NBA Trade Rumors: No Clarity, Just Speculation

As the Cavs attempt to move forward ahead of the July 1st LeBron James free agency, the picture is getting less and less clear.  As we learn about more teams’ desires and positions and draft needs, it makes the world awfully complicated.  I mean, we are talking about the same league that is capable of producing three team deals with relative regularity.  With that in mind, I will not try to predict what the Cavs will do.  I will just state a few basic assumptions based on previous rumors.  Mo Williams is available.  Delonte West is available and a valuable trade piece because his buyout is only $500k.  J.J. Hickson is probably available for the right deal and despite Cavs’ fans concerns, he still has value.  With those things and Dan Gilbert’s spending history in mind, here are the rumors.  I could try and connect the dots in putting the Cavs involved in every one of these rumors, but it seems like a pointless exercise.  I’ll let Chris Grant / Dan Gilbert do their thing and hope for the best.

  • San Antonio wants to add a big man to their roster, possibly in the draft.  They haven’t reportedly been shopping Tony Parker, but the 28 year-old point guard is no longer considered untradeable.  The latest rumors have him possibly going to the Knicks, maybe even for David Lee.  Of course another way they could go is to trade with Philly who has the #2 pick and reportedly will consider trading it.  There the Spurs could take Derrick Favors.
  • Speaking of Philly and the #2 pick, rumors were that Philly would use the leverage of having the #2 pick to unload Elton Brand’s $15 million per year contract.  It was later rumored that Philly might have to back off that stance because people wouldn’t be willing to take Elton Brand’s contract under any circumstances.
  • Minnesota and Oklahoma City are automatically included in this conversation because they have multiple first round picks.  Minnesota has the 16th and 23rd picks.  Oklahoma City has 21st and the 26th.  These picks could be used for those teams to trade up.  These picks could be sold to teams who want to buy into the draft.
  • Toronto is generally just a wildcard.  Nothing seems to be sacred in Toronto.  It almost seems as if they have resigned themselves to getting their superstar Chris Bosh to agree to a sign-and-trade so they can get something for him.
  • Many have speculated that if Bosh is going to be gone that Toronto would want to unload Hedo Turkoglu’s contract.  As recently as yesterday it was reported that Hedo Turkoglu wants to go back to Sacramento.
  • The New Orleans Hornets aren’t necessarily hot in the rumor mill, but still people can’t seem to keep Chris Paul and David West’s names out of their posts.  Obviously, people are trying to connect dots between Chris Paul being unhappy and potential trades.  Combined with NO’s shopping of west in the past…

So there are the rumors that abound.  No conclusions on anything just yet.  The Cavs have a few pieces so they can make a few trades.  They can also buy draft picks as Scott talked about earlier in June.

  • Mike

    Keep thinking there has to be a way to use Brand’s contract to bring Iguodala to the Cavaliers.

    Ideally it would be for Jamison and a Shaq sign-and-trade. I’m not convinced that Brand is done at 30, and while that contract is terrible, the chance to add a quality wing to run with LeBron James and defend like a madman seems almost worth the risk.

  • MP34

    Does anyone think, even the slightest, that LBJ has a sign and trade on his mind if he really wants to leave? At least if the Cavs got something for him the angry mob might not torch his palace in Bath.

  • Charlie

    Please get Chris Paul in Cleveland.

  • mgbode


  • Stinkfist

    @2 – I am 100% convinced that LeBron would prefer to win in Cleveland over any other team. Primarily, because he wants to bring a team (his hometown team at that) from nothing to greatness. He has gotten damn close. Second, $30 mil is kinda nice. Although, few people think he will sacrifice winning for some sentimental B.S.
    If the Cavs get a superstar or multiple All-Stars, LeBron stays. If they fail to make significant improvements (not just changes), it’s anyone’s guess, and honestly, not even worth debating at this point

  • The Conductor

    @Mgbode: Why don’t they just sign unicorns and leprechauns?

    You might want to start here before you post anything more relating to the NBA:

  • Charlie

    @ 6… Can’t smell the sarcasm in #4’s post eh?

  • Denny

    Apparently, The Conductor does not have any sarcasm detectors installed in his/her train/orchestra.

  • stin4u

    @6 – that was sarcasm font bud.

  • MattyFos

    A sign and trade I would like to see executed would be for a Trade Exemption. We move LBJ to a team that has the cap room to sign him, but in the trade we get a Trade Exemption in return. It is essentially a phantom player worth the 17 million LBJ’s contract would require…
    We would then have approx 11 million cap room to sign a player (Rudy Gay or Boozer or another player expected to sign for that) Then we have the 17 million dollar Trade Exemption we could use to trade for a max contract. We could trade the Trade Exemption (cap relief) to a team like Toronto or the Hawks for sign and trades with either Bosh or Johnson, respectively. Or trade the Exemption to a team like the 76ers who are in dire financial strains. We could get Iggy and another solid player with the Exemption.
    If sign and trade is our only option, trading LBJ for the Trade Exemption would be the best way to go. We would have the cap room to sign a quality player and the trading chips to bring in players worth max money…

  • MattyFos

    Uh… just to stay with the theme…

    It was sarcasm
    Conductor/train joke.

  • MattyFos

    I actually have a train joke for ya…

    I’ve heard of the short bus, but never of a short train.

  • Denny

    The Little Engine That Could :'[

  • Stinkfist

    Cle gets – Parker, Brand
    Philly gets – Mo, Delonte, whatever else
    SA gets – #2 Pick, Jamison


  • MattyFos

    Denny- Correction
    The little engine that couldn’t****
    You’re welcome

  • Charlie

    Somebody else uses the name “Charlie,” and it’s me. I just wanted everyone to know that I, the original Charlie, did not write that inane nonsense about CP3 coming to CLE. I realize trade/draft/FA specualation is absurd at the best of times but to just throw out names like Chris Paul it brings it down yet another level. How, fake Charlie, would you propose getting Chris Paul? WKNR has spent hours and hours over the last few weeks taking calls from listeners saying, “Hey, let’s get Chris Paul!” and none of them have any idea of how it would be possible.

  • Stinkfist

    @16 “Somebody else uses the name “Charlie,” and it’s me”

    …someones a little schitzo

  • MattyFos

    Charlie, I too have a fake MattyFos out there talking out of his butt too… It’s really giving me a badname

  • MattyFos


  • BisonDeleSightings

    @17, that actually works cap-wise. I imagine Philly or San Antonio would want more though (Hickson?).

  • Stinkfist

    Nice, I just threw it together just of the approximate salaries I knew, glad it worked. SA gets a top youth player (Cousins, Turner, Wall?), and they still have George Hill at PG. Philly gets rid of an awful contract, gets a cheap buyout, and gets a serviceable point guard, plus they are going to suck again and will get another top pick next year.
    Just an idea, its easy for me to tell other teams what’s valuable to them

  • Matt#2

    I think Burt Reynolds should be our next coach.

  • S-Dub

    I think Al Jefferson is in the mix for us. Jefferson, Jamison, LBJ, Parker, and PG X, would be a nice starting 4. We just have ZERO guard scoring potential.

  • Rick

    Wait a minute, nobody said PG X was on the market! HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS!

  • Stinkfist

    Burt – “Hey hey, look at this, check out the board”
    Marv Albert – “Apparently, Coach Reynolds has changed his name to… Turd Ferguson”

  • S-Dub

    Lol, Rick he’s a secret weapon. Mangini doesn’t want to talk about him so the other team won’t know what to do when Josh Cribbs is in the wildcat…..Oh wait….

  • mike

    bosh to houston, Yao to cleveland, shaq (sign and trade + buyout) + hickson + ariza + whatever else to toronto.

  • mgbode

    I found ‘the conductor’

    the thing is, I thought he was an expert at sarcasm. maybe he fooled us all?

  • Charlie

    @ O.C. (Original Charlie) – Why can’t I comment about my desire to have Chris Paul in Cleveland? How is that inane? I’m sorry I stole your name but I don’t see the need for hostility. Is it because I not only stole your name but your ability to love and respect the opinions of others? Well, you can’t have them back, because my world is now rainbows, laughing teddy bears and candy.


    “Fake” Charlie

    P.S. – If two Charlies can’t coexist in the WFNY universe, what hope do we really have?

  • Shamrock

    The Cavaliers need an experienced GM with the box Ferry left them in now. Alot of work for someone. I can’t help but feel some sort of Deja vu, reminds me of the Browns front office issues and moves.

    Btw Chris Paul here would be awesome it’s just to bad the Cavaliers don’t have anything to send for him. Paul or just about anyone else.

    Not sure what teams would be interested in either Mo Williams or Delonte West.

  • MattyFos

    I like Charlie II

  • MattyFos

    I would actually prefer Darren Collinson over Chris Paul.
    Younger, less money, and I’m sure he has a longer contract. plus, I actually think LBJ would play better without another big name player, I think he is at his best when the offense runs through him…. That being said, I don’t think an LBJ oriented team can win a championship

  • Harv 21

    We’re overthinking this a bit. No trade necessary, just buy a pick and draft a point guard with the correct name. Smart GM’s follow the “firsty-lasty/lasty-lasty” rule with point guards. I.e., both first and last name must be a first name, or must both be a last name.


    Chris Paul
    Tony Parker
    Jason Kidd
    Derick Rose

    Rajon Rondo

    It’s not that hard, folks. It’s why Mo Williams’s game is just a little off – drop the “s,” dude. And don’t bust me about the Utah kid, that org is just old school and things work there that are ineffective at other sea levels.

  • saggy

    @ harv 21 – you forgot F/L: Steve Nash, Andre Miller, and L/L: Chauncey Billups.

    but, btw, i think it’s “firsty/firsty” not “firsty/lasty.” basically, the latter is what everyone in the world is.

  • Harv 21

    Yeah, I meant to include Nash. Forgot about Miller. Also, Terrelle Brandon.

    Chauncey is a lasty/lasty, imo. Have any friends named “Chauncey”? Limo drivers and personal valets don’t count.

  • mgbode



  • Gren (not Glen)

    Just bring back Terrell Brandon to run the point.

  • Kennedy

    Cav’s suck