While We’re Waiting… Mid-Market Excuses, Eric Berry’s Stock and D.A. to ARI Rumors

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dolanSo, about that economy: “According to numbers provided to our pal Maury Brown at Biz of Baseball, Major League Baseball brought in a record $6.6 billion in gross revenue during the 2009 season. That amount was a 1.5 percent increase over the previous high of $6.5 billion in ’08 and was produced despite a 6.58 percent decrease in total attendance from the previous year. Maury is also reporting that $433 million in revenue sharing money will be sent from the big-market behemoths to the teams crying poor in smaller markets. […] Look, I don’t begrudge owners in making a good old American dollar off the good old American game. They’ve opened up new avenues of revenue and deserve the windfall. All I’m saying is that you should keep this post in mind next time you hear an owner cut budgets or say he can’t afford to keep a homegrown star.” [‘Duk/Big League Stew]

Just to help us get our hopes up… “When asked if he was the most talented player in the draft, Berry didn’t even hesitate, simply saying he was — no need to elaborate on it. Berry also believes he should be the first player taken in the draft, despite the fact that he’s a defensive back. No defensive back has been taken as the top overall pick since the current draft system was implemented. The Cleveland Browns selected Eric Turner second overall in 1991 and a few other DBs were taken third overall, but none have gone off the board first. Why not now?” [Matt Snyder/NFL FanHouse]

Terrelle Pryor discusses his knee rehabilitation [Doug Lesmerises/Plain Dealer]

Thus far, James has unquestionably been the best player in the NBA and a big reason of why Cleveland has the best record in the league. He’s leading the NBA in points per game and minutes played, PER and Win Shares. And it wasn’t too long ago the Cavs won 13 straight games.

Last season, James had one of his best seasons ever. He averaged 27.2 points, 7.2 rebounds and 6.9 assists per 36 minutes – all career highs. […] His PER is almost unchanged from last season and currently sits at 31.7. It doesn’t hurt that his team also has the best record in the NBA – 45 wins, 14 losses. And he’s carrying the team, too: nobody on the team is close to him in PER or Win Shares.” [Mark Milner/Hardwood Paroxysm]

And finally, The OBR responds to rumors about Derek Anderson being shipped to Arizona before his contract calls for a nice roster bonus. [John Taylor/The OBR – S/R]

(photo courtesy WFNY)

  • JK

    ARI gets DA, CLE gets a cactus FTW?

  • oribiasi

    I feel like, for the DA trade, as long as Cleveland doesn’t get sued it is a win for us. I mean, I would sue any team that somehow, someway, gets me to trade for DA.

  • Chris

    In this day and age, with the proliferation of sports blogs and having dozens of sources of information at your fingertips, do people really pay $110 per year for “inside information”? On a quick search, a Cardinals sports blog wrote something about this 3 weeks ago.

    Am I the only one that laughs at the notion of paying that kind of money for information readily available anywhere else?

    At any rate, He might have a decent shot at getting something done in Arizona playing in a dome, and considering how athletic Bolden, Fitz and Breaston are.

  • Brendon

    I thought the same thing Chis about OBR. That’s ridiculous.

  • Mark

    I just cannot believe anyone would trade for DA when it seems so obvious that he will be released soon. Why give up an asset when you can have him for nothing next week? Am I drastically underestimating his value?

    Chris – totally agree on paying for content.

  • Oppie

    # Free The Content!!!

    I will take just about anything to get rid of DA, even a precisely placed kick in the pants, just to get him off this team, please.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    The ARI blog wrote about it – but did they include the Browns-based reaction to the rumors?

    The OBR is an excellent source of information. To be honest, their insider stuff destroys that of the Plain Dealer in terms of accuracy, timliness and all-around interest. When you see the PD site “sources close to the situation,” that is often their way to say “our OBR subscription.”

  • BP

    Maybe the Browns are looking to give Arizona DA and some other player/pick for Anquan Boldin before the free agency deadline. Arizona is getting rid of a lot good players for some reason and there is a small chance of this happening. Fingers crossed.

  • BP

    BTW, I’m disappointed there’s no Thomas Jones to CLE rumours yet. The guy is going to be a former Jet, a RB over 30, and I hear he has a high motor. Mangini can’t wait to have him as the starter next year over Harrison.

  • DCBucks

    $110 a year for insider info on stock tips. That I would consider. Inside information on the Browns… LMFAOROFLOL.

  • stin4u

    How bout leon washington to the browns? I would totally go for that he’s lighting in a bottle!

    Btw I read a cardinals fan forum about DA it was a mixed bag of “yeah get him” and “please god no”. One guy even gave browns fans a nod for realizing he sucks and not wanting him.

  • MattyFos

    How about we pick up Antrel Rolle.

  • Gren

    “How about we pick up Antrel Rolle.”

    Becuase there’s a chance we could get Berry. I’d rather take a CB in the 2nd round, if we get Berry in the first. If not, draft Haden and try to get Rolle.

  • http://www.msblsim.com boogeyman

    Excuse me but for the second time today I had a good laugh – paying for “inside” information for the Cleveland Browns – this is hilarious! Ok…I feel better now continue.