While We’re Waiting… Antawn Stats, NBA Dunk Contest and Indians Questions

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This is a must-read blog for numbers-oriented Cleveland Cavs fans and it continues to get better by the day. Following the topic of the weekend, here are some reasons why new acquisition Antawn Jamison has nowhere to go but up. Even Delonte West can admit it from his first Cav performance: “It’s understandable that Antawn Jamison wanted to make a good first impression on Cavs fans and pressed a little too hard without a full understanding of the Cavaliers offense or any chemistry with his new teammates. But how long should fans expect this to carry on?” [Mark Cameron/Number’s Dont]

Stepien Rules was tired of writing about the Cavaliers post-All-Star Break so here is a look at how to make the dunk contest better. [Kyle Whitling/Stepien Rules]

As much as Los Angeles Lakers fans love to hate LeBron James, it is always nice to see their reporters commending the best baller in the world: “The best player in the NBA sat during the Celtics-Lakers game Thursday night. Can’t blame him. By then, LeBron James had scored 43 points and added 15 assists and 13 rebounds. Poor fella had to be exhausted.” [Jeff Miller/The Orange County Register]

Ranking the most gutsy general managers in the so-called No Balls Association: “5. Danny Ferry, Cavaliers. Ferry has been maligned for eons. But he managed to pull a quasi-All-Star Shaquille O’Neal for literally nothing, and landed Antawn Jamison for essentially the 30th pick in the draft.” [Tom Ziller/AOL Fanhouse]

In case you missed it, T-Mac made quite the impressive debut last night for those Knickerbockers: “Tracy McGrady looked like hadn’t lost a step despite only playing in nine games prior to tonight… well, almost. Donnie Walsh looked like he might be sheer genius in the debut of the revamped Knicks lineup… well, almost.” [Matt Moore/Pro Basketball Talk]

Spring Training is in the air. Just wrote my first UD baseball article of the year for the Flyer News and now the PD is asking questions about what could happen this season: “Maybe the winter has been hidden from view because of the frantic pace of the Indians’ off-season maneuvering. Excuse me, there was no maneuvering.” [Paul Hoynes/Cleveland Plain Dealer]

Comparing the Indians in Major League to the Tribe right now: “Am I the only one dark enough to notice the deep similarities between the 2010 Tribe and the Cleveland Indians that were portrayed in the movie Major League? Think about it for a second.” [John Hoyos/Tribe Ball]

(Photo above via REUTERS/Larry Downing)

  • LaundroMat

    The Tribe Ball piece is pretty funny. I especially enjoy: “Catcher Mike Redmond as Jake Taylor – Will Redmond bunt for a single with the division on the line? With so much time on his hands, he’s likely already read Moby Dick.”