While We’re Waiting…Kobe vs. LBJ, Braylon will win AFCCG, History of Modell’s Move

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Kobe Lebron

Fair to compare Kobe and LeBron?:  “Maybe the comparison persists not because the two are roughly equivalent to each other, the “two best in the league,” or, as much I hate to say it, the most likely heirs to Jordan. In his own way, Kobe is no less unique.  With all apologies to Duncan, Melo, maybe Kevin Durant, and last year’s Dwyane Wade, no two players can take over a game like James and Bryant. They aren’t the same player, but they’re the only players in that league who exist on this plane of dominance.” [Bethlehem Shoals/Fanhouse]

Could not see Wedgie doing this:  “The Indians have a reality TV star on their hands.  New third base and infield coach Steve Smith and his daughter, Allie, form a team on the upcoming 16th season of the CBS reality-competition series “The Amazing Race.” The season premiere airs Feb. 14 at 8 p.m. ET.” [Anthony Castrovince]

Majority of scouts are in love with Turner: “Wall and Turner are Nos. 1 and 1a. Turner is going to be an All-Star. I have great faith in that. His size, his approach, his style of game — all are suited to the pros.  You can see he’s a guy who enjoys playing…His ability to improve his shooting will control his greatness. He’s like Oscar Robertson. He can have that type of impact. Oscar wasn’t a guy people worried about when he went behind the pick and launched the bomb — you almost preferred him to do that — and that’s how it is with Turner.” [Ian Thomsen/SI.com]

How the underdog Jets can win: “Braylon loses an arm in a rematch brawl with Lebron’s 130 pound “kid” friend at the 40/40 club in NYC, thus making every pass thrown his way in Sunday’s game a difficult one… Meaning he’ll catch all of them. 14 one handed catches and 4 TD for Braylon. Jets Win.” [Dr. Crackback/Pigskin Doctors]

A primer for the newest generation of fans on why Art moved the Browns  : “If your asking why the NFL didn’t step in, it’s because the only people who benefited from this move more than Art Modell was the NFL.  The NFL, and it’s owners had the city of Cleveland in their back pocket.  Any city that wanted a new stadium, just had to drop the hint of relocating to Cleveland.  Cleveland was used in the shakedown of numerous cities.  You see a new stadium that was built in the past 10-15 years, you can thank Cleveland for that.  The NFL had all of these great new stadiums at a cost of zero to them or their owners.  While the owners may have said that they were against the Browns moving, behind it all, owners like Robert Kraft were taking notes on how to get shiny new stadiums for free.  The rich were getting richer and the gaping hole in Cleveland was a major influence.” [Dawgs by Nature]


Photo: Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

  • Mark

    The Dawgs By Nature link is great but, if you lived through the move, dont read it. Too painful. It just reopens old wounds. I have to wonder if my hatred of Art Modell would be any less if we actually had a successful team? Would I be over it a little more? I doubt it. I really hate Modell. My wife, a non-Clevelander, is shocked at my hatred for Modell. I am a pretty easy going guy except for him. I would punch him in the face if I saw him today.

  • http://www.msblsim.com boogeyman

    Modell is a troll but lets face it the city government in Cleveland during those times wasn’t much better in fact it was probably just as morally bankrupt which didn’t help. I am in no way excusing Fart for what he did but he wasn’t alone in what was done to this city and Browns fans. The really ironic thing is after all the fighting and campaigns to get “a team” back we are rewarded with the crap we have now. Even more ironic is the fact that alot of people were afraid Art’s red headed step child or in this case his adopted son David would one day become the owner. So what happens Cleveland gets a new/old team and has it’s owner die only to have his son named Randy who is afraid of TV cameras or the press in general take over and your basically back where you started after all those years. I personally think the history and colors should have been retired and a new franchise reborn in Cleveland perhaps that might have exorcised some of those demons that continue to haunt this team and city!

  • Desert Wahoo

    To this day I still have the USAToday advertisment that showed Big Dawg and had all of the owers fax numbers. I have it framed and hangin in my house as a reminder how bad it was back then. Since geting the team back and all the losing we have had to deal with AND the fact the Baltimore Ratbirds won a SB just frustrates me so much. I really want to see our sports teams do well and win a world series or the NBA Finals…. But nothing, nothing will compete with the joy I will have the day the Browns win a Super Bowl.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Desert – I’m with you there. I have no doubt I will cry like a little girl the day the Browns win the Super Bowl. I just laugh whenever I hear someone try to say that Cleveland is becoming a basketball town. No disrespect to the Cavaliers, who I am a huge fan of as well, but Cleveland is Brownstown. For those of you young pups who doubt me, wait and see…when the Browns get consistently good like the Cavs have been recently, the hype will be 10 times what it is with the Cavs.