NBA Trade Rumors: Insomniac special: Amar’e deal imminent?

LeBron-James-23-of-the-Eastern-Conference-drives-against-Amare-Stoudemire-1-of-the-Western-Conference-during-the-2008-NBA-All-Star-Game-February-17,-2008After a subpar dunk contest (but some sweet wipeouts in the skiing and short track skating in the Olympics), attention has turned back to the NBA trade rumors. Though no breaking news occured after the Washington/Dallas trade took place, we have been offered up the following details from Brian Windhorst in an article posted last eve:

1) The Cavs are contacting numerous teams, likely try work a quasi-Danny Ferry-esque three team trade. Teams contacted thus far include Washington, Indiana, Phoenix, Philadephia, Utah, and Chicago.

2) The trade talks with the Suns have gone beyond the early stages and have evolved into discussions of many of the small financial details that accompany personnel swaps. Per Windhorst:

“It has even gotten to the point that the sides have discussed small details like payment schedules and salary reimbursement options. At this time of year, because many contracts are pro-rated differently, there are such things to work out in a trade.”

3) LeBron has signed off on the idea of either Stoudemire or Jamison coming to the team.

Add to this the fact that ESPN’s Chris Broussard has hinted that the Cavs are very close to trading Z and JJ Hickson for Stoudemire (first place I’ve seen details listed), and we’ve got an interesting development on our hands indeed:

While Cleveland remains in talks with several other teams, the club, from management down to the players, has settled on Stoudemire as its first choice.

The ball is in Phoenix’s court. The Suns are mulling whether the financial relief provided by Ilgauskas’s $12 million contract and the young and talented Hickson are enough for them to part with Stoudemire.

This is the most recent info that’s out there. We’ll be sure to update as things develop. So much for sleep :/

  • CavsFanInLA

    I just read on ESPN that other teams have upped their offers to the Suns for Amare, and that the Suns first trade choice is with the Sixers for Andre Iguodala, but that Sixers are hesitant to give up their best player.

    This trade may come down to the wire, so I hope that Ferry has other close deals ready in case he needs to pull the trigger on a second or third option.

  • Team Brady

    “While Stoudemire has good relationships with LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal, some close to Stoudemire believe Miami — where he lives during the summer — is his first choice.” – espn

    Team Brady +2

    game over.

  • S-Dub

    Yes Brady because we all know that everything that spews from the 4-letter network is 100% truth and fact. BOOK IT!


  • Team Brady

    be careful not to discount everything the 4-letter demon reports.

    after all, HE LIVES THERE IN THE SUMMER(no sarcasm). That’s not debatable. Sometimes, facts are facts.

  • Scoreboard

    @Team Brady:

    “Does anyone really believe that Amare will stay for less money than he can be offered by other teams after this year.”

    [in reference to Miami] “after all, HE LIVES THERE IN THE SUMMER”

    So wait, I don’t get it. You’re saying Amare will go after max contract (which only the Cavs can offer), and then go on to say that he will be swayed towards Miami and its mojitos. Which argument are you sticking with? You can only pick one.

  • CavsFanInLA

    I think that there is a chance for Amare bolting to Miami if he has the chance. but, if I understand correctly, the Cavs can match the MAX offer that Miami may offer.

    Do I understand correctly?

    Also, if he does come to Cleveland, then we will see how Lebron, other players, Cleveland Fans grow on Amare (the money doesn’t hurt either :) )

    But, if the Cavs feel that Amare may bolt, is not working, we can pursue other options with Amare that can help us (since Ferry is such a skilled negotiator).

    Again, I think that the upsides outweigh the down.

    The only thing that I may regret is losing JJ, but I am leaning towards that this is a chance worth taking.

  • Jaythetruth

    You mean to tell me that if the WHOLE thing goes south, your biggest regret would be losing JJ Hickson? Look, i don’t hate JJ hickson. I think he has alot of potential and if i was a betting man i would bet that in the next 5 or 6 years, JJ will be an All-star. (especially in the Suns run n’ gun offense)

    But a trade for Amare is the biggest NO BRAINER EVER. Look, i know alot of people are saying “best record in the league, 13 game winning streak, team chemistry” and i totally understand. I really do but i hate to bring the barrel of bad news but this 13 game winning streak is fool’s gold. Just like last year’s 13 game winning streak was fool’s gold.

    Its almost scary how this year is damn near identical to last year. 43-11, Lebron MVP, 13 game winning streak, team chemistry through the roof, and the trade deadline debate all over again. This is so creepy how the two seasons are the same and with that………….. i say its GOD sending us a sign. Same situation last year and we messed up. This time we won’t. We can’t.

    I don’t know if the cavs win a title with a trade but im willing to take my chances with a trade than without a trade because thats the ONLY way to know if we tried everything in our hearts to keep Lebron and win a title.

  • CavsFanInLA

    Jay… I’m saying that if we DO get Amare, AND it ends up not being a good decision in the end or a good fit for the Cavs, then the main loss (and regret) is losing JJ, who, for a second year player, has very high potential since he is being tutored by Lebron and Shaq.

    My point is that the upside to receiving Amare out-wieghs the down.

    But, it looks like Phoenix is entertaining and accepting other offers so they can get the most for Amare, and so Kerr and the Suns Management can say they gave it their best effort and save face with whatever trade they finalize.

  • Jaythetruth

    @CavsFan, AGAIN, the last thing i’ll be worried about if the trade doesn’t work is JJ Hickson. I’ll be thinking how can we move Amare, will shaq return, will mike brown return, will danny ferry return, and the biggest of it all, i’ll be thinking will LeBRON JAMES return.

    Will this city ever win a championship again?
    How disappointed the fans will be.
    How can we fix it and get ready for the 2010-2011 season?

    JJ hickson will be nowhere near my mind.

  • Team Brady

    at 55 – there is no state tax in FL, so the difference in pay would be negligible. so, both arguments work, because he’d be getting basically the same amount (if not more in FL b/c of OHs state tax) and he’d get to play where HE ALREADY LIVES.

    all my valid and perfectly correct points aside, i only raised it as a concern. i’m no miss cleo, so i’m just throwing that out there to play devil’s advocate…

  • Team Brady

    he would also have federal tax savings because of his lower gross income… just sayin’

  • Denny

    @ Team Brady – That’s what accountants are for.

  • Team Brady

    right, and his accountant in Miami is probably a Heat fan!