While We’re Waiting…Lee “no doubt” signing with NYY, Thibodeau for Cavs, Hardesty to Start?

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Former Tribe Cy Youngs gathering in the Bronx: “One AL executive went so far as to say last week, ‘I have no doubt that the Yankees will sign Cliff Lee.’…There is no doubt the Yankees front office is enamored of Lee. The Yankees can imagine going forward with Lee and his former Indians teammate, Sabathia, heading the rotation followed by A.J. Burnett and Phil Hughes, and if he wanted to come back again, Pettitte. If not Pettitte, then the presence of horses such as Lee and Sabathia would more comfortably allow the Yankees to break in someone such as Ivan Nova as a low-cost No. 5 starter.” [Joel Sherman/NYPost]

Thibodeau moving towards NOH, but some wouldn’t mind to see him in CLE: “William Wesley may be manipulating Tom Thibodeau’s decision! Seriously, I’m excited about this. I am a huge, huge, huge Thibodeau backer. Look at what he did/has done to the Cavs and Magic’s offensive game-plans. (Although the Magic do finally seem to be adjusting a bit.) For the past decade, he’s been the assistant coach on a team with a top-five defense. How many coaches, in any sport, have that kind of track record? The man is the Leo Mazzone of basketball.

I know his profile — defensive whiz, successful assistant on a championship team, et cetera — makes him seem like Mike Brown 2.0, but he’s been doing this a lot longer and a lot better than Brown had been when the Cavs hired him. LeBron + another big FA + a Thibodeau defense = scary.” [John Krolik/Cavs:The Blog]

Looking at the max FAs performance when it mattered most: “With the elimination of the Phoenix Suns and Amar’e Stoudemire, the summer has now started for all of the major players who can become free agents. And Stoudemire continued the trend of sub-par performances in the face of elimination. Most of the group that expects franchise-player money came up short in at least one major category with their season on the line.

Out of Stoudemire, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer and Dirk Nowitzki, Wade and Nowitzki were the only ones to win an elimination game, and Wade the only one who came up with a spectacular performance to do so. ” [J.A. Adande/TrueHoop]

Money, however, may matter most to many: “One University of Illinois-Chicago economist says signing James in and of itself is not enough. While he predicts a $450 million-per-year boost for six seasons, that is based in part on extended playoff runs in each of those seasons — with the corresponding ticket sales, concessions, parking, TV ads and consumer spending.

‘Returning to an NBA championship could boost the Bulls’ value by 20 percent to 50 percent, history suggests, to between $613 million and $760 million, according to Forbes magazine’s estimate of the franchise’s worth…’ ” [Mary Schmitt Boyer/Plain Dealer]

Super Montario: “Despite the prevailing thought that running back Jerome Harrison will be the feature back in the Browns’ offense next season, Jonathan Dove of NFLMocks.com thinks rookie running back Montario Hardesty will end up getting the bulk of the carries …This is just another great endorsement of the Browns’ second-round pick out of Tennessee. I think there is a possibility that he could end the season with the majority of the carries, because there are still question marks surrounding Harrison. Sure, he had 561 yards rushing in the last three games of the season, but will he be dependable over the course of the entire season? If not, Hardesty could start stealing away some carries of the non-goal-line kind.” [Steve DiMatteo/DawgPoundDaily]

Photo’s from LeBron’s first public appearance, unless you count the Drake concert (“love the Drake!”), since Game 6 [WKNR/ESPNCleveland.com]

Coverage this afternoon may be few and far between given the Memorial Day holiday.  We’re forecasted to get some rain up in Cleveland today, but as of right now, it’s gorgeous out.  Get out there and spend some time with friends and family.  Oh, and be safe!  Back with you fulltime tomorrow…

  • http://www.twitter.com/core013 Laura

    The thought of Lee signing with the Yankees makes me physically ill.

  • Stinkfist

    He should sign a huge contract with the Rangers like A-Roid did. I hear they are doing fantastic financially.

  • JNeids

    “allow the Yankees to break in someone such as Ivan Nova as a low-cost No. 5 starter.”

    When have the Yankees ever cared about low-cost players and saving money?

  • Matt#2

    Two Ohioans (man and woman) were driving in the Indianapolis 500. That’s like a finals, no? I know people who don’t think car racing is a sport.

  • DCBucks

    #4, It’s a sport. Just not one worth watching.

  • Gren (not Glen)

    I hate the Drake !

  • doug1121

    Gotta love those scrappy Yanks! Can’t wait for the offseason to see how this shakes out.