To My Family, Friends, and Very Loyal Readers…

Thank you. Thank you all.

I cannot describe how appreciative I am of the turnout during the last two weeks, and thanks to you all, I have been named Ohio’s Best Sports Blogger via FSO’s “Blog Sports Ohio” tournament.

Whether you voted once, voted multiple times or simply retweeted our pleas – I cannot thank you enough.

It would be absurd of me to think that I am truly the best sports blogger in the state of Ohio. After all, I have the distinct pleasure to write with eight of the greatest guys that the Cleveland blog scene has to offer, and they are all very talented writers that are extremely passionate about what we do here. But what I can say is that I do have one the strongest groups of supporters that I could have ever imagined and it is wholly due to you. Some of you have been with us since day one, and others have trickled in over time. But what is more important than tenure is the fact that you’re all a part of this community today.

I realize how tiring it was to hear all of us remind you of the contest over the last few weeks. We never intended WFNY to be a place where we exploit our readers for stuff on a daily basis – trust me when I say that this sort of thing will not be commonplace. But with thanks to your help over the 13 days, I will now have access to the Cleveland Cavaliers through what will be a very important part of the season as they look to bring home a championship. This sort of thing can only further elevate the coverage that we can bring your way each and every day.

To my three competitors – I’m glad to have been a part of the final four with each of you. Regardless of age, style or amount of time spent writing; you were all selected to be a part of the contest for good reason. Keep fighting the good fight.

I’m not exactly sure what the future holds in terms of official announcements or additional opportunities with the great people at Fox Sports Ohio. What I can tell you is that you will all be kept in the loop as any moves are made – all of which will have your best interest in mind.

I am forever indebted.



  • Mallalubba

    “…and credentials to cover the network’s professional sports teams.”
    Well, wouldn’t that technically mean you sold out…or got bought out…or something? Does a blogger really need credentials? I’m that just seems counterintuitive to me.

  • Brian

    Congrats Scott!

  • alexa – cleveland’s a plum

    i’m so proud of you scott!!!!!!

    this is going to be so awesome for not only you but all of the WFNY guys.

    very well deserved!!!!

    you earned it :)

  • DiLo

    Way to go dude! Awesome!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Abe

    Champion blogger Scot!
    Access to the Cavaliers
    Read Z my haiku

  • Steve J

    Congrats, Scott! You earned each and every vote. Whether or not you’re the best blogger in Ohio is probably irrelevant. The point is that you write for the best Cleveland Sports blog on ye olde interwebs. A vote for you is a vote for WFNY.

  • Mark

    Congrats Scott! And congrats to all the WFNY guys.

  • Amin

    Pimp that press pass, Scott! Congrats!

  • JM

    Yes we can! Yes we can! I must say congratulations to Scott and the whole entire website. You guys break the news before other people and sites do. This site had the Cavs trade, Browns news, etc. And we are Cleveland biased but no one on here is a homer. So good job guys, very good!

  • JM

    Yes we can! Yes we can! I must say congratulations to Scott and the whole entire website. You guys break the news before other people and sites do. This site had the Cavs trade, Browns news, etc. And we are Cleveland biased but no one on here is a homer. So good job guys, very good!

  • Vare-A-Jay

    Not for nothing Scott, but I voted for you mostly just because I’m selfish and want as much Cavaliers access as possible.

    Seriously though, congrats. It is well deserved both for you, and the WFNY community.

  • Charlie

    Congratulation Scott – Glad to see a fellow NRHS grad doing well.

  • Luke

    Totally deserved. Congrats, Scott.

  • ClemJax

    Only one right way to celebrate this one…



  • Tron

    I’m with Vare-A-Jay, you guys always provide top notch Cavs news, so I selfishly spam voted like crazy in hopes you can now out do yourselves. Keep up the good work and congrats.

  • mendy

    congrats scott!

  • Clown Baby

    Nicely done. I put my professional life by coming here every day because this place is the bees knees. Good job.

  • dgriff13

    Congrats!!!!! I actually had no idea about the bonus of the extra access to the Cavs in the playoffs, that’ll easily be a repayment for clicking VOTE a coupla times ;0D

    Much deserved, this site and the community who follows it are amazing.

  • Jeff Seemann

    Congratulations, Scott! Great job, and make good use of those press passes!!

    See you soon,
    Jeff Seemann

    P.S. “Regardless of age”??? Is that a jab? LOL.

  • Denny


  • Charles

    You frickin’ rock Scott. Keep doing what you do. The city of Cleveland appreciates it and will continue to support you and the rest of the WFNY team!

  • Kunal

    yay scott! congratulations man!

  • 5haun

    Congrats Scott and all of WFNY!
    You guys truly deserve this win!

    Please reward my spam voting with more great Cavs coverage.

  • Benjamin A. Russo

    Wow, we (WFNY) finally one a championship in something!

  • Oppie

    Big congrats Scott!!! Proof that at least someone in Cleveland can win a title. I mean sure, it was a Blog contest for Ohio bloggers, so odds a Clevelander would win the title were increase, but a win is a win and it’s an honor nonetheless. Let’s hope you or another one of the great WFNY writers will be allowed to defend the title next year.

    Congrats goes out to Jeff as well, for making the finals and being good competition for Scott. Definitely enjoyed some of the articles you put out the past few days.

  • boogeyman

    Quid pro quo, quid pro quo!

  • Matt#2

    An impressive achievement.

  • PayDaMan

    We finally won a championship!

  • lstavole13

    Scott. Congratulations! You deserve this more than anything. The first thing I do every morning is check WWW, and continually check the blog throughout the day just to see what great stories y’all will put out. Being an out of state student, its great to feel so connected to my hometown through the best blog site in Ohio. Keep up the good work and enjoy the increased access!!!

  • Brooks

    Congratulations on your first championship title since the “No Gamers” victory in what I can only imagine was something like doubles water polo. Keep up the good work brother.

  • hansolo1

    So my favorite site reporting that reports on my favorite team may be getting better? Fantastic! Well earned victory.

  • MrCleaveland

    Scott, You da man! Numero Uno! The Big Enchilada! The Top Dog! The Creme de la Creme! The Alpha Blog! Mount Bloggerest!

    Heartiest congrats!

  • MrCleaveland

    P.S. Scott, you can go preen and strut all your want with my blessing!

  • DJ

    Well done Scott!

    Props to Jeff as well. Both are great writers, and definitely deserving of the position they were in.

  • MaliBuckeye

    Congrats Scott, and all of the WFNY Newsteam!

  • historycat

    Congrats Scott,

    Well deserved for you and the whole team.

  • humboldt

    Congrats Scott – the award is well deserved. You write well, with journalistic integrity, and have fostered a community here that we all look forward to being a part of every day. This is a victory for you, for WFNY, and for social media. Looking forward to the Cavs coverage down the stretch – could be a special time

  • Ryan S

    wooo! wfnyftw!

  • thebigmack67

    congrats scott…WAY TO GO!!!

  • phil m


  • Pat18970

    Congrats and thanks to all the bloggers at WFNY for making this site an invaluable resource for the Cleveland sports diaspora (out-of-towners).

  • historycat

    I guess they’re all out celebrating so there’s no game thread tonight.

    Expect a hung over WWW tomorrow morning?

  • Denny

    Sorry about that HC – the OT missed schedule and nobody was around. I’m on this weekend – so it’ll be a hung over WWW f’sho. I’ll just schedule it tonight though. (TRICKS OF THE TRADE)

  • Alex

    All I can say is that WFNY is the only site I’ll risk having open/available on my research PC, and the only site I must check during my lunch break at some point. Rare company (personally) and a large congratulations for winning an award out of some of the most passionate bloggers out there.

  • TS T 2B now Cavs Dude

    Congrats, but you guys won’t post my comments.. thats not cool.

  • Bryant

    Congrats, Scott. You and the entire WFNY staff deserve any and all praise that comes your way.

  • Swig

    Scott you are the man
    Will drop Cavs knowledge on us

  • chuck r.


  • Nicko

    Sorry been out for awhile. Congrats on this.