While We’re Waiting… Hardesty’s Role, Fausto’s Turnaround, and OSU’s NFL Draftees

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On Monty: “Appropriately enough, the former Tennessee standout’s role probably will be assumed by another hard-running ex-Vol. The Browns selected Montario Hardesty in Round 2 of last weekend’s NFL Draft, suggesting he will join Cleveland’s tailback tandem for 2010. […] Other than [Jerome] Harrison, there really isn’t much standing between Hardesty and a starting job in Cleveland. The franchise’s other tailback candidates are 2009 rookies James Davis (5-11, 218) and Chris Jennings (5-10, 218), along with former Georgia Bulldog Thomas Brown (5-8, 203), a two-year NFL veteran.” [Randy Moore/The OBR]

Brad Miller with some kind words in the fourth quarter… [Hardwood Paroxysm]

On those ND QBs: “Although I was bashed a couple months ago for suggesting this, the similarities between Quinn and Clausen had to factor into the latest Golden Domer’s draft fall.  While Clausen may appear to have been slightly more accurate than Quinn – which isn’t truly saying that much – league executives had to consider Quinn’s NFL production as a major red flag in terms of evaluation.” [Cleveland Reboot]

Fausto’s Turnaround: “It is hard to not believe that Fausto Carmona has finally turned himself back into a dominant pitcher again. But, I am guilty of being quite skeptical still.

It’s not that I don’t think it will happen. I just don’t feel that it has happened yet. He’s changed quite a bit as a pitcher and so far has had things go quite his way. Anyways, why would such a small sample size give me something to believe in.

It does make me feel good when Carmona puts up a goose egg in the walk column. That only happened twice last year in 24 starts. The guy can be in the Top 5 in the AL Cy Young voting if he does that every couple starts.” [Waves of Arms]

And finally, about that NFL Draft: “If you’re a Big Ten fan who doesn’t live in Columbus, you had to hate the NFL Draft.  Ohio State didn’t have anyone drafted until AFTER Ohio University had a player go.  Now that could be because 1) last year’s Buckeyes were bad (NO. Won the league and Rose Bowl); 2) last year’s team was made of gritty overachievers who lack the speed and strength necessary for the NFL (NO. Move along); or 3) all the good players are coming back. (Crap.)” [Rivalry Esq.]

(Image via KnoxNews.com)

  • Mark

    Brad Miller…meh. Nobody really cares about you.

  • oribiasi

    Thaddeus Gibson to Pittsburgh makes me sad.

  • JK

    I still wanna see what James Davis can do.

  • coacha12

    Unless we’re regurgitating Shakespeare aboard our yachts docked in the Hamptons, can we refrain from nicknaming our newest running back “Monty”?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    I think we all need to talk with British accents when talking about Monty. Like in WWII films.

    Oh, righto Monty! Dear ol’ chap!

  • MP34

    Denny, that makes it even worse. The guy needs to change his name to Patton, then we can all get behind him.

    …or we could just refer to him as Hardesty.

  • Eric

    One of the Browns’ many problems was their redzone offense. I think they’ve fixed that now. I can see Harrison and Vickers in the back field for normal snaps and Hardesty and newly acquired Peyton Hillis at full back when the Browns get close to the goal line.

  • Mark

    Jolly good show Monty!

  • historycat

    My first thought was Monty Burns. That way if he’s not doing well we can just say the crowd is chanting “Boo-erns”

  • 5KMD

    I disagree with Clausen falling because of Quinn. NFL people want to win and will do anything to do so.

    By the same principle, since Leinart sucks, will NFL teams shy away from the next USC QB? Looks like Sanchez got drafted OK despite the “Leinart effect”.

  • Chrisjake

    Will someone make that woman next to Brad Miller SHUT UP!

  • Matt#2

    See how, when Miller yells “vacuum cleaner,” the guys directly in front of and behind him don’t even bat an eye. I think it’s a euphemism for “nice rebound.”

  • mgbode

    “vacuum cleaner” is indeed a euphemism. “mouth like a hoover” comes to mind.