While We’re Waiting… OSU and Iowa, Mangini’s Jets, and Arenas to Orlando?

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Ohio State Iowa Overtime_med

One of the year’s best: “The Big Ten’s Rose Bowl semifinal was supposed to be something of a foregone conclusion: Iowa, having survived a series of harrowing escapes to get to 9-0, had finally broken after losing starting quarterback Ricky Stanzi in a home loss to Northwestern and was trotting out a first-time starter, James Vandenberg, against the Big Ten’s best defense in a hostile road environment. But the Hawkeyes refused to fold… [Matt Hinton/Dr. Saturday]

The arrival of Mike Holmgren comes at a steep cost. Not only does team owner Randy Lerner dole out a speculated $50 million to the man known as “The Big Show”, but more cash is being laid out to bring in GM Tom Heckert, while the player personnel department is also being rebooted with new hires.

Instead of the Browns expansion-era approach of seeding the organization with unproven executives, this new Browns project injects proven football men at every position of importance.  No expense is being spared.

That’s not unusual for the Lerner Browns. But this time, the money is buying experience. [Lane Adkins/The OBR – S/R]

How are Florida’s gun laws? “It’s widely assumed that Gilbert Arenas will never play another game for the Washington Wizards, even if no one seems quite sure yet how soon or by what means Arenas and the Wiz will ultimately part ways.  So it’s also natural to start wondering which teams out there might be interested in Arenas when the 28-year-old is finished meeting all the sentencing requirements stemming from his felony gun-possession charge and receives his eventual clearance to return to work from NBA commissioner David Stern. […] For all the above unknowns in circulation, here’s something definitive I’ve heard from three separate folks close to the situation: Arenas would love to land with the Orlando Magic when this ordeal is over.” [Marc Stein/TrueHoop]

Turn back the clock… “This time last year, the Jets were reeling after starting 8-3 then losing six of its final seven games. The team fired head coach Eric Mangini and the rest is history.  Well, Mangini’s finger prints were all over the Jets’ divisional playoff victory on Sunday from Darrelle Revis’ key interception to the team’s offensive line ushering the Jets’ running backs to gaining 169 yards on 39 carries.” [No Logo Needed]

And finally, LeBron James: The Most Consistent Scoring Option in the NBA [Stepien Rules]

(Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images North America)

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    FWIW, the Lane Adkins piece also mentions the impact of Holmgren et al on the alumni relations issue that had swirled for the most part of last season… Good stuff.

  • Jonathan

    Step 1: Continue letting Mangini build our team
    Step 2: Fire him after this season and make one of Buddy Ryan’s son’s our Head Coach (Rob Ryan)
    Step 3: Loose to the Colts in the championship game

  • Titus Pullo

    Here’s a good article from last week about how Mike Tannenbaum built the Jets and, once they brought in a competent coach, the team is where they are:


  • Chris

    Written by the same Rich Cimini that printed scathing piece after scathing piece about Mangini. That would be like linking to a Grossi column and trying to use that objectively.

  • MattyFos

    I don’t know how much credit Mangini deserves for the Jets. Yeah, he brought in a lot of their talent. But not Shonne Green or Mark Sanchez (not great, but not losing games. I don’t think Mangini gave the defense the swagger they now have. I think the swagger factor is because of Rex Ryan and Bart Scott. Darrelle Revis was not a “Shutdown corner” last year(I am mocking the 4 letter sports channel nonchalantly throwing it around). Revis is the product of a Rex Ryan pass rush and Ryan’s almost genius timing of blitzes. Getting the QB antsy. Revis’ bump and run is throwing off the WR’s route and timing with the QB. It’s basically coverage 101.. which Mangini seems to lack the way he uses our corners in soft zones and bringing a three man rush.
    You CAN give credit to Mangini for the drafting of D’brick Ferguson (pro bowler), Nick Mangold (pro bowler), Brad Smith (wildcat) and Leon Washington (NYJ’s utility man) and for the signing of pro bowler Alan Faneca.. You can also give Mangini the cradit he deserves for helping the Jets draft Mark Sanchez and getting him a WR in Braylon Edwards. I know most people on this website hate Braylon(even though they were praising him in 2007).. Whether Braylon caught 100 passes or racked up 1000 receiving yards or not is irrelevant in this argument. He IS the best receiver on the NYJ. Without the threat of a Braylon Edwards and a Rookie QB undercenter The Jets wouldn’t have had the number one rushing offense. He kept the opposing D’s honest. He prevented the opposing D’s from crowding the box.
    After all of this Mangini then helped unload a lot of aged has been off of the J-E-T-S along with some special teams EXTRAORDINAIRE’s… Job well done Mangini
    Coach of the Year- The unofficial Coach/Gm of the New York Jets Eric Mangenius

  • MattyFos

    So I crunched the numbers of Braylon and Sanchez then Massaquoi and BADQ (Brady-Anderson-Derek-Quinn).. Braylon played with Sanchez for only 11 games (Sanchez sat out a game, I subtracted Braylon’s number from that game). Then I crunched the numbers of MoMass (15 games… minus the Denver game, when he got shut out)and combined the numbers of Quinn (minus Denver game) and Anderson.
    All of these Braylon numbers are with Sanchez at QB. All of the MoMass numbers are combined DA and BQ (BADQ)

    Braylon averaged 3.18 catches/game, 49.18 yards/game, 0.36 TD’s/game

    MoMass averaged 2.66 catches/game, 41.6 yards/game, 0.2 TD’s/game

    Then I did percentages of Braylon to Sanchez’ stats as a whole and MoMass to BADQ’s stats as a whole.

    Braylon caught 24% of Sanchez’ completions, resulting in 29% of Sanchez’ yards, and 50% of Sanchez’ TD’s (In those 11 games)

    MoMass caught 17% of BADQ’s completions, resulting in 23% of BADQ’s yards, and 25% of BADQ’s TD’s (In those 15 games)

    Take those numbers as you want. I’m running on energy drinks and no sleep. And I miss Barylon.. MoMass is no substitute.

  • Vare-A-Jay

    Keep a very close eye on the Arenas situation. I’m sure Delonte is.

  • http://www.msblsim.com boogeyman

    @MattyFos – Wow, now that’s dedication! I can’t get past typing Braylon before I lose interest.

    @Vare-A-Jay I don’t know which situation was worse Delonte’s or Gilbert’s when you think about it. I think the best Cavaliers fans can hope for is Delonte West’s legal situation gets delayed or at least his punishment doesn’t take effect until after the season, as bad as that sounds. West’s mental problems and the fact he’s pretty much been on his best behavior since might spare him some too I don’t know.

  • MattyFos

    That last little blurp I wrote “I’m running on energy drinks and no sleep” explains my dedication. I obviously have nothing to do today so I figured I throw some stats out there.. Get all Mark ‘Stink’ Schlereth on you guys.. lol

    Delonte- I believe I heard Andre Knott on the radio either last night or the night before talking about Delonte having a court date later this month so sometime within he next 2 weeks we should have a better idea. I think with the Gilbert Arenas circus going on in DC Delonte is better off now than he was.. Arenas brought firearms across state lines.. that’s a felony. Arenas had a friend or a teammate (I don’t recall) take them to his vehicle.. they couldn’t find his vehicle.. so the friend/teammate dumped them in the parking lot. That is serious stuff. Delonte should be punished, but Delonte has serious mental health issues.. The only issues Arenas has is arrogance and maybe a gambling disease.

  • MattyFos

    I have an idea about how I’d go after Delonte.. it could be my fandum.. b.c he is my second favorite Cav… But I think I would give Delonte a suspended jail sentence (NBA can suspend him if they want). I’d give a suspended sentence on the basis he enrolls in therapy and he’s on parole (with work exemption if NBA allows him to play). The parole would be to make sure he doesn’t go off in hiding again like at the beginning of the season. And if he misses parole you throw jail time at him. When DWEST gets depressed is when he starts missing practices. That way you would know when he’s slipping into depression. He misses a parole meeting he’s in jail so he can’t hurt himself or someone else.. that’s how me as a Cav fans trying to be fair would treat Delonte if I were a judge

  • Mike

    braylon edwards is useless. a talentless, useless prima donna who had one good season ever. he sucks and my only regret about trading him is that he didn’t go to jail for pissing lebron’s friend off.

    I kinda doubt Agent Zero has much of a future on any ball team. He’ll get signed somewhere but I don’t see him being much of an impact player in the future.