Fox Sports Ohio Blogger Contest Ends Today

That’s right, this is your final day to help Scott win credentials for all the teams FSO covers. You’ve been following us and know how important this is to the site, not just to Scott. While we’ve had limited access at times, this is an opportunity for a foot in the door. So please show your support for Scott and the site by going to FSO and voting several times. Your faithfulness in helping Scott win will be rewarded!

It’s the fourth quarter- and we need everyone’s votes. Here’s your pump-up video for the day. The words of this speech are written in the tunnel at the Q for the team to see as they make their way to the court. (See these are the kinds of things we need access to!) There are a few choice words in the video, my apologies…


  • sam

    Is Scott in the lead? What’s the percentage here?

  • Scott

    The percentages are not made public – we will not find out who wins until tomorrow after voting has closed.

  • historycat

    30 more votes coming your way, Scott. Good Luck!

  • Rick

    Awesome historycat! Who’s gonna follow the lead?

  • Brian

    I just spent the last 30 mins or so voting. I have 2 hours of work left… I wonder how many votes I can do in an 2 hours?


  • Rick

    Strong Side!

  • Brian

    I will admit that I haven’t done much voting until this point… but just consider this to be CLUTCH voting.

  • MP34

    I had a good analogy for how much I’ve been mashing that vote button this week but then I remembered this is a family site.

  • Snip

    I’ve got my office voting, and now people are passing around printouts of your latest article, “It’s our time: the rest of the way for the Cavaliers,” saying “He’s really good, he SHOULD win this competition!” LOL…maybe some more followers will be joining WFNY!

  • Tron

    Hope you win, just finished up putting in 50 votes. Sorry about your picture dude, we all have our bad days.

  • Scott

    I just wish my bad days didnt stretch over the majority of 28 years :)