Cavaliers and Fox Sports Ohio Earn League’s Best Rating for 2009-10 Season

With the 2009-10 NBA regular season officially over, ratings have been released for all of the markets and broadcasting channels.  Per Sports Media Watch the Cavaliers and Fox Sports Ohio drew a rating of 8.59, the top rating of all NBA teams.  Fox Sports Ohio’s Communications department has the figure reported as 8.55, a rating that is still good enough for best in the NBA for the second consecutive season.

“FOX Sports Ohio is proud to have been part of such an exciting season,” said FSO Senior Vice President Henry Ford. “As the TV home of the Cavaliers, we are delighted, both as fans and partners, at the team’s accomplishments.”

“Each game we set out to provide the most exciting and informative broadcast for our viewers, and they’ve acknowledged the effort with very impressive ratings this season. While the network enjoyed remarkable ratings, the excitement for the fans is where the real satisfaction lies.”

When comparing the number of households that have tuned in to the Cavaliers on Fox Sports Ohio, only the Los Angeles Lakers on Fox Sports West averaged a higher total (200,000) than the Wine and Gold (132,000, per FSO).  Naturally, the deviation from rating to households can be attributed to the market size of the team in question as Los Angeles has the second-largest market in the nation where Cleveland ranks 18th.  The list at Sports Media Watch compares the NBA to MLB and NHL.  Atop the lists are the Boston Red Sox on NESN (9.46 rating) and the New York Yankess on YES Network (346,000 households).

Remarkably, the Philadelphia Phillies are among the top five in both categories due to their success, rabid fan base and market size.  The 2009 Cleveland Indians and Sports Time Ohio come in 34th overall in rating (2.84) and 41st overall in average households (43,000).  Interestingly enough, the Cavaliers on Fox Sports Ohio and Indians on STO each pulled a higher rating than the Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks, all teams that made the NBA playoffs – a very strong testament to the level of fandom located in Cleveland.

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