While We’re Waiting… Josh Cribbs’ Agent, Donte’ Stallworth and Julian Edelman

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Great read in looking at the continuing debacle between Cribbs, his agents, the Browns and the Cleveland fans: “Yesterday, Cribbs agents pulled another questionable tactic out of their negotiating playbook: Sending condescending emails to bloggers who criticize their work. I received the following yesterday from Cribbs’ agent J.R. Rickert.” [Peter Pattakos/Cleveland Frowns]

Stallworth will be back in the league next season and could contend with some of the youngsters at WR for the Browns: “Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended receiver Donte’ Stallworth for the entire 2009 season after Stallworth pleaded guilty to felony DUI manslaughter last year. Stallworth will be reinstated after completion of the Super Bowl on February 7, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello recently confirmed.” [Mike Florio/Pro Football Talk]

Continuing the trend of WR news, check out this young guy today in the playoffs: “Rookie Julian Edelman is the player the New England Patriots are counting on to replace injured Pro Bowl receiver Wes Welker in the playoffs. Edelman, the former Kent State quarterback, is built like Welker at 6-foot, 198 pounds, but Edelman’s college coach, Doug Martin, has some advice about stepping in for Welker.” [Stephanie Storm/Akron Beacon Journal]

Well, no Browns contest today, but here is still something to smile about throughout the next seven months: “The Browns once again did not qualify for the playoffs but they did do something that should make you happy. They knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs and you don’t have to see those ugly colors around. Since the Browns beat the Steelers in December I haven’t seen much of Squeeler nation.” [Randy Ward/Browns Gab]

Definitely good to hear this from Cleveland scribe Terry Pluto with the relationship between Mangini and Holmgren starting off well: “It seems as if Mike Holmgren entered into his interview sessions with Eric Mangini with a positive attitude. The talks were mostly informal, more like coach-to-coach than new team president grilling a head coach trying to hang onto his position.” [Terry Pluto/Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Had to quote this article as the Cavs look to recover this evening on the road against Portland: “Friday night, they were beaten, 99-97, by a good but injury-depleted Denver Nuggets team thanks to a disjointed and often unfocused performance. That in and of itself isn’t alarming, but the fact that it followed a trend that’s been quietly been developing for the last few weeks has some more piqued than others.” [Brian Windhorst/Cleveland Plain Dealer]

To end it off today, a nice little synopsis on the minor trade the Tribe made yesterday to get rid of the Zach Attack: “The Indians made another minor move Saturday afternoon. They announced the trade of Zach Jackson, the left handed pitcher that was a add on to the CC Sabathia trade to Milwaukee. Jackson was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays where he might compete for a rotation or bullpen spot.” [The Lake Erie Soldiers]

(The photo above is via Kevin Terrell/Getty Images)

  • humboldt

    Does anyone else feel like Frowns’ act is wearing thin? I don’t know the guy and have no axe to grind but people who intentionally play the role of provocateur over and over again just rub me the wrong way. That’s why I appreciate the tone and substance of what you guys are doing here.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    @ humboldt – while I don’t always agree with Peter’s opinions, I think the post linked to is one of his best, because Cribbs’ agents fully deserve to be called out for the juvenile ways they’re going about things.

  • humboldt

    Hey Denny, I’m referring more to his total body of work, which is mostly serving as a gadfly and responding in inflammatory ways to people who challenge his views. In this new ecology of “social media” tone matters a lot; again, that’s why I love what you guys do here. There are a lot of people like Frowns who generate noise and are self-aggrandizing, and I’m just a little worn down by it and prefer rational discussion w/o excess rhetoric

  • historycat

    I have the feeling that we are going to call the next many years “The Curse of the Cy Young” We got rid of 2 of them and the baseball gods will determine we don’t deserve to win.

    We won’t see another World Series for 50 years.

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com Cleveland Frowns

    Hey humboldt, are you sure your problem isn’t more with the opinions that I hold more than the way I express them?

    Believe it or not, I don’t “intentionally play the role of provocateur” at all. Rather, I intentionally express opinions that I believe in. I don’t know how you could possibly claim otherwise other than by pure speculation, so I have to assume that your problem is with the opinions themselves. So why not just address those?

    It’s common for folks who don’t like an opinion to just attack the person who expresses it (like someone who’d prefer not to think about what it might mean to wear a hat with Chief Wahoo on it, for example). Without any specific examples of where I’ve written something I didn’t actually believe in, or where I responded to disagreement in an especially unnecessarily inflammatory way, I’ll just assume that that’s what’s going on here. I’ll also note that I’ve never levied such a personal attack on someone as you’ve done here, at least not while failing to support it at all with evidence (again, as you’ve done here).

    Also, thanks for the advice on the ‘new ecology.’ Despite your professed distaste for my tone, I’ve managed to find a decently-sized readership (growing week by week) that seems to not be entirely put off by it, and I have reason to believe these folks aren’t a bunch of Rush-bots.

    That said, I love what the guys do here too. Maybe you ought to stop hating and just focus on what you love?

  • humboldt


    I have disagreed w/ your opinions on Mangini and other Browns-related matters and will continue to do so, I’m sure. Your fealty to factual reporting is not in question, nor is the strength of your opinion. You run a successful blog and obviously have verbal skills [read in Napoleon Dynamite voice].

    Again, what rubs me and other people who have commented on here (I’m not going to dig up evidence, forgive me, have real research to do today) is your tone, which is abrasive at times. I’m not attacking you, I’m just saying your persona on your blog and on the comment board can come across as combative. This isn’t just some errant ad hominem attack on you, it is in response to this latest flare up w/ Cribbs’ agent, which was linked to at the top of this post.

    My point is, the WFNY folks understand how easy it is for these discussion spaces to tip into war by other means, and have tried to create an ethos that protects against that. Just consider your tone and don’t be on the attack when you levy your opinions. Life is hard enough; we don’t need excessive conflict in places like this that are spaces to yak about sports.

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com Cleveland Frowns

    “Frowns’ act is wearing thin.”

    “People who intentionally play the role of provocateur over and over again just rub me the wrong way.”

    “Frowns generates noise and is self-aggrandizing.”

    “His total body of work, which is mostly serving as a gadfly and responding in inflammatory ways to people who challenge his views.”

    And I’m the one who’s “on the attack”?

    Those charges cover a lot more than just “tone,” and with respect to them, I’ll stand by my analysis above, which you haven’t addressed in any meaningful way.

    It’s especially interesting for you to raise all of this regarding the Cribbs post linked here. (“This isn’t just some errant ad hominem attack on you, it is in response to this latest flare up w/ Cribbs’ agent . . . .”) Where do you suppose my “tone” is unnecessarily abrasive at all there? Can you point to even one line? Or are you too busy with your “real research” to bother to do that (yet somehow not too busy to pen the above unsupported personal attack on me).

    If I get “combative” at all here or anywhere else, it’s generally with respect to unsourced/non-fact-based claims, or baseless personal attacks, just as I suppose anyone would. I’m sure I’m not perfect with my tone, but I’m also sure that you’re really just hating on me here. And again, ironically, in a way that I’m sure I never have.

    Finally, whatever other differences between the WFNY folks and me, one relevant one that you’ve missed is that I write more opinion pieces at Frowns than they do here — the sort of thing that tends to generate more conflict. “Excessive conflict”? I don’t know, but it’s funny to be lectured to on that by someone who’s just commented as you have here.

  • BB

    Judge Jacob, can you adjourn these proceedings indefinitely since the councilors’ arguments are making my brain cry?