Browns News: Dawn Aponte Officially “Traded”

While the false alarm was raging via Tony Grossi a few weeks back, the Browns have now officially traded front office capologist Dawn Aponte to the Miami Dolphins.  In exchange, the Browns received Matt Thomas.  Earlier this week, he was introduced as the VP of Football Administration – the role previously held by Aponte.

Per the team:

Thomas joins the club after spending the past 12 seasons with the Dolphins (1998-09), including 2009 as Vice President – General Counsel and Football Administration. During his tenure with the team he held numerous football administrative functions, which included assisting with the management of the salary cap, player contract negotiations, football budgeting and acting as a liaison with the NFL Management Council on salary cap compliance and other labor and legal matters. Thomas is a graduate of the University of Denver, University of South Dakota School of Law and the New York University School of Law.

In return, Aponte accepted the position of Senior Vice President of Football Operations with the Miami Dolphins.  Most fans will remember her for her role in the Joshua Cribbs contract debate.  However, there is no doubt that she is held in high regard throughout the league having spent a good chunk of her career in higher level roles, taking yet another with Bill Parcells and the Dolphins

With that said, Mike Holmgren’s presidential cabinet continues to take shape.

  • Denny

    Big gulps, eh?

  • Troy Smith Trade from Ravens to the Browns

    Front office people getting traded? Yea bring Troy Smith to the Browns.

  • MrCleaveland

    I hear that Josh offered to drive her to the airport.

  • rorschach

    Apparently this was the only offer on the table. The offer would be the same tomorrow, next week, or even 6 months from now.

  • Harv 21

    Yep, fans should remember her for her role in the Josh Cribbs contract debate because she’s Li’l Miss “Take It or Leave It, You Ungrateful Boor.” We know that’s what she did ’cause that’s what Bob Sugar, er, I mean J.R. Rickert told us and he’s, you know, still unpaid after stealing Cribbs as a client TWO FREAKIN YEARS AGO! Or wait, maybe she was too professional or under team orders not to publicly fire back, and that’s why a decent organization like Miami still wants her in the same capacity.

    Live long and prosper, Dawn.

  • Tron

    Is it possible she punched a member of LeBron’s posse as well?

  • Chris

    They traded her to free up cap space for the summer of 2010.

  • Mark

    Tron – Nice.

  • boogeyman

    @3 Mr. Cleveland would they be driving in a Toyota? 😉

    Btw Leave Troy Smith in Baltimore where he belongs!

  • Illmatic8

    Good Riddance

  • JK

    I missed this on the ESPN Bottomline.. I had no idea people in the FO could be traded.

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