LeBron May or May Not Appreciate the Appreciation

Whether or not you wear your dancing shoes, there is an event going on in Akron tomorrow that may or may not be of significance to Cavalier fans. It seems that local business and communities types have organized an “appreciation rally” for Akron’s favorite son LeBron James. The event is taking place at InfoCision Stadium (that’s the new downtown home of the Zips in case you were wondering) at 10am. Events are family oriented, including a rock climbing wall and a LeBron James look-a-like contest. Perhaps the winner can double as the guest of honor for the day.

InfoCision has been calling University of Akron Alumni all week to promote the event, but anyone can attend. It seems that even though he was invited, nobody is sure that LeBron James himself will actually show up for the appreciation- ”If I had to bet, I’d say no, but I hope he does [attend]. We heard he is and we heard he’s not, so we don’t know.”

So many thoughts filling my head right now.

First off, let’s not confuse things- this is more of a keep LeBron rally than an appreciation. No matter what the event coordinators do, it will never be viewed differently. Not by the media. Probably not even by 99% of the people that attend.

That being said, don’t you have to go to this if you’re LeBron? If he’s anywhere near town, or even close enough to fly home for the day doesn’t he need to pop his head in and say thank you? He doesn’t have to tip his hand where he’s going. Nobody expects him to do that. But just come on stage and say how much it means to you to be honored by the city this way?

What do you think are the chances that he does that? And what do you think is going to happen in the media if he doesn’t attend? I bet the NY Daily News already has the front page layout ready to go for Sunday morning- LEBRON HATES AKRON, DOESN’T SHOW FOR OWN PARADE.

But hey, they’re giving away free shirts to the first 10,000 people.

  • JPS3

    I’m leaning towards him not attending because it seems he wants to be quiet on all fronts until july 1 so he doesn’t overplay his hand or have to answer questions from local media. The issue is, if he doesn’t show, you’ll see him on TV taking these tours to NY, CHItown, LA, Miami but would not have come to UofAkron for his own event. It comes off pretty bad for him locally.

    And there’s no excuse for him not showing up. It isn’t July 1 yet. He isn’t a free agent yet so he isn’t busy right now. No reason for him not to be here. It would be a strategic decision over a scheduling issue.

  • Roosevelt

    Way to be un-desperate, Akron!

  • Lloyd Braun

    Lebron should be there. He goes on and on about how his loyalty lies with Akron. He needs to back that talk up and acknowledge the people of Akron who are putting this on in honor of him.

  • Chris

    He won’t show. I wish Bodog had odds on this so I could actually bet on it.

  • http://www.twitter.com/davepurcell dave p.

    What Chris said — I would bet money that he won’t be there.

    The whole thing is an embarrassment.

  • Matt#2

    As odd as the event sounds, I hope for Lebron’s sake that he is advised by someone he trusts to go.

  • JPS3

    Mike Brown and Danny Ferry will NOT be in attendance for those who were wondering.

  • http://www.twitter.com/core013 Laura

    They’re calling more than Akron alums ’cause I got a call about it yesterday.

  • JM

    He didn’t talk to Tom Izzo so why would he show up to this?

  • Matt#2


    I don’t see talking to Tom Izzo (if that scenario played out as rumored) and showing up at U of A as equivalent propositions.

  • Gordo

    i’m going to to contrarian here and say that he 100% goes. this is akron, which is much more important to him than cleveland, and has nothing to do with the cavs or free agency. he is akron’s proudest son, and literally credits the city with saving his life.

    he’ll go. and it will mean nothing re: july 1.

  • http://gooddoctorzeus.blogspot.com DocZeus

    I’m really having trouble accepting that LeBron is willing to throw away 25 years of his life for the chance to play for a big city team. The way he’s going out, it’s going to be impossible for him to ever return to Akron for the rest of his life. I don’t know if his management team is giving to him straight but the reality of the situation will be if he leaves. He’s going to lose the place he’s called home for his entire life. Forget losing in the playoffs. That’s real loss.

  • bobby

    I usually could care less where LBJ is or not, but in this case he has to be there. AD skipped out on mandatory Vikings camp to go to Adrian Peterson day. I just think he would lose all home-town support (well a lot) if he doesnt go. Checkin out early like he did game 5…

  • Alex

    He should go simply cause as mentioned before, it’s Akron not Cleveland. Who knows what LeDiva is thinking, besides im better than sliced bread

  • JM

    Let me help you out Matt. The guy is a jerk. Is that equivalent enough for you? Mr. Free Agency can’t possibly be bothered to show up or even acknowledge the team he is still on. Why would he go to this? I will go the opposite route and say I will be shocked if he DOES show up.

  • Sar

    He’ll show up you just won’t hear about it is what I am thinking. Not real sure how you can hide a 6’8″ 260 pound basketball star but he’ll probably sneak in some how. After all he did have Larry King come to his house in Akron for that interview and I think he knows enough what Akron has meant to him. It would be awesome if he showed up just even to thank the fans but I am not sure he cares that much about the fans anymore.