While We’re Waiting… Michael Jordan, Choo’s Duty and LeBron Day

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Some comments from Michael Jordan’s agent about the future of LeBron James: “‘I am a big LeBron James fan. But he needs to decide what he wants to do. He has all of the power. If he doesn’t want to stay, fine. If he wants to go, then go. But tell Cleveland that and work with them to make it happen in the best fashion for everybody. The lack of dialogue is, to me, confusing and illogical.’

‘I don’t think the people around him understand that. I don’t think they understand that if LeBron James leaves Cleveland he will be a pariah, he will be a Benedict Arnold. I don’t think he understands the implications of his decision. If he leaves, Cleveland’s economy is going to tank, he is that important.”‘ [Frank Hughes/SI.com]

A very good article from the New York Times about the life of the Indians’ best player: “Imagine a high school where baseball is the only curriculum. How many boys would love that? No more pencils, no more books, only fastballs, changeups and hooks? Shin-Soo Choo, the star outfielder for the Cleveland Indians, had that experience in Pusan, South Korea. [Tyler Kepner/NY Times]

Talking about the progress and development of the Browns’ WR’s: “But if you talk about Robiskie, you’ve also got to talk about Mohamed Massaquoi. Taken 14 spots later in the second round, at No. 50 overall, Massaquoi and Robiskie will be looked upon as a matched set for the forseeable future. The progress of one will be measured against that of the other.” [Steve King/The OBR]

The city of Akron is hosting an official LeBron Day at Infocision Stadium on Saturday, June 19th. The event has a Twitter page and a website while the NBA is just starting to get a whiff of what is going on. [AP Story/NBA.com]

Being involved in LeBron mania does have it’s side effects: “President of the United States, basketball fan, and former Chicago resident Barack Obama once again weighed in on the future of LeBron James Wednesday, saying how much he would enjoy seeing the superstar play for the Bulls, and also that he, President Obama, was in fact the leader of the free world.” [The Onion]

From Cry Baby to the Crab Dribble and now to this, DC sports fans have a fair share of issues: “But the obvious answer has yet to emerge from the speculation flooding the nation’s sports media: The most talented player on the planet should come to the most powerful city in the world. Washington, the town named for our first president, is ready for its first King.” [Michael Abramowitz/Washington Post]

Asking about which pitchers will still be around for the Cleveland Indians by 2012… The results are not very pretty. [Ed Carroll/Deep Left Field]

(UPDATE: Sorry folks for the misattributed quote earlier. All fixed now. Photo above via Ted S. Warren / Associated Press)

  • sam

    Actually, Michael Jordan didn’t say that. David Falk, his agent, said that.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Jacob Rosen

    Sorry about that folks. All fixed now. It’s way too early.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Scott

    That Falk piece is solid.

    FWIW, James will not be available to the media for this weekend’s slam dunk contest.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    It’s unreal that Jordan was the 11th highest paid player in the league when he was up for re-signing. That blows my mind.

  • JM

    “If he wants to go, then go. But tell Cleveland that.” Of course no one in Cleveland will say this though. They will just have ridiculou parades and LeBron Day. People are nuts.

  • http://www.mattyfos.blogspot.com MattyFos

    I agree with most of what Falk said about LBJ. The only thing I disagree with is that I believe LBJ understands the implications if he chooses to leave. LBJ is pretty smart and just because he’s playing this whole free agency close to the chest doesn’t mean that he’s ignorant.
    He has a strategy and his people are aware of it, he may not even have made a decision yet. If he were to go to the media and talk daily, like Wade, he knows people will dissect every word he says. It’s not worth bringing unwarranted speculation into the free agency. There’s enough of that already.
    I do think if Lebron leaves he will attempt to get the Cavs something in return. This team has done everything possible for him and he will try to repay them if he wants a shot elsewhere… The main question is whether the fans and the team would see a gesture like a sign and trade in the right perspective.

  • Matt#2

    I like what Matty has to say, I’d add that writers are possibly ticked that he’s not giving them more to write about. I haven’t lost a minute of sleep on Lebron’s silence.

    I truly would love for him to stay and I would totally understand if he left (I disagree with folks saying there are no basketball reasons for him to leave.).

  • Mark

    @Matt#2 – Before the playoffs I would have said there were no basketball reasons for LeBron to leave. Now, I’m not so sure.

  • Shamrock

    If you watched the cavaliers play you saw plenty of basketball reasons.