Bulls Trade Hinrich, Heat Maneuvering, Cavs?

Well, it is still all quiet on the Cavalier front.  Obviously, we didn’t expect that to change until the draft actually begins, if at all.  But things are not quiet around the rest of the league.  The Chicago Bulls have traded Kirk Hinrich to the Washington Wizards in an attempt to have enough cap space to sign two giant free agents.  The deal will reportedly get the Bulls from the $20 million free range to the $30 million range according to ESPN. But that’s not all.

The Miami Heat, are emerging as the free agency dark horse all of a sudden.  The Heat traded their pick and Daequan Cook yesterday to Oklahoma City to save cap space.  Now, ESPN is reporting that Miami is also looking to buy out James Jones’ deal, which could give the Heat just under $30 million to spend on free agents.  Oh, and they can of course bring back Dwyane Wade too.

The Cavs aren’t done just yet, but they certainly have reason to be scared.  The Cavaliers can always pay LeBron James more money than anyone else can.  The Cavaliers can also continue to promise to improve the team.  The scary thing if you are in LeBron’s camp is looking at the power balance shifting in the East so drastically.  Assuming the Heat and Bulls both now sign two top free agents to go with Dwyane Wade, and Rose and Noah, respectively, LeBron will know that he needs to compete with those teams year in and year out.  That is, of course, unless he takes the attitude of, “If you can’t beat em, might as well join em.”

I don’t expect the Cavs to just sit idle throughout this process, but the hill is getting steeper and steeper by the day.

  • mike

    stink -yes a guy can follow up a 5 year max with another big contract. but he can also follow up a 6 year max with that same second big contract. so that $30mil deficit that is left on the table is always there never to be made up. so $70 + $30 or $100 + $30 = never make up that money left on the table. plus, no guarantee you will get that second big contract. injuries happen. getting old fast happens (richard jefferson anyone?). the collective bargaining agreement might prevent it.

  • Shamrock

    &49 Just read that I guess NJ has given up on the dream of LEBron if they get Granger.

  • mgbode

    Reminder to all panicking:

    it’s still early. definitely not great news that the Heat and Bulls pulled off good moves, but it is still early.

    tonight is a long night. and, there will be much more activity between now and July 8th than ever before.

    a long time to go and teams will be upping the ante throughout. just because we didn’t make the first move, doesn’t mean we are out.

  • mgbode

    if the Nets have the #10 pick, do they reach and steal Eric Bledsoe (they’d be sorely missing a PG w/o Harris)?

    He was someone I was secretly hoping drops tonight that the Cavs could swoop in and buy a pick to acquire.

  • Rich

    I don’t get the move by NJ unless they simply do not like Favors at all. If that’s the case, then the move makes sense because now they can go sign Stoudemire and have a very sexy looking team (who knows if it’s effective or not).

  • MattyFos

    I don’t know if they reach for Bledsoe. I’m not sure that would be a reach, he has very little college tape. But, everybody, is high on Bledsoe.
    Who are the free agent pg’s? I can’t think of any big name free agent pg’s

  • Rich

    I truly think Bledsoe is going to be the best player in this draft, especially if Favors doesn’t pan out. Great athlete who can really shoot and run. Reminds me so much of Westbrook.

  • mgbode

    Ray Felton is the big FA PG (if you don’t count Wade and LeBron as defacto PGs)


    I was merely saying ‘reach’ because of his current status on ‘mocks’ Seems most have him in the 15-20 range, which is giving me foolish hope the Cavs can acquire him.

    I’m not as high on Bledsoe as Rich is, but I think he’ll end up being a top5 talent from this draft when all is said and done.

  • MattyFos

    Yeah, I see the mock drafts. I can’t judge college basketball talent (partly because I don’t watch college) so I have no idea how good Bledsoe can be…. But there are a lot of people who I’ve been reading that like him.

  • bobby

    So if all goes right, I should be hoping for a ‘Twan trade for Al Jefferson (while keeping JJ and Andy), along with Bledsoe falling for the Cavs to trade cash and possibly West to get in the 15-low 20s range? That would seem to give the Cavs a decent position even if LBJ leaves. And if they do get Bledsoe and are sold for him at PG, Mo either is on the bench, moved to SG, or a tradeable asset.

  • Jack

    Haha, these scenarios people concoct are giggles…

  • Jim

    I don’t see how LBJ can say no to the Bulls. Noah, Rose, Deng is greater than Wade. No one is going to make a move until Lebron does either. As such, if he signs with the Bulls, another max player (Bosh most likely) will be right behind. Noah, Rose, Lebron, Bosh is a heck of a starting four.

    Yes, Miami has a ton of cap space. They also have D Wade. However, unlike the Bulls they have no other pieces on that team to build around.

    Unfortunately, I see no possible way the Cavs improve this offseason. No cap space, 2 tradable assets (West and Hickson) which won’t bring back the type of player Lebron can go play with by signing elsewhere.

    The irony here is Washington got the cap space to sign Captain Kurk by getting rid of Jamison.

  • Jack

    Sloan and the Jazz picking Gordon Hayward is tres hilarious.

  • mgbode

    It’s funnier when you realize the Pacers were one pick behind them

  • MattyFos

    So where are we expecting the Cavs to move in?

    I wish they could jump in and grab Cole Aldrich

  • Jack

    @mgbode – Hahaha, yes, it is. Thanks for helping me realize that.

  • mgbode

    picks generally don’t get sold before 20. so, we can start hoping around 16?

  • MattyFos


  • MattyFos

    Well… there goes my All Kansas front court…..

  • mgbode

    cole wasn’t lasting…but if no trades, bledsoe could not drop like a rock

    15-18 rock solid at PG(mil, min, chicago, okc)…not biggest needs of 12-14 either (memphis, toronto, houston)

  • Shamrock

    Cavaliers probably won’t buy anything better then a second rounder which won’t make much of a difference. They’ll need to trade otherwise it’s game over.

  • MattyFos

    Well Cole and Mo Pete are getting traded to OKC.. I like that for OKC, they were a big man away from beating the Lakers

  • MattyFos

    Griz drafting Xavier.. They either don’t expect Rudy to re-sign or they are moving on without Rudy

  • MattyFos

    I just read this article


    and I want to smack this smug “reporter” around… WINK WINK

  • mgbode

    if no trades, bledsoe slotted in at #22 to Portland? assuming of course Pritchard drafts well for a team that fired him 2 hours ago.

    gotta buy-in before 22 just to be sure.

    ohterwise, grab a big man and there are enough that will be available in the 26-36 range

  • Rich

    Guys, everything I’ve read leads me to believe there is oging to be no buying in. Teams are demanding cash + a player, and for a lower 20s pick, that isn’t worth it.

  • Shamrock

    @72 Great deal for OKC they are assembling a nice young talented team with Durant in the center. Wish the Cavaliers had gone that route but oh well no sense crying over spilt Gatorade. 

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    How do you split Gatorade it is made of atoms and nobody can split atoms well!

  • Shamrock

    @78 Ugh. 

  • subadai



    Nuclear reactors (and weapons) split atoms very well, than kyou.

  • subadai

    sheesh… than kyou = thank you. Bedtime for me.

  • mgbode

    miss a minute, miss a lot. we’re splitting atoms here? crazy.

  • mgbode
  • Shamrock

    I wonder what the great ex-GM Danny Ferry was doing tonight. I’m sure he wasn’t suffering from any draft withdrawls.

  • mgbode


  • MattyFos

    I wish the Cavs would have bought Solomon Alibi. We need a big man, why not buy one for 1-2 million

  • mgbode

    Or Jerome Jordan. Don’t like that the Bucks winded up with him.

    would have liked something to happen tonight, but still a lot of time before July 8th.

    tick, tick, tick, tick…do you hear that Mr. Grant?

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    @subadai – can they split gatorade?

  • Jason

    I love how Chicago and Miami can “almost” sign two max free agents. This means they’ll sign one.

    If history has shown us anything, it’s that most big time athletes are about one thing. Money. Bosh isn’t taking a few million less a year to play with Wade or Lebron. Neither is Amare or Joe Johnson. They all want the max. This is all media hype.

    They’ll either sign with their current teams to get the most money, or they’ll get the max contract with another team. Nobody is taking less than a max deal. Won’t happen.

    I predict James, Bosh, and Wade all stay where they are. Joe Johnson to Chicago (Atlanta won’t offer a max deal, otherwise he’d stay). Amare to New York or New Jersey (only because he wants out of Phoenix). It’s all about the $$. Winning is secondary. If they really wanted to win, they’d sign for the MLE so their teams could sign others.

  • http://gooddoctorzeus.blogspot.com DocZeus

    Hopefully, the Wizards will come to their damn senses and realize wasting their cap space on Kirk Hinrich when they already have FOUR other point guards is the height of insanity…

  • Skal

    All these scenarios of Bosh, Wade, LBJ, etc teaming up to play with each other is borderline silliness—these guys want to be the stars of title teams and not share the stage/trophy with other stars…Bosh has stated he’s not a “2nd fiddle, role player” he wants to have a team “build around me”–so scratch him off any scenario with LBJ/Wade. Also, forget about DW/LBJ playing together–no chance for above reasons. At the end of the day, this circus will probably result in maybe Bosh changing teams via sign/trade and LBJ/DW staying where they are. The second tier guys will be the one’s who benefit the most because so many teams have cap space and don’t want to get shut out of a good signing; meanwhile, teams like PHX/ATL/UTAH know their own free agents aren’t worth max deals and will lose those players to the likes of desperate teams like NYK/NJ/CHI, etc.

  • EZ


    Read a rumor this morning (I think on Hoopsworld) about Captain Kirk and two players to Orlando for Vince Carter. Which is hilarious.

    I can’t think of two better role models for John Wall than Gilbert Arenas and Vince Carter. Maybe the Wiz can arrange for Rasheed Wallace to go to DC instead of retiring.

  • websterslaughteringem

    It may be time for the NBA sanctions against the Cavs, they may be developing a Gatorade bomb.