Cavaliers Unveil New Colors and Logos

The Cleveland Cavaliers sent out a press release this afternoon to reveal their latest tweaks to the color scheme and logos for their franchise.  While these minor changes had been reported for several weeks, the official announcement makes things…well, official. 

The changes, which can be seen in the image to the right as well as those below, are more or less alterations of the wine and gold within the various logos.  The wine is deeper and the gold is more of a yellow than anything.  Think more Michigan than Notre Dame. 

Per the team:

The Cleveland Cavaliers announced today that they have updated their primary and secondary logos and wordmarks to now represent an “original expression” of the team’s wine and gold colors.

The logo and wordmark designs will remain the same, but the color changes, to a deeper wine and brighter gold, are truer to the hues that were a part of the team’s history from 1970-1983. These original colors have been very popular with fans as evidenced in the recent success of the team’s Hardwood Classic line of merchandise and specialty uniforms that features retro styles and colors from the earlier years of the Cavs.

The team touted merchandise sales following the switch to the wine and gold colorway following the 2002-03 season.  Labeled a “new expression of wine and gold,” the team hopes to build off of the momentum they have seen since the jersey switch.  Fortunately, there is something else that happened to the Cavaliers following the 2002-03 season that had a large impact in the sales of jerseys and other merchandise.  Unfortunately, it is one that could have a profound impact on the flip side of the coin – even more so than the changes that are being implemented for the upcoming season.

  • CLESportsFan

    Doesn’t make me want to run out and buy a new shirt….

  • Akron Corey

    Did anybody ask LeBron if he was ok with the changes?

  • Denny

    Looking at the throwback designs/color schemes that they’ve borrowed so heavily from, this shouldn’t have much of an impact on things.

    The yellow looks pretty garish next to the red and blue though.

  • whipjacka

    they should go back to the late 80’s/90’s jerseys

  • Kevin

    I totally agree with whipjacka. The Mark Price era jerseys were awesome.

  • 216in614

    who cares what color their jerseys are as long and they have one that say James on the back.

  • AMC

    Somehow I think merchandise sales will be just fine if a certain player wearing #6 next year is in a Cavs uniform.

  • stin4u

    I was expecting better than this when heard about this awhile back. The yellow looks really bad, it looks like someone tried to match the colors of the original and made every color too light.

    I thought they were going to update the lettering and such as well?

  • BrianRut4

    why not get rid of the navy blue?

  • Alex

    early 90’s was by far the best (mark price era)

  • mgbode

    does this mean the ‘good’ color scheme will be going on the clearance racks soon?

    (looking for the sunny side)

  • Vare-A-Jay

    I honestly don’t see the differance in the lettering. It does look like someone tinkled on the sword.

  • G

    I think the popularity of the retro jerseys is correlated to the popularity of LeBron, considering every jersey sold is number 23. They should change back to orange and blue.

  • Boney

    they should go back to the Shawn Kemp era jerseys

  • Shamrock

    Wow even more great choices. You can barely tell there are any differences but hey maybe this will help offset any LeBronless merchandise should the improbable occur.

  • tones

    yeah i don’t get this. why do they keep adding..mark price era or what they did when bron first got there.

  • TSR3000

    Price era logo and colors, please.

  • mike

    216in614 – any plans on the cavs re-signing Henry James?

  • Max

    “more Michigan than notre dame”…finally a decision made by the Cavs this offseason I can get behind. Not quite what I was hoping for, however

  • todd

    what? why?

  • Laura

    the mark price era jerseys are my favorite as well.

  • AcrossTheField

    Does anybody like the Mark Price era jerseys. I’d be down for that.

  • Eli

    So our colors got a tan? Got it.

  • CleFanVA
  • rechosu

    I think they’re missing the mark here. They are trying to incorporate the colors of the Hardwood classics jersey that was popular with fans. It was popular because it was different, not because of the color combo. Do they actually have a graphic designer working for them or did they just want to play with Adobe CS5? I mean they’re doing things you learn NOT to do on your first day in design school. ie. comic sans “CAVS.COM” on the court, and the basics of color (the saturation of the new wine and navy are so close that it is creating color vibration).

  • rechosu

    I think they should just hand the graphic duties over to Homage Tees.

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