Red Dawn (Aponte)

red-dawn-1984Its all Josh Cribbs all the time today!! This will be brief. We’ve gone on and on here at WFNY about it. You have done so on sports talk radio, and in conversations with your friends and co-workers about it. Its the most obvious thing in Cleveland Browns Football these days – pay Josh Cribbs what he is worth.

We all thought that Eric Mangini’s promise to Cribbs to get him a new contract by the end of the season was just a formality. When Mike Holmgren took over, he all but said that Cribbs will be taken care of. Then the firestorm hit last night and Cribbs and his agents went public. Who could blame them? The supposed $1.4 million offer is a slap in the face. Not to mention, this is now the third regime that was supposed to take care of him and hasn’t.

Cribbs and his agents had enough. They for the most part, kept quiet all year. Cribbs certainly played hard and well (I mean, he is the greatest Special Teams Player since Steve Tasker and perhaps the greatest return man of all time), and waited for his day. The day came, and they offered him HALF the money that Roscoe Parrish and Andre Davis make.

Worst of all, Cribbs, his agents, and Browns fans have to read this unbelievably moronic quote from Browns rep Dawn Aponte on the contract offer – “It’ll be the same offer tomorrow, the same offer in March, and the same offer in September.”

Was that quote real? Did that really come out of Berea? Think that will go over well with Cribbs? Well what about the Browns fans, who LOVE Cribbs like no other player on the roster? If  Holmgren is so busy with finding a GM and figuring out what to do with Eric Mangini, why not say to Josh and his agents “we have to get through the GM/Mangini situation first, then we will take care of you.”

Instead, they seemingly rush through a low-ball offer to Cribbs (I say rush because Holmgren has only been on the job for a week) in the middle of all of this mess; Cribbs is insulted and goes public, and the fans are angry.

Welcome to Cleveland,  Mike!

If Dawn Aponte indeed was not quoted out of context and said what she said, I would fire her today. She is probably on her way out anyways, considering Holmgren will be bringing in his own people. But to make a comment that ill-advised, and ill-timed STUNS me.

  • Marshall

    Here is a crazy idea: why don’t we come together as fans of Cribbs and start a website where you can “donate” money directly to him? I would happily give him $20-30 a month for as long as he is in Cleveland. How many others out there would do the same? Think about it……

  • Tommy D

    The agent is just as much to blame. . . I like Cribbs, but we also need an O-line, a shutdown corner, a QB, a running back, and so on…something’s gotta give. Unfortunately it will be Cribbs.

  • Rick

    @Marshall- You’re right. That is a crazy idea.

    Cribbs is one of the best players ever to wear a Browns uniform in my opinion. I hope he gets a new deal. But to suggest that people chip in $20 a month to keep him in Cleveland? Are you crazy? Perhaps you make more than Cribbs, and $20 a month on top of what you are already paying in support of your Cleveland sports teams is no big deal to you. But let’s be real. There are a lot better uses for $20. How about buy a pair of tickets for some foster kid to go to his first baseball game? Cribbs isn’t in the poorhouse.

  • milton

    “Here is a crazy idea: why don’t we come together as fans of Cribbs and start a website where you can “donate” money directly to him? I would happily give him $20-30 a month for as long as he is in Cleveland. How many others out there would do the same? Think about it……”

    Not crazy. Dumb, yes.

    Donating money to millionaires. OK.

    And if you were foolish enough to actually pursue the idea, and Cribbs foolish enough to accept a single dollar, we can then look forward to the Browns being punished for a salary cap violation.


  • Denny

    Yes Marshall, that idea is in fact crazy. Save your money. If you give money to a professional athlete who is already making 600k per month, you’re dumb. Just plain dumb. Because your 20-30 bucks means nothing.

    How about you invest that in a local coffee shop, or something that will actually benefit the community? The Browns will be exactly as successful as if you actually gave them your money, and the world would like be better for it.

  • Eric D

    I already give about $75-100 8 Sundays in the fall to an organization that lets a bunch of guys who appear to have never played football before get to see what it is like to throw the ‘ol pigskin around. They even bring in much more talented guys from other cities to show our ragtag bunch how much fun football can be if you practice hard and develop some actual football skills.

  • MrCleaveland

    I see that Marshall also refuses to use the sarcasm font.

  • boogeyman

    ^^^^LoL I’m learning my way around here and not used to not being able to use ITALICS and such so I didn’t catch the sarcasm but I got where your coming from now. Unfortunately these days sarcasm and Cleveland sports (other then the Cavaliers) seem to go hand in hand.

  • Janet

    JASON: Exactly what I thought. I will never forgive the Indians for what they did with Victor. HORRIBLE!! Who is this Dawn? The crack of Dawn?

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