NBA Trade Rumors: No Amar’e Deal Today, lateral moves possible?

chessAs much as we’re all going brain-crazy as the All-Star Weekend continues, it seems as though the Cavaliers have set their sights on Amar’e Stoudemire. In a radio interview with WKNR (Update: Link – thanks Anthony), Plain Dealer beat writer Brian Windhorst discussed the trade moves that the Cavs are going through.

In discussing the two potential power forwards, Windhorst said that Antawn Jamison would be an immediate fit in the Cavs’ system. Adding Amar’e Stoudemire would require a period of adaptation, much like Shaquille O’Neal required early in this season.

He followed up his radio interview with a tweet, stating that the deal will not likely be finalized today.

Sources say no Stoudemire trade today, he’s playing in All-Star Gm for PHX after all. But Cavs hoping for yes or no by early in week.

In the past 12 hours we’ve gone from skeptical about Stoudemire, to some people talking as though it’s seemingly a foregone conclusion. The early results of our polls (there’s three of them, after all) indicate that most voters (approx 50%) think that the Stoudemire move would be best for the team this season and for the future.

Another note worth mention, brought up by Ben Cox on the tweets:

I’m reading this right, the trade would simply be Z+JJ for Amare? No Richardson? The Cavs would still be able to use Wally? so… Iggy? Rip?

From what we have heard from our sources, a move for Hamilton is unlikely. We haven’t heard anything about Iguodala, but it is assuredly a possibility that the Cavs could be making a lateral move to bolster the backcourt as well.

  • mark
  • mark

    its near the bottom

  • mark

    links not working.
    type in interest rate stoudemire reacts to trade talk in google and its csn philly

    it sounds like amare wants to go to philly

  • Denny

    Here is the link guys: From January 25th. Which is forever ago in terms of NBA trades.


  • Team Brady

    IF he re-signed, we would be perennial contenders…

    …and if my uncle had a vagina, he’d be my aunt.

    so, anything I read on ESPN, SI, and yahoo should be ignored. can anyone direct me to a site that is WFNY approved? besides WFNY? thanks.

  • Denny

    Not at all. I said Woj is crap. Not Yahoo. Marc Spears is pretty good. Chris Broussard at ESPN is good, as are Ric Bucher and David Aldridge on TNT. Windhorst is quite good. Michael Lee of the Wizards is a good beat writer. There are MY opinions. But ask just about any Cleveland blogger what they think of Woj, and you’ll hear some choice words. So much for your ‘WFNY seal of approval’ snark.

    It’s not a foregone conclusion that he would leave. Or that he would stay.

    Lastly, I don’t need to hear about your hermaphrodite uncle.

  • Team Brady

    i got crap for quoting ESPN earlier from someone else…

    either way, i said in an earlier post that i’m just raising the concern. i’m not pulling a namath and guaranteeing anything. i just think the chance of him leaving needs to be a serious consideration. if that means PHX doing a sign and trade with him or Ferry doing so next year, that’s fine. I just hate to see JJ go for 4 months worth af Amar’e…

  • Team Brady

    and my hermaphrodite Uncle Pat agrees with me…


    I think adding Amare is a better deal than any other. If it works the below way, i would say it will seal this year and comming years.

    1. Amar’e for Z and JJ
    2. Wally & XX for Iggy / Antwan

    If we think Amare might take lot of time to fit in Cavs team, then add CP3 by loosing some gaurd and he will set up the team.

    Go CAVS !!

  • Jake In Ohio City (Natty The Dog)

    Boogey good point on Boobie. I don’t understand why they need to give up Boobie for Tyrus Thomas, maybe as a backup to take JJ’s place just incase?

    This whole injury situation has proved how quick your team can be down players, and how valuable a dependable bench player can be.

    I also think that Boobie can bring what Rip does in terms of shot, and is cheaper. But in terms of salary compared to talent, Boobie is a bit overpaid.

  • Jake In Ohio City (Natty The Dog)

    I was thinking about it all day today and Amare makes me shake a bit thinking about him getting along with our system of play.

    If we could Amare for Z, JJ, pick……or get Jamison straight up for Z what would you rather have?

    One side of me is happy to get Jamison, given his age, so long as we keep JJ.

    But, the other hand says you have to grab talent like Amare when you have the chance.

    Ferry has to be losing hair over this….oh wait.

  • Stinkfist

    “If Cleveland and Phoenix are unable to work out a deal, the Cavaliers reportedly have agreed to acquire Indiana forward Troy Murphy for Ilgauskas and Hickson.”
    Found this through HoopsHype linked to LA Times [,0,2607531.story]. Arrrrgggghhh!!! Rabble Rabble Rabble!! I trust that Ferry won’t do that. Not a concern, just felt like sharing

  • Jack

    Stinkfist, I saw that too.

    Me no likey….me no likey almost as much as snarky Team Brady bag.

    Thing about Amare is, he seems to be all about money. Sure, he might want to play in a warm climate. He lives in Miami in the offseason. K. Fine. BUT, we will pay him more. It’s the same situation as LBJ. We will own his rights via the trade. We will pay him more. He is shallow, it would seem. He likes money. Money talks. Money and knowing he can win every year (which he never had confidence he could do, even in PHO; I mean really).

    You really don’t think Amare stays if we offer him the biggest contract?

  • boogeyman

    Stinklist I hope that deal for Murphy doesn’t happen because for me he’s not worth JJ/Z. Stoudemire or Jamison yes but not Murphy.

  • Jaythetruth

    the cavs need to up the deal.

    JJ, Z, 1st Round for Amare. Lets go

  • MattyFos(Rip it up)

    Only Amar’e and Iggy are worth JJ in the trade.
    Murph Durph and Jamison are not worth JJ. They are only worth cap relief. Stand strong Ferry

  • Greg

    Has anyone noticed that Z and JJ for Amar’e doesn’t work on the Trade Machine? It’s close, and I’m sure they already know how to make it work, but I’m just curious.

  • Denny

    @ Greg – Z has a trade kicker. Windhorst tweeted about it yesterday.

    Trade Machine is the best and worst thing to happen to casual sports fans, ever.

  • Snarky Team Brady Bag

    who, jack?