While We’re Waiting… Browns Linebackers, Horizon League Payout and LeBron’s MVP Case

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Hey look, depth! “The Browns currently have 12, count ’em, TWELVE linebackers on the roster. Obviously, it is early in the game to be talking about starting lineups, but one has to wonder who will be getting the bulk of the work and who will be left holding the short stick?

On opening day last season the Browns started Kamerion Wimbley, Eric Barton, D”Qwell Jackson, and David Bowens on their base 3-4 defense. Wimbley has been traded, Barton suffered a neck injury that ended his 2009 season and Jackson’s 2009 season was cut short by a shoulder injury. There was an obvious need for depth at the position. By adding depth, the Browns may be creating a fantastic position battle for training camp.

With injuries to Barton and Jackson last season, the Browns got a good look at guys like Kaluka Maiava, Jason Trusnick, Matt Roth and Marcus Bernard. Each of those guys played well when given the opportunity and are all looking to capitalize on the momentum from 2009. But who will get the chance? [No Logo Needed]

Straight cash… “Butler’s stirring spring through March Madness isn’t just good for the Horizon League’s profile, it’s also good for its coffers. And with the Bulldogs’ and Cleveland State’s recent success in the NCAA tournament, including Butler’s appearance in the national championship game last night, the Horizon League will be seeing a large influx of cash.” [’64 and Counting]

Why the Cavs will face the Bulls in the first round and not the Raptors [Stepien Rules]

On the lefties versus Buehrle: “For three years running, [Mark] Buehrle not only posts a reverse platoon split, he posts a LARGE reverse platoon split. This gets to the nature of platoon splits: WHY do left-handed hitters generally have a harder time hitting left-handed pitchers that right-handed pitchers? Intuitively, it seems like a matter of trajectory, arm angle, and natural “breaking away” movement of curves and sliders. Well, empirically, Buehrle does not appear to present the typical challenges to left-handed hitters. I’m not enough of a mechanics expert or scout to tell you exactly WHY this is true, but it sure LOOKS true from three straight years of evidence.

Now, did Manny Acta look at these data in determining that it wasn’t just “okay” to stack lefties at the top of the order, but might actually be an ADVANTAGE to do so? I don’t actually know. The confound, of course, is that our three best non-leadoff hitters are left-handed. I mean, forget the platoon split for a moment: these three guys are arguably the most productive hitters in the lineup (besides Asdrubal Cabrera, who was leading off).” [The B-List Blog]

Not that there’s much of a debate, but… “LeBron [James] is a leader of the team, all of his teammates seem to love him, and he’s been proactive in leading the team. I don’t think there’s any player who has as much influence on his team as LeBron does. In the regular season, it’s hard to say that that influence has been anything but positive.

LeBron probably won’t be the unanimous MVP choice because of one or two votes that will go to Howard, Bryant, or Durant from writers in their markets. But if any player ever deserved the honor of a unanimous MVP choice, it’s LeBron. He was off-the-charts amazing when he won his first MVP last year. This year, he’s been better.” [Cavs the Blog]

  • phil m

    With respect to the Stepien Rules post, I’d like to see the Cavs face Chicago, Boston, and Orlando on the road to the finals. Those three teams more than any others are disliked by the Cavs’ players and promise the most entertaining series. There’s an argument for wanting to send Hedo and the Raptors home quickly, simply because Hedo was instrumental in the Magic’s ending our season last year; but Hedo’s flash of fame is over, and I’d say that beating the three teams above gives us the best opportunity to put all our demons to rest.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    Personanlly, I’d like the identical path to 2007 – WAS, NJ, DET

  • ben

    It’ll be an absolute crime if LBJ doesn’t earn his second MVP this year.

  • http://www.twitter.com/osuadamr Adam

    Im with phil and scott on this one… either path will do!

    Lets make Cleveland a CHAMPIONSHIP CITY!!

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    I want to see the Cavs play basketball against other, more inferior basketball teams in these 2010 NBA Basketball Playoffs!

  • Clown Baby

    I’d rather Orlando and Boston play each other before we face one or the other (preferably Boston). The Orlando matchup still scares me. This is Cleveland after all.

  • Mark

    As to the Browns LB situation, it seems as if they finally have the type of corp needed to play the 3-4. We now have big versital linebackers who can play both inside and outside. Are these the exact players we need? Well, probably not as I dont see a guy who can really wreak havoc in this group but it sure is a better looking group on paper then we have had since switching to the 3-4.

    Still, its hard to keep 12 guys so you have to figure DQ is most likely to be shipped out if they can get a draft pick for him.

  • ben

    @Clown Baby – me too. Orlando is one hell of a team.