 10 pts, 7 reb, 1 block.

    We’d still have a post presence and Haywood has a better shot at completing the and 1.

  • Matt#2

    Win Zilla.

  • DCBucks

    I’ve never seen Kobe bounce off Haywood.

  • Matt#2

    That brings me to my new name for the Lebron – Shaq duo:

    King & Kong

  • Denny

    @ SD – I’d absolutely take a championship now if it means LBJ will leave Cleveland. I don’t care. I’d rather have one chip and him be gone than have him here long-term and no rings.

  • Matt

    1. The Cavs have repeatedly said they will not trade Z unless the other team buys him out…if the Wiz will do that, he should by all means be included, but whether they would buy him out is not known.
    2. Echoing the comments of others: Troy Murphy is an extremely limited player whose stats have been inflated by playing on teams (GSW, IND) with extremely fast paces who don’t win, allowing him to simply gun without much conscience and get lots of rebounds deriving from the fast pace. He is a terrible defender, has no low post game, and cannot get his own shot. All statistics back up these previous claims. At this point, he is a slightly younger, slightly better version of Z. We should not get him.
    3. I have said in the past that I would take Randolph over any of the other “available” PFs. But with ownership in GS in turmoil, no one in the league really knows what is going on over there. At this point I am considering Randolph to not be available, since no one is talking about GS being sellers at this point, but I could be wrong.
    4. Jamison, to me, is a logical goal. To get him we will need to offer both “talent” (JJ and a first rounder) and cap flexibility (Z or Wally). Again, Shaq is extremely valuable to this team against the other good teams in the league, Cavs’ brass have said we do not want to trade away Z or Shaq, etc. Jamison would be worth getting if we didn’t have to give up Shaq. Echoing others again, the difference between Murphy and Jamison (besides the obvious numbers) is that Murphy is a very limited spot up shooter that floats around the perimeter and who needs a fast pace to get his numbers, while Jamison can score from anywhere and can get his own shot (an ability which only LBJ, Mo, and Delonte have on this team). We have plenty of spot up shooters (Boobie, Parker, Mo at times, Z, even Jamario at times); we need someone who can create his own shot. Hickson COULD be good in a few years, but we need to win now. Hickson and a first + Wally or Z (assuming Z is bought out and can return, trading Z flat out would be despicable and we have said we won’t do that) for Jamison and Blatche (a solid and very athletic low post player).

  • Matt#2

    I’ll take a “LeBron long term” plan over a “ring now” plan. Of course, they aren’t mutually exclusive.

  • JNeids

    i could totally see the wiz making some trade involving Z with the “agreement” to buy him out, only to then not do it to make up for trading with their “rivals.”

  • DocZeus

    Let’s put it this way:

    Does trading for Troy Murphy put the fear of God in any other contenders about the Cavs chances?

    Of course not.

  • Matt#2

    Is Arenas now “Agent 00”?

  • JNeids

    has anyone heard anything about wally lately? any word on whether or not he is still considering a comeback, and we could therefore actually use him in a S&T? is the reason this isnt talked about more because it probably wont happen?

  • Matt

    the Wally issue is dicey…he would need to pass a physical…not much has been said on the issue lately, and I don’t know if anyone has talked to Wally himself about the issue: would he swallow his pride and allow himself to be traded purely for cap relief?

  • JJ From AK

    Here’s my question (and if it’s been answered i apologize). If we bring in Jamison and Blatche, where does that leave the Cavs for next year’s FA class?? Is it pretty much signing LBJ back up and LBJ only? Where does that put us in regards to trying to bring in someone like a Wade, Bosh, Amare, Joe Johnson, or anyone else for that matter?

  • Clown Baby

    Ol Gil just got suspended indefinitely. Come on Wizards fire sale.

  • mike

    commissioner David Stern said in a statement Wednesday. “Accordingly, I am suspending Mr. Arenas indefinitely, without pay, effective immediately pending the completion of the investigation by the NBA.”

    happy birthday Gil!

  • Jack

    People who want to trade Shaq = myopic and irritating

    People comparing Murphy’s game to Jamison’s = baffling

    What about the blowouts IN Orlando and IN Los Angeles did we not like? What part about Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum/Gasol being non-factors was distasteful or left you so malcontent?

    Thankfully, Ferry will never, ever, ever, never, ever, never trade Shaq. Get over it.

  • Clown Baby


    The Cavs will have virtually nothing outside of the MLE (5-6 million)next year for free agents, assuming they sign LBJ. Forget signing a major FA, they won’t be able to add anyone. That’s why it’s imperative they do something with Z.

  • Jack

    @JJ From AK – Everyone needs to realize the hard facts that even if we were to renounce the rights to Z and Shaq, we’d be something like $1 million under the cap. Yes, that’s right. We are still sitting at the cap after dumping those two contracts. We will not be able to sign any free agents next year unless they A) already played for us B) Will take the MLE or C) will work for free chips at Gilbert’s new casino.


    And I think we will.

  • Jack

    Right on, Clown Baby.

  • Matt

    Essentially, this trade deadline IS our offseason: i.e., this is our time to add on talent. Trading for Jamison would be like adding him on as an FA, essentially

  • Matt#2

    how about shaq for howard?

  • MP34

    “If we include Shaq in this trade we are back to having no answer for Howard and Gasol; the Magic and the Lakers being the two teams we’ll likely have to go through to get to a championship. We also lose our biggest interior defensive presence.”

    Bingo EZ.

  • saggy

    EZ is on fire today.

  • historycat

    @ MP34,

    I really don’t think Shaq is the ONLY answer to Howard. We were hoping that Shaq would have one more season in him. I think he’s strong in some games but definitely looks tired in others.

    Let’s at least look at what’s out there and if we can get 3 to 1 for Shaq I’d like to think Ferry would consider it.

  • RW

    Cavs are not trading Shaq. Its really silly to even talk about it at this point. He helped dominate the Magic and Lakers, and the Cavs are going to get rid of him? Stop.

    I wonder what the Wiz would want for him. Z is obvious, but I’m guessing Cavs would want to guarantee the Wiz buy him out before dealing him. So that could be a problem. Also, I find it hard to believe they’re that interested in Hickson, who has shown he’s not going to be anything special (not a certainty, but as close as one can get to certainty).

    Jamison would be great here though, no doubt about it.

  • RW

    Cavs are not trading Shaq. Its really silly to even talk about it at this point. He helped dominate the Magic and Lakers, and the Cavs are going to get rid of him? Stop.

    I wonder what the Wiz would want for him. Z is obvious, but I’m guessing Cavs would want to guarantee the Wiz buy him out before dealing him. So that could be a problem. Also, I find it hard to believe they’re that interested in Hickson, who has shown he’s not going to be anything special (not a certainty, but as close as one can get to certainty).

    Jamison would be great here though, no doubt about it.

  • Magic Man

    I would love for the Cavs to trade Shaq. We all know how well Big Z, Andy, LeBron, & anyone else of the bench can check Superman. As Superman proved lastyear, Cavs can’t stop him. If Cleveland trades Shaq, I’ll be ready for another championship series in Orlando!

  • Stephen Secaur

    In so many of these trade scenarios, people keep mentioning throwing in J.J. Hickson as an afterthought. Hey, the guy has great upside and he’s only 21. I’d rather sweeten the deal with a draft choice.

  • Bill Brucato

    I personally would love to see Danny Ferry land a player like Antwan Jamison but I don’t know how realistic that might be even with all of the issues surrounding the Wizards now. I’ve long been a proponent that the Cavaliers needed a “real” starting PF on this team with Anderson Varejao and hopefully a soon to be returning Leon Powe. JJ Hickson is the odd man out. Perhaps Hickson along with a sign and trade of Wally along with perhaps a Daniel Gibson or maybe Darnell Jackson could be enough I don’t know all I know is if Ferry could add a piece like Jamison, wow, I like it!

  • MBJ23

    I think this is a great opportunity to go after Bosh. A 3 way trade would work sending Jamison and Blatche to Toronto, Bosh to the Cavs, and Big Z and Hickson to the Wizards. Yes, the Cavs stand the chance of losing Bosh to free agency but they could win a title. and that goes a long way in getting players to stick around….

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