While We’re Waiting… Free Carlos Santana, Cavs Roster Revamps and MJ’s Shadow

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Looking forward to June 1 more than July 1 (Or: FREE CARLOS!): “Carlos Santana is unreal. He homered twice in Columbus’ 5-1 win over Durham on Monday, driving in five runs along the way. He now has a .333 average, nine homers, nine doubles and 37 RBIs in 37 games. He’s ringing in with a 1.087 OPS. The clock is ticking toward June, and Lou Marson is batting .215 with no homers and one RBI to his name. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.” [CastroTurf]

Speaking of… “Free agents like LeBron James will want to get a good look at what’s happening before making their final decisions. He’ll want to see which teams will have better rosters than Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao, J.J. Hickson and the guys back in Ohio. Which brings up an interesting question: What if those aren’t the guys back in Ohio? What if the Cavaliers do their own trading around draft day?

For some time, the Cavaliers have been unwilling to part with talent. If some other team wanted to make an offer for Varejao, Hickson or whomever, they really weren’t in the mood to deal, because they were loading the wagon to win the title, in an attempt to keep James, this year. If anything would change that line of thinking, it’s what the Boston Celtics have done to the Cavaliers. Maybe that math all reversed late Thursday. Instead of “the same roster you always had!” owner Dan Gilbert’s new best pitch might be “a totally revamped roster!” [TrueHoop]

Seneca Wallace is the exception, not Mike Holmgren’s norm [The OBR]

Revisiting a week later: “I’m not here to annihilate you the way you were after Game Five. I’m here just to say one thing above all else, and that’s thank you. People tend to forget in the midst of a bad series just how phenomenal you have been in your seven years. You have exceeded every expectation and then some. You have broke records for fun. Nobody said this post season would be easy. After all, Game One against Chicago was the first time we started with a line up of Williams-Parker-You-Jamison-Shaq. People tend to forget that we played the entire playoffs with a team who before the playoffs had never seen action together. Oh well, guess it wasn’t to be.” [David O’Leary/Stepien Rules]

And finally… “The Bulls are appealing because they offer young, top-level talent when the other LBJ-contending franchises do not. He must resist the urge anyway. Chicago never can be LeBron’s town when it always will be Jordan’s town.” [Jay Mariotti]

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  • Lyon

    At least when Carlos gets called up we’ll have an exciting player to watch.

    Now I find it hard to even get excited to watch Chooooooo. This team is so depressing.

  • historycat

    Would anyone call Cleveland, “Jim Brown’s town”?

    He can own this city for the next 40 years. The same can’t be said about Chicago, NYC, Miami, or LA.

    You can be a global icon anywhere, so why not be a global icon AND be loved for your loyalty here?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Craig Lyndall

    I disagree with everything Jay Mariotti ever says, usually. Even now, I agree with the conclusion, but not the reasoning. LeBron plays under the shadow of Michael Jordan no matter where he plays. He shouldn’t go to Chicago because that organization is not going to yield the control that he desires and has in Cleveland.

    If we were to look at it all in a vacuum, the amount of power he has in Cleveland is probably wholly unhealthy too.

  • Chris

    In all seriousness, that might be the most reasonable thing I have ever seen Mariotti write.

  • swig

    The thing that confuses me about LeBron’s quotes. He claims Akron will always be his home, but he has to realize how intertwined Akron and Cleveland are. If he walks away from the Cavs it splits Akron and he is no longer revered by all.

  • Chris

    @ Craig – You really don’t think the people in Chicago would be a little less appreciative if he won 5 titles there than if he won 5 titles in Cleveland? If he won any less than 7(!) in Chicago, he would be second class.

    Jordan’s shadow is a bit less prominent in Cleveland than it is in Chicago.

  • ben

    I have a less bitter taste in my mouth now seeing how bad Orlando is getting hit by the Celtics in the ECF. If they’re swept, a 2-4 loss looks good by comparison.

    Count me as surprised the Celtics have played so well in the playoffs. Stupid Rondo…

  • AMC

    I mostly agree with what Marriotti is saying, which shocks me. LeBron will always be second fiddle to MJ in Chicago. Even if he plays well, he’ll never be the greatest ever in the fans minds. Mariotti suggests there is no ideal destination for LBJ, and I agree with that too. He suggests Miami, but I don’t see LeBron going down to DWade’s town and playing as option 1a to his option 1b or vice versa.

    @ ben – I feel a little better seeing the Celtics dominate. I actually think the Celtics are going to win the title. Their offense in incredibly efficient right now and they are playing incredible defense. Doc Rivers deserves an award for how he’s got this team playing right now.

  • mgbode

    true hoop is better than that….same roster we’ve always had?

    i personally think part of our issue this year (beyond LeBron quitting on the team for 2 games) was that our roster never stabilzed.

    Shaq, Jamison, Parker, Moon, Powe – that’s 5 playoff rotation guys who were not on the team last year. Add in that we lost Z for a month, Shaq was out until the end of the regular season, and we didn’t have our real rotation until the playoffs started.

    no, we haven’t traded AV or JJ yet, but how does that mean we have the same old roster? Ferry has been among the most active GMs the past 3 years.