While We’re Waiting… NBA Trade Deadline, Late-Round QBs, and Kid Griffin to OSU

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Cavs Trade TargetsThe trade deadline is exactly one week away . . . assuming you are reading this at 3:00 P.M. Eastern on February 11th, 2010.  (If you’re not, please adjust accordingly.)

As usual, there are factions developing among fans: 

There are those that would like to make a trade because they see weaknesses on the team, and strength on the current trade landscape.  There are those that don’t want to make a trade because they see strength on the team, and weaknesses in the trade landscape. 

There are those that want to make a trade because trades are cool and exciting . . . and there are those who don’t know what the hell they think. [Wine and Goldrush]

Still want to wait on a quarterback? “I was shocked to see how few QB’s mattered.  There were 103 QB’s drafted from pick 33 on since 1999.  Out of those 103, only eight of them had seasons that we cared about.  That is just under 8% on a hit percentage (obviously giving us a 92% miss).  The first round gave us 40% miss percentage.  Neither of those numbers are pretty, but 40 is a whole lot prettier than 92.” [Dawgs by Nature]

Don’t blame it on the market size: “[Mark] Shapiro is taking a complete opposite approach as the Seattle Mariners and is counting on internal development to spur a gain in the standings. The Indians are expecting growth internally and cheaply. Seattle, another smaller market team, is hoping to rise in the standings by growing from outside the organization (other than the Felix extension) and expensively.” [Waves of Arms]

Make Archie Proud! “Unlike their southern brethren, the Buckeyes typically don’t use their full allotment of schollies when signing a a new class, preferring to hold one or two to reward a walk-on that has put in hard work on the practice field.  In a slight variation to this, Jim Tressel and staff have offered a scholarship to running back Adam Griffin of St. Francis DeSales in Columbus, making him the 19th member of the class. A smallish (5-9/185) running back, Griffin helped lead the Stallions to the 2009 state championship game on the way to earning all-district honors.” [Jason/Eleven Warriors]

And finally, The Plain Dealer will continue to cover all things Cliff Lee [’64 and Counting]

  • TS Trade to Cleveland

    Pick up Smith for the Browns, and the Cavs should stay put.

  • Brendon

    @1 – Agreed, unless u can get Bosh, and that isn’t gonna happen

  • charlie

    the CC deal didn’t really bother me, but the Cliff Lee deal will forever haunt me. [redacted] the indians.

  • ben

    the QB article was excellent. Should be added to the “before you comment” for anyone who wants to talk Browns QB’s.

  • MattyFos

    After watching the “rainmakers” from Orlando last night, I’d be more comfortable with another perimeter defender. Bring in Iggy. The only plus about getting Jamison, would be if Orlando ignores him, he can drain shots. They won’t ignore him, but by guarding Jamison, it’ll leave Shaq one on one against Howard… and Van Gundy doesn’t like that

  • Dave

    If the Cavs trade for Troy Murphy, there will be issues. I don’t think Ferry will make that mistake. I mean if he really wants a tall, slow, white Irish guy, I am sure he could find a few dudes in WestPark/Kamms Corner area who would save some serious cap space.

  • MattyFos

    I used to think Anthony Parker was a tall, slow, white Irish guy.. But, then I realized “Parker isn’t Irish”

  • Joe H

    Glad to see the Buckeyes bring a DeSales kid, especially if it’s Archie’s son

  • Team Brady

    first, let me say that I’m really happy and impressed with the Cavs current squad, but…

    TBJ on yahoo! is talking about Jamison/Butler going to the Celts.

    anyone still want to pass on improving this team?

  • Matt#2

    Matty @ 7

  • http://www.msblsim.com boogeyman

    Boogeyman will not permit Antawn Jamison to go to Baaaaaston…no way, no how. You gotta love all of the rumors but all Boogey knows is if Boston or another competitor in the East improves while the Cavaliers stand pat Mr. Ferry will have plenty of ‘splaining to do! Boogey can’t understand the interest in Richard Hamilton for me this makes no sense when it’s clear after watching last nights win over Orlando that the Cavaliers despite the performances of Hickson and Varejao still need a legit starting PF.