July 23, 2014

Cavalier Notes: D-Block and Danny Green Sent to Erie

jerseycavs-copyIt was little more than a blip on the news wire. The Cavs have assigned Darnell Jackson and Danny Green to the Erie BayHawks of the Developmental League. I’m pretty sure you won’t see anything about this on Sportscenter today. One day after Mike Brown shortened his bench figuratively, he went ahead and shortened it literally. Does this move mean anything more than a little extra space next to Daniel Gibson and Jawad Williams ?

We know this for certain- if Zydrunas Ilgauskas chooses to come back to Cleveland, the Cavs will have to release a player from the 15 man roster. While most of Cleveland would rather see Sebastian Telfair go (Remember him? He’s the other player in the Jamison trade.) his contract will not allow that to happen. (He has a guaranteed deal for next year.) He is still injured, but counts against the roster total. [Read more...]

Report: Zydrunas Ilgauskas Agrees to Buyout with Wizards

cavs hallway IlgauskasAs fans have eagerly awaited the buyout news surrounding former center Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Michael Lee of The Washington Post reports that Ilgauskas has come to terms with the Washington Wizards and an announcement is slated to be made today.

Lee, who has been all over this transaction since he broke the news of the original trade that allowed the Cavaliers to acquire forward Antawn Jamison, claims that the move cost Ilgauskas between $1-$1.5 million in buyout money.  [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… LeBron’s Assists, Haden’s Skills and Jamison’s Relief

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LeBron James Pass Spurs

He’s a forward on paper: “LeBron is on pace to not just break [the assists by a forward] mark, but shatter it – almost a full assist per game ahead of Larry Legend’s best single-season mark. Also, note that only one of the top nine forward assists-per-game seasons was accomplished in fewer minutes per game than James’ 39.0 so far this season (Bird, ’90-91, 38.0).” [The Painted Area]

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Russell Branyan’s Addition Will Impact Younger Players

Russell Branyan MarinersWith Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez being traded away last season, the overriding thought was that the next year or two would be used to develop the current younger talent that comprises the current Cleveland Indians roster.  As of today, it appears that the developing will happen – just not where fans may have originally assumed.

Today, the Indians officially announced the signing of veteran slugger Russell Branyan.  The $2 million deal is for one year with a mutual player/club option for 2011.  In his second stint with the Indians, Branyan is considered to be “the guy that can make the most impact right now” by manager Manny Acta.

“He’s going to get the majority of the playing time,” said Acta.  “We didn’t sign him to be a back-up guy.  He’s going to play every day somewhere.”

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Baseball America: Indians Have Five of The Top 65 Prospects

Carlos SantanaWith so little excitement surrounding the 2010 Indians season, Baseball America says you should get juiced about the future. In their annual Top 100 Prospects list, your Wahoo Warriors have five of the top 65 players. This is tied for second with the Cubs, trailing only the Tampa Bay Rays who have seven. There is no surprise who is listed.

#10 Carlos Santana – Odds are you will probably see the top prospect in the Tribe farm system at some point this season. The catching position is being kept warm for him by career backup Mike Redmond and two guys who will probably be career backups in Wyatt Toregas and Lou Marson. Everything you hear about him we hope to be true; could be the second coming of Victor Martinez. [Read more...]

NBA Buyout News: Done Deal, For Hughes That Is

Larry HughesI’m probably going to get lynched for that headline. This is actually not about the Wizards and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. The latest we have seen is this Washington Post piece saying that a buyout is coming soon- Wednesday at the earliest. I’m a little confused by that addition to the article on Howard’s season ending injury because it is dated Wednesday. Whatever. Check out Andrew’s buyout piece from earlier today for Z news, also an excellent piece from David Aldridge about what it is going to cost Zydrunas to take a buyout. I ask you, would you take a million dollar loss for your company?

No, the buyout news I’m talking about is coming from Sacramento. It appears that the Kings have waived Larry Hughes after reaching a buyout deal on his contract. The oft-injured guard is dealing with a fractured finger and never took the court for the Kings after being part of the three team deal that sent T-Mac to New York and Kevin Martin to Houston. Hughes reportedly wants to sign on with another team to finish the season, and…wait for it…. apparently the Charlotte Bobcats have an interest in the ex-Cavalier! [Read more...]

NFL Draft Rumors: Browns Interest in Sam Bradford is Growing

Sam Bradford HeismanAs the 2010 NFL season is set to kick off in nine days, the Browns quarterback situation continues to be at the forefront of all questions.  While Derek Anderson is due a roster bonus and Brady Quinn has done little to impress Mike Holmgren and Eric Mangini to this point, there is reportedly a growing interest in soon-to-be rookie quarterback Sam Bradford.

Approximately one month ago, WFNY linked Oklahahoma’s Bradford to Holmgren and general manager Tom Heckert as his name had allegedly been atop the team’s big board at the quarterback position.  A report that later followed via The OBR would confirm these thoughts, and now the latest – also via The Orange and Brown Report’s John Taylor - places Bradford in possibly even higher regard as the Browns inch closer to draft day. [Read more...]

Zydrunas Ilgauskas Hopes To Decide Destination By This Weekend

Zydrunas Ilgauskas PartyFans who were worried about Zydrunas Ilgauskas not being bought out can breathe a little easier today. While the buyout agreement with the Washington Wizards has not been finalized yet, all indications are that the talks are progressing and everyone seems to expect an agreement happening within the next day or so.

This doesn’t mean Ilgauskas hasn’t already been thinking about his future. According to a report David Aldridge filed last night on NBA.com, Ilgauskas’ agent Herb Rudoy has every intention of speaking with as many teams as possible who are interested in acquiring Z. Aldridge writes:   [Read more...]

NFL Draft Rumors: Teams Look to Trade Down

2010 NFL draft logoI have been adamant about trading down in the draft since before last year’s NFL draft.  Tim Couch, Courtney Brown, and Gerard Warren will have that effect on you.  The Browns successfully traded down last year and selected Alex Mack.  You can argue that the Browns didn’t get enough for dropping all those spots, but they did end up with a solid center with potential.  The Browns also saved a boatload of money from Mark Sanchez down to Alex Mack.  And while the returns on Mark Sanchez appear to still be somewhat promising for Jets fans, you still have to admit that it should be easier to project a center as an NFL player than it is a quarterback.  Certainly Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith and Tim Couch would agree.

So now that we are looking toward the 2010 NFL draft, I was all prepared to spout off about how the Browns should consider trading down again.  I am definitely excited by the prospects of getting a difference-making defensive player in the draft, but at what cost?  The Browns are picking 7th in what could be the last draft class that doesn’t have to participate in a rookie wage scale.  Lucky us!  I guess my natural inclination to trade down was at least in line with the top brass around the league.   [Read more...]

Cavs 105, Hornets 95: Front Court Carries Cavaliers Past New Orleans

Antawn Jamison Anderson VarejaoThe most important thing about this game is that the Cavaliers ended their three-game losing streak. They beat a New Orleans team that is over .500 and battling for a playoff spot in the tough Western Conference. Yes, they were without Chris Paul, but guard play was really not a problem in this one for the Hornets.

Let’s start though by giving some credit. I’m going to say that LeBron James did exactly what we needed him to do. He didn’t dominate the ball. In fact, he hardly touched the ball in the first quarter. LeBron’s first shot of the game came with just four minutes left in the first, and that was a break away dunk. Total shots for LeBron in the first frame: 2. Both were made and the Cavs led by 12 points after that frame. He allowed the offense, and especially Jamison to get some much needed floor time together to gel after yesterday’s practice – Jamison’s first.

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While We’re Waiting… DA’s Trade Value, Comparing Cavs Teams, and Snuggie Records

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Derek Anderson Pro Bowl

The well hath run dry:  “According to an organizational source, there’s been “very, very little real talk” regarding [Derek] Anderson with other NFL clubs.  The source also added that he would be “surprised, stunned” if the market for Anderson “heats up in the next three weeks”.  The timeline used by the source is interesting as Anderson is due a sizable roster bonus on March 19, a little over three weeks from today.” [John Taylor/The OBR]

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Cavaliers Preview Game #58: Hornets at Cavs

Cavaliers vs HornetsNew Orleans Hornets (30-26) vs
Cleveland Cavaliers (43-14)
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, OH
Tuesday, February 23, 2010
7:00 PM EST

This game could be somewhat of a formal introduction to Cavs fans on several fronts. First of all, it will be Antawn Jamison’s first game in Cleveland, as well as his first start for the Cavaliers period. Secondly, it could be our first look at Leon Powe in a Cavs uniform. Powe has been given the all-clear medically to play, and it’s now up to Mike Brown to work him into the rotation.

For all the insufferable panic coming from desperate Cavs fans the last few days (I mean, seriously, check out the Cleveland.com comments section or Twitter sometime…it’s not pretty), the fact remains that Cleveland has the best record in the NBA and a strong hold on the best record in the Eastern Conference. Sure, the last 2 games have been rough, but not unexpected. First of all, the Cavaliers had a chance to beat the Nuggets without Z or Jamison, so there’s no shame in that last whatsoever. Then, they lost to the Bobcats on a night in which Antawn Jamison had about as bad of a night as he’s had in 5 years. The Cavaliers lost to a team they simply don’t match up with well at all. Unfortunate, but not unexpected. Finally, they lost to the Magic when Vince Carter of all people went off in the 4th quarter. Again, the Cavs played poorly, but losing a tough game on the road in Orlando when you’re still not at full strength or comfortable with your new lineup is just not something to get too worked up about. Tonight’s game at home against the Hornets offers the Cavaliers an excellent chance to get things back on the right track.  [Read more...]

The 5-Hole: Blue Jackets News and Notes – 2/23/10 – Olympic Break Edition

Every Tuesday, WFNY’s The 5-Hole brings you up to date with the goings-on of the CBJ…


The Week That Was

This Week: no games
Overall: 25-28-10, 60 points (5th division; 14th conference)

It’s Olympic Break time! Six Jackets are in Vancouver while the rest enjoy the two-week break. In this shortened 5-Hole, we’ll update how the Jackets players in the tournament are doing and any updates about the roster.

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Cavaliers: Who Should Start Not as Important as Who Finishes

Jamison Cavs JerseyMike Brown is juggling his line-up. He has said he will start Antawn Jamison at the 4 spot. It is not out of the ordinary for Brown to say something like Jamison will start and then change his mind. (For what it’s worth Brian Windhorst tweeted that Jamison will start tonight, whether that was because Hickson had to miss shoot around with an illness or because Brown had previously decided to start Jamison is moot.) Perhaps the game which will give an indication as to Brown’s intentions will be the Celtics on Thursday.

No matter who gets the start, the real question is who gets the minutes? Hickson has been starting for some time, but that doesn’t mean he plays starter’s minutes. For now, the Cavaliers are forced to use a 2 man rotation at Center. There are line-up possibilities in which a guy like Hickson or Powe or even LeBron could steal a few minutes at the 5, but those are match-up games that we really wouldn’t count on. There are 48 minutes available for Shaq and Andy at the center. Shaq is averaging 23.5 minutes per game for the season, but that number has gone up since the calendar turned. Without Zydrunas, figure Shaq to get 30 minutes unless severe foul trouble sits him sooner. Andy averages 29 minutes a game as well. If Shaq and Andy play their current averages, that means all 48 center minutes are taken as well as say 10 power forward minutes. (Both men on the floor at the same time.) [Read more...]

NFL Draft: Is The Combine Really *That* Important?

combineI’m not going to lie: one of the things I was happiest about when I moved last August, switched cable providers, and got the NFL Network was the fact that I could go home from work during a week in February and sit and watch the NFL Combine (which starts tomorrow, incidentally). There’s nothing quite like seeing freakish athletes run blazing 40-times, throw up the bench press 35 times, or jump 48 inches into the air and hit some sticks to the side.

But, at the end of the day, how much does it really matter? As Browns fans, I feel it’s fairly well documented how most of us feel about the upcoming 7th pick in the draft: Haden? Berry? Bryant? Bradford? The question is: if you had, say, Berry and Haden with similar grades going into the Combine, would you adjust those grades if one ran a little faster than the other in shorts in Indianapolis in February?

Peter King has a source that says you shouldn’t. [Read more...]

Spring Training Update: Sowers Shoulder Hampers His Shot

SowersThe best things are said about Spring Training baseball. Everyone is 0-0. Hope springs eternal. It’s always sunny in Arizona. Everyone has smiles on their faces and cannot wait to get back into the swing of things. Even in this rebuilding year, there is a new voice and a new captain of the S.S. Wahoo for the first time in eight years;  Manny Acta. That should excite all of you Grind-haters.

The biggest issue by far that the new manager has to sift through with pitchers and catchers now beginning their work in Goodyear is in the starting rotation. Sure, Jake Westbrook is penciled in as your opening day starter, with the up and down Fausto Carmona and Justin Masterson slotted behind him. Whatever happens with the last two spots is completely up in the air and anyone’s guess at this point.

Aaron Laffey, David Huff, Jeremy Sowers, Carlos Carrasco, Mitch Talbot, and Hector Rondon are all in the mix for the four and five slots. This seems to be a wide open competition. [Read more...]

NFL Free Agency: Browns Should Avoid LaDainian Tomlinson

LDT vs BrownsBefore anyone gets to excited about the prospects of signing future hall of famer LaDainian Tomlinson, I thought I would serve as resident wet blanket.  It isn’t something I like to do, but it is important, I think.  I would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to get a hall of fame running back on the Browns with some productivity left in the tank.  It is also possible that Tomlinson could have one more serviceable year somewhere down the road.  But, as a Browns fan, I wouldn’t bet on it with a contract.

A lot of you might be saying to yourselves, “Isn’t Tomlinson better than anyone else we have on our roster right now?”  Based on the way Jerome Harrison finished last season, I would say maybe, maybe not.  Either way, this was also the reasoning that was used over the last few years with regard to Jamal Lewis and his ever-declining ability to run over the line of scrimmage.  As they say, you need to learn from history so you don’t repeat your mistakes.  In this case, I want us to learn from history so we don’t repeat Phil Savage’s mistakes.  Bringing Jamal Lewis to Cleveland wasn’t a mistake.  Signing Lewis to a three year deal was, however.  Lewis had just run for 1300 yards in a 10-6 season, but a three year deal was still a bad bet on Savage’s part. [Read more...]

While We’re Waiting… LeBron’s Treys, Paxson’s Anniversary, and Choo’s Obligation

While We’re Waiting serves as the early morning gathering of WFNY-esque information for your viewing pleasure. Have something you think we should see? Send it to our tips email at tips@waitingfornextyear.com.

57519907A little ditty about LeBron’s three-ball: “Making 35 percent of your 5.2 3-pointers a game means you’re creating just a little over one point per possession. This year, 312 points for every 298 possessions. That’s not what you want. The Detroit Pistons, the NBA’s 25th-worst offense, score at about the same rate: 103.7 points per 100 possessions. Even as an aside, five possessions per game among the dozens that LeBron [James] uses up, this still hurts the overall picture.

Because you only get so many looks per game. The Cavs average 91 possessions per contest, and while five out of 91 might not seem like much (especially considering that that LeBron does right for a huge chunk of those other possessions), it’s still enough to hurt. And that’s not even considering the scads of long 2-pointers LeBron takes.

About 5.2 a game, same as the 3-pointers, at about the success rate you’d imagine (exactly 40 percent). Considering how infrequent it is that LeBron would get fouled on those shots, that’s about four points scored per every five possessions. That’s … that’s not good.” [Kelly Dwyer/Ball Don't Lie

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About This “NBA to Block Zydrunas Ilgauskas” Nonsense

cavs hallway IlgauskasAs the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the midst of a three-game losing streak, many fans are curious as to the future regarding center Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  The man they affectionately know as “Big Z” was traded to the Washington Wizards (along with a draft pick) in exchange for Antawn Jamison.  His pictures are down, he has a new jersey number, but he also can return to Cleveland following a 30-day period.  But will he be able to?

The Internet was thrown into a tale spin once LA Times reporter Mark Heisler tweeted that a source of his told him that the NBA was planning on blocking Ilgauskas from returning back to Cleveland.  Yahoo! basketball reporter – and resident proprietor of all things negative regarding LeBron James and Cleveland – Adrian Wojnarowski took this report and published his own twist on the matter, making things appear worse.

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Olympic Hockey: U.S.A. Beats Canada!

Drury Scores

Every now and then a non-Cleveland sports story hits that we can’t just leave off the site.  Last night’s epic hockey game between the U.S. and Canada is one of those events.  This, of course, is assuming most people were able to find the game on MSNBC.  I had to ask people on Twitter because I couldn’t really figure it out after five minutes of searching on the Internets.  But we will save the complaints about NBC’s Olympic coverage for another day.  This is all about one of the most incredible games I have ever witnessed.

This game had everything.  Rivalry? Check.  Unbelievable performances? Check. Insane home crowd? Check.  Brutal hitting?  Check.  It all wrapped up into an amazing finish.  Team Canada trailed 4-2 late into the third period.  Sidney Crosby scored a power play goal with 3:09 left in regulation to bring team Canada within one.  And then the excitement started.  Team Canada spent the next two minutes just peppering the goal with shots and dives toward the net.  U.S. goalie Ryan Miller turned back every attempt.  And then team Canada pulled their goalie.  I looked at my wife after the barrage and said, “You mean they hadn’t pulled their goalie yet?”  It already looked like the Canadians were playing with an extra man on offense.  Somehow the United States was able to keep the lamp quiet. [Read more...]