While We’re Waiting…Shaq’s Return & Pace of Play, Fausto Looking Good, Critiquing Holmgren’s QB Moves

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An NBA scout’s take on the Cavs: “They’re going to have some problems when they bring Shaquille O’Neal back. They’ve played for a month at a faster pace in games that were more fun for them where driving lanes were available. They’ve had active guys in the post with J.J. Hickson and Anderson Varejao. And they’ve had Antawn Jamison to space the floor. Now all of a sudden you’re bringing in a plodder. That changes the style of play all over again.  Getting used to a rhythm of how they can keep everybody happy is crucial, and Mike Brown can only do so much because he is not so much a coach as he is a manager. LeBron is the coach of that team.” [Paul Forrester/SI]

Spring look at Buckeyes ST: “As for the rest of the action, Buchanan looked solid punting the ball despite having one kick blocked by walk-on defensive back Nate Ebner. On punt returns, Danze Sanzenbacher, DeVier Posey and Devon Torrence were back receiving and on kick returns, it was Torrence, Jaamal Berry, Boom Herron and Jordan Hall for the two teams. It should be an interesting battle for the return spots this year, but there are a strong pool of candidates and all of them looked fully capable of doing the job. I’m really excited to see Berry and Hall get their crack on special teams in the remaining weeks of spring practice as both are speedy and explosive athletes who can bring a missing element to the unit.” [Alex/Eleven Warriors]

Keeping Laffey in the Pen: “The Indians traded Kelly Shoppach for Talbot. He has started almost exclusively, so I think they want to see what he can do as a starter.  Laffey has been great coming out of the bullpen through the first four games of the season. He is still stretched out enough where he could go back into the rotation if needed, but manager Manny Acta said if he went more than a month in the bullpen, it would be unfair to try to make him a starter again.  I think Laffey can do both jobs, but I like the fact he can come out of the pen in a tight situation and get a double play with his sinker. He has already done it twice.” [Paul Hoynes/Plain Dealer]

Fausto conquering past demons?: “Take a bow, Fausto. No joke. Fausto Carmona deserves it. He won his first game of the year Wednesday against the Chicago White Sox and demonstrated that he is starting to conquer his demons, the ones that wrecked his season in 2008 and 2009. Really? How many batters would he have to walk to pitch poorly? Maybe an even dozen, and throw in four or five wild pitches? It’s not about how clean of a game Carmona pitched. Not yet. Manager Manny Acta isn’t pleased that Carmona issued six walks. In the long run, he can’t get away with that. But his command of the strike zone will come. That’s not the real problem. [Sheldon Ocker/Akron Beacon-Journal]

Critiquing Holmgren’s QB moves: “That being said, there is some criticism out there for Holmgren, aimed mainly at his impulsiveness in the way he has handled the quarterback situation. There is the belief that he essentially “gave away” Brady Quinn to the Broncos but, more importantly, some feel Holmgren lost out on Donovan McNabb by not waiting for the asking price to come down. Sure, Holmgren disintegrated the quarterback position pretty quick, but what’s the problem with that? So the team got rid of Quinn and Anderson and replaced them with Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme. In the end, it’s still an upgrade.” [Steve DiMatteo/Dawg Pound Daily]

…and finally, it was nice to see Kelly Shoppach break up CC’s no hitter yesterday afternoon: “We should introduce Shoppach at this point, who caught many of Sabathia’s starts when both played for Cleveland. Shoppach isn’t buying the notion that Sabathia was done if he hadn’t hit a two-seam fastball for a no-doubt knock. But it’s true, he was told. That’s exactly what Girardi had said…Sabathia is too valuable to the Yankees and – no-hitter or not – it still counts as just one win. And Girardi never had to give Sabathia that ol’ big-picture speech.  It was all thanks to Kelly Shoppach.” [Joe Henderson/Tampa Tribune]

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    Jets reportedly landing Santonio Holmes from the Steelers for just a fifth round pick.

  • ben

    In the end, I do not believe it was an upgrade. I can only assume Jake is the same quarterback he’s been over the last season and a half. Which is to say a terrible one.