NBA Trade Rumors – Cavs, Suns, Wizards, Mavs

So, this won’t be a really substantial post, but thanks to one of the best beat writers in the NBA, we have some updated trade info.  First, before getting to the Cavs, let us first talk about the Wizards.  Word has it that the Wizards are very very close to unloading Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood to Dallas for Josh Howard, Drew Gooden and some other salary matching pieces.  As a result, it appears that Antawn Jamison will not be going anywhere.  At least that is the prevailing thought right now.  Remember that the prevailing thought this morning had us all terrified that Boston was going to land Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler in a deal that would have made Pau Gasol blush.

So, according to Brian Windhorst, the Cavs are going heavily after Amar’e Stoudemire.  It appears that in order to pull off the deal, the Cavs might also have to come up with enough salary to also take Jason Richardson in the deal.  Combined, that means the Cavs need to find just under $30 million in salaries.  According to Windy, the Cavs might need to use both Wally Szczerbiak and Lorenzen Wright.  I also assume the Cavs would have to give up Zydrunas and JJ Hickson should the deal go down as described on this late Friday night.

We will continue to cover all the news and rumors throughout the weekend, but keep in mind that no deals can be announced over the all-star break.

  • boogeyman

    @38 Jake I’m glad you finally saw the light – kidding – but who knows how any deal would work out we can all speculate I’m just coming from the standpoint that I feel like the Cavaliers need to do something in order to win it all. I’ve long been a proponent of upgrading the frontcourt, since over a year ago, so I can’t help but get excited when I hear names like Jamison and Stoudemire mentioned. This isn’t a slight towards JJ Hickson or his supporters I just don’t see this kid being anything special at least not fast enough to help win a championship in Cleveland.

    I guess I just look at the hometown team different which could be why I seem a little more harsh in comparison to those who want to call every Cavalier player the best in the league. That’s simply not true. I’d also like to see some kind of big trade done because frankly LeBron James deserves it and if this is his last year in Cleveland lets go out with a bang and not a whimper. I’ll always be an LBJ fan regardless of whether he wears wine and gold but to see him win a title for himself and this town would be unreal. Of course I’d like him to stay too but one thing at a time.

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  • Jaythetruth

    Im so glad the Cavs gave up on getting David West. That would have been a terrible trade. JJ is better than David West. IMO

    Danny Ferry was just on the radio and (damn near) admitted that the Amare deal is done. He said there almost done with A deal when the people on the radio were discussing bringing in Amare.

    I rather have jamison.