Cavs vs Mavs An Interesting Thought For The Future

The NBA Playoffs are hardly ever short on story lines and talking points. It can be dangerous to look too far ahead toward potential story lines, though, and so we tend to stick to focusing on the matter at hand.

I’m tired of first round matchups, though. This is the 5th year in a row the Cavaliers have been in the playoffs, and LeBron has never lost in the first round. Heck, the Cavs have never been pushed to 7 games in the first round with LeBron at the helm, and I would argue that the first round matchup hasn’t felt truly up for grabs since 2006.

This isn’t to say that this year’s matchup is 100% over. I predicted this to be a 6 game series, and I still think it could possibly get there, although I now feel 5 games is much more likely. So you never really want to get ahead of yourself, but you’ll forgive me if for one second I allow myself to look ahead.

During the Live Chat on during Game 2 of the Cavs series the other night, Dan Labbe brought up an interesting point about how fascinating a Cavaliers vs Mavericks finals would be from the standpoint of Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, and DeShawn Stevenson all being the NBA Finals. This idea immediately grabbed my interest. When you think about everything that went down with the Washington Wizards, can you imagine the fallout of all those players ending up in the Finals for different teams?

After the game, we were able to catch up with Antawn in the locker room and Dan asked Jamison for his thoughts on this possibility. “We still keep in contact with each other,” Jamison said. “They want to see us in the Finals and it would be a great story. Those guys have been my friends for the last 6 or 7 years. I’m definitely pulling for them, I know their families pretty well. As long as we’re not playing them, I’m pulling for them and hoping for much success for those guys because we were all in the situation where we thought we’d be home right about now, and to be 2 teams that really might have a chance to win a championship is amazing.”

I’m not sure how to look up such things, but is there any chance that wouldn’t be the largest collection of players in the NBA Finals who once played together on a different team to start the season? I’m already reeling from the thought of Stevenson trying to start up with his antics once more, and this time Antawn Jamison being in the position of taking LeBron’s side on the matter. For once in Antawn’s career, he would get to be on the side of the team who just wants to play and win rather than having to be the voice of reason on a team full of characters who want to make the series more about personality than actual basketball.

The Mavericks are still only up 1-0 in the first round of the playoffs. They would still have to get by San Antonio, Phoenix/Portland, and presumably the Lakers, while the Cavaliers will have their own mine field of Boston and Orlando to get through. So this isn’t anything to take too seriously right now, but just more of something fun to ponder.

One final thought on Antawn Jamison, that has nothing to do with this topic but I feel needs to be mentioned none the less. I’ve never claimed to be anything more than a regular guy who has a strong passion for both sports and writing, so I combined the 2 into this hobby we call ‘blogging’. I’m not a reporter (though I certainly do wish I was) and I never will be, but thanks to Dan Labbe and, I was able to get a Press Credential to help Dan take audio and video from the team for Game 2. It was a crazy experience and something I’ll never forget, but it also taught me something about Antawn Jamison.

Everything you have ever heard or read about what a standup guy and true professional he is has been 1000% true. Whereas most guys will answer a handful of questions and then politely say “thank you” and walk away, Jamison stood there answering every single question until everyone there had a chance to get their quote that they needed. Which isn’t to say everyone else is rude for cutting reporters off. That’s hardly the case. Rather, it just goes to show what a unique kind of personality Jamison is and why the Cavaliers are truly lucky to have him be a part of this team.

Antawn Jamison Game 2 postgame
  • Rick

    Good stuff Andrew. Truth About It asked the Wizards who they thought would make the Finals. Interesting that none of them had much confidence in the Mavs to get there, though several picked the Cavs to win it all.

  • Swig

    I was thinking this exact same thing last week. GOOD THING FOR YOU I DO NOT LIKE WRITING.

    If this happens, Stevenson will find a way to help lose the championship for the Mavericks and it will be beautiful. If they make it that far Dallas should just ship him to some remote location for 2 weeks just to be safe.

  • Denny

    “The NBA Playoffs are hardly ever short on story lines and talking points BECAUSE THERE IS WAY TOO MUCH TIME IN BETWEEN GAMES IN EVERY SERIES.”


  • Stinkfist

    If they want to get rid of Stevenson, they should introduce him to Roethlisberger

  • Jack

    This would obviously be a really fun matchup for a lot of reasons…especially since we could ensure Z would sit the whole series…wouldn’t he?

    I mean, even the team nicknames – Cavs and Mavs.

    9 letters each – 3 syllables

    Everyone is way too convinced that we are going to beat the Magic though. I, for one, am not. This team has only shown the ability to go to the rim aggressively for a quarter (MAYBE a half) at a time. And we just aren’t going to win a jump-shooting contest with Orlando.

  • JK

    There is no way Brown would sit Z for the entire series.

  • B-bo

    I’m with Jack on this one: Orlando is not a potential matchup I’m looking forward to at all–they are still in our heads, and they still have a solid variety of personnel, even if VC is a bum. I’m not even too enthusiastic about the next round, when Rondo goes back to his running circles around Mo routine while KG does everything in his power to bait LBJ and Co. into ejections/suspensions. Come Finals time, I’m not worried who we face after taking the road we are on through the East.

  • Jack

    @JK – I know. That’s why he’s a bad coach.

    Z offers no value. None. Unless we are playing the Lakers as I think he is the best defender of Pau Gasol in the league.

    But if we play Z against Boston, we are going to see 7 grind it out games.

    Old players sometimes just aren’t that valuable. Look at KG. KG has not matched the totals Glen Davis put up last night in 48 games.

    I just can’t stomach this every game…watching one of the bright, young talents in the NBA waste away on the bench while Z lumbers around and kills the team. THERE IS NOT ONE TEAM IN THE NBA THAT WOULD NOT GET HICKSON MINUTES IN THE PLAYOFFS. NOT ONE.

    Yelling silently makes me feel better, maybe. Can we Tweet Mike Brown? Can we start a petition?

    (Incurring wrath because I wish Z had not come back…)

  • A Bizzle

    Boy, that would almost be as crazy as… oh, I don’t know… CC Sabathia vs. Cliff Lee in Game 1 of the World Series.

  • Harv 21

    I always admired Jamison for the same reasons. He seemed to be the only guy who knew how to comport himself in that cesspool of characters Washington always seems to attract. Missing his friends or not, it must be easier not to have to babysit the locker room during a playoff series.

  • Scotty

    “For once in Antawn’s career, he would get to be on the side of the team who just wants to play and win rather than having to be the voice of reason on a team full of characters who want to make the series more about personality than actual basketball.”

    Just to play devils advocate, aren’t we the team that dances on the sidelines and poses for fake pictures before the game?

  • theClevelandKid

    cavs lakers finals
    cavs in 7!

  • Vare-A-Jay

    Going into these 2010 NBA Playoffs, I had the teams picked out I wanted the Cavs to beat en route to a title. Chicago, Boston, Orlando, and L.A. For no other reason than to shut up all the haters. A Cleveland/Dallas Finals would be very fun to watch, as a basketball fan, because I think they matchup well with eachother. Plus it’d be sweet watching #4 hold the trophy while the rest of the ex-Wiz slinked off to the locker room.

    All that being said, I’m just interested in the next game. I’m not planning on buying my tickets to the Finals just yet. Got a long road to go.