Charting Andy Varejao’s enthusiasm

The other day I was reading one of Scott’s pieces about Z’s return over at the FSOhio contest, and made a comment about how refreshing Andy’s enthusiasm was in regards to Z returning. There was a follow-up comment that said “Isn’t Andy’s enthusiasm always off the charts?”.

The short answer: no.

The more enjoyable answer: it is, at times, ON the charts. But to be on charts, you must see the charts. So, here are some instances from Andy’s career, and their status on said charts (complete with charts). Charts.

Andy gets elbowed in his man-parts by Jesus Shuttlesworth:

Andy Varejao Wig Night

Getting tattoed as “Chosen 2”

Hitting that three that one time to win that one game!

Getting stared at by Large Infant Davis (H/T @jose3030)

Snuggie Night photoshoot modeling.

Finding a candle!

Thinking about the Orange Roundie.

Doing LeBron’s chalk thingie!

Playing for his home country of Brazil!

Pulling his hamstring :(

Having a sweet T-shirt with him on it!


So there you go – sometimes, Andy’s enthusiasm is actually chartable. Other times, he’s OFF THE CHARTS.

Photo credits: Getty Images, AP, Craig Lyndall, jose3030, Brian Spathe

  • Gren

    If there is one thing WFNY could use more of, it’s charts. Love the article Denny.

    Who doesn’t love finding candles ?

  • JNeids

    There’s no picture of his t-shirt. I would be happy to take a picture of myself in said shirt and email it in to the site…

  • JNeids

    P.S. I would rate myself as somewhere between “Hungry” and “Full-On Enthused” everytime I wear that shirt. Now if I were to wear that shirt under my Cavs snuggie with the wig and happen to come across a candle while doing the Lebron chalk toss…

    …sorry, I’ve been at work since 7am and I am full on delirious…

  • mydogsnameisbuckeye

    Thank you for this, I raffed very hard. I think my hangover is going away due to the awesomeness of this article.

  • CLE

    more charts please!

  • Luke

    I wish Andy Varejao would serve me a Rally’s burger.

  • humboldt

    Great stuff Denny. I still think Andy shares a mad resemblance w/ Brendan Frasier in Encino Man

  • Scott

    I imagine that winning FIBA gold is on the opposite side of the chart than being questionable for tomorrows game.

    Excellent stuff.

  • boogeyman

    I wasn’t a big Varejao fan before this season and when he got his new contract I thought he was overpaid but Andy has won me over. Other then #23 Anderson is the only other Cavalier who brings it game in and game out. Despite lesser overall skill #17s heart and desire trumps the athletic superiority of teammates like Mo Williams and Delonte West. If Mo and Delonte had their heads on half as well as Andy the Cavaliers would be right there with the Lakers unfortunately they don’t. Delonte has diagnosed problems but I’m not sure about Mo.

  • Denny

    Andy Varejao’s Enthusiasm after Boogeyman’s Comment:

  • boogeyman

    Sorry I don’t know Brazilian!

  • BB

    How’s your Portuguese?

  • jimkanicki

    let’s not forget iconic/revolutionary andy:

  • Kunal

    oh my god this was amazing

  • 5KMD

    “If Mo and Delonte had their heads on half as well as Andy the Cavaliers would be right there with the Lakers”

    From Boogeyman, the new Isis.

  • boogeyman

    @15 Oh and I suppose I’m wrong and the Cavaliers backcourt hasn’t been an area of weakness? Forget Isis I’ll settle for being yo daddy!

  • dgriff13

    I hate to be cliche, but ROFLMAO

  • WayneEmbrysKids

    Denny officially best read on WFNY. Articles like this raise the bar for everyone who blogs.

  • boogeyman

    5KMD Mo Williams 5 pts against Sacramento today meanwhile Beno Udrih had 18 pts, 10 reb and 15 ast – I rest my case!

  • 5KMD


    I had more of an issue about you implying the Cavs aren’t “right there with the lakers”

    I suppose the 3 game lead in record while holding the tiebreak means absolutely nothing to you.

    So the lakers have a better backcourt. the Cavs have a better all around team and better star player so what’s the point. Your case is definitely not resting as far as I’m concerned.

  • ben

    Denny – have my baby.

  • Denny

    ben, I’m pretty sure the genetics and required chromosomes wouldn’t allow for that. And I’m not a catcher. Also, I don’t have a uterus.

    If you’re asking me to do things to your lady-friend, I’ll need visual confirmation that I’d be willing to do such a thing prior to baby-having.

  • Scott

    “I rest my case!”

    /bases case on one game

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  • http://yahoo Ron Arms

    Wow, Looks like you wasted alot of time. I really don’t get it. What player does not get fatigued? Andy puts up excellent numbers for his minutes and is always an annoying defender.

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