United States Defeats Australia 3-1

Landon Donovan and Hercules Gomez sealed a United States victory during injury time at the end of the second half to give the U.S. a 3-1 win over Australia in their last warmup game.  Donovan crossed the ball beautifully and Gomez struck it down the middle of the net to seal the victory.  The United States seemed content with their 2-1 halftime lead as they let starting goalkeeper, Tim Howard, rest in the second half.  In the end, the United States took care of business and look forward to playing against England.

At just over three minutes into the game, the United States drew first blood.  A sloppy play by the Australian backfield led to a steal by Edson Buddle just outside Australia’s 18 yard box.  A couple of moves later, Buddle, starting for injured Jozy Altidore, blasted a right footed shot past the Australian keeper’s left shoulder.

The U.S.A. should have gone up 2-0 after Findley beat an offside trap.  He made a move toward the Australian goalkeeper, and faked him out by going right.  With a wide open look at the net, Findley hit an off-balance shot and shanked it wide right.  Those are the kinds of opportunities that can bite you later.

The Socceroos from Australia responded with an improbable goal off of a corner.  They it the ball to the far post where two Australian players were waiting to try and play the ball.  Tim Cahill was the one who got a foot on the ball and somehow it went in.  The United States had defenders on the posts in addition to keeper Tim Howard.  When I first saw the goal on TV, I thought the ball hit the outside of the net.  The announcers seemed surprised too as the replay showed the ball somehow got between the U.S. defender and the post even though he was basically hugging the post.

The U.S. restored their one goal lead shortly thereafter on Edson Buddle’s second goal.  On a beautiful cross from the right side, Buddle got a head on the ball and hit it straight toward the ground at the goal line.  The ball bounced past the goalkeeper and the man who was chosen to fill in for Altidore had two goals.

In addition to Findley’s miss, the United States had a goal disallowed for a controversial offsides call.  The United States had a man on the ground in offsides position as another finished a goal after a wild frenzy in front of the Australian net.  The ball came across the field, off the keeper by Bradley, off the crossbar and finally into the net by Dempsey, but the linesman’s flag flew into the air noting offside.  Even the commentators on TV seemed to think that the goal should have been allowed.

In the end, it didn’t matter.  The United States scored three goals, even if they had great opportunity to score five.  They won their final match before real World Cup action.


Speaking of World Cup action, the United States will be fortunate next weekend when they play England.  You never want to see injuries, but they do happen.  This time, England will be without their center back, and captain Rio Ferdinand after he injured his knee in practice.  After reading about it, it sounds like the entire English team are walking wounded practically.

Photo Credit: (Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

  • stin4u

    Good showing by the team headed into the cup next weekend against a quality side in Australia. The offense showed up even without Altidore playing which is a great sign. Can’t wait till next saturday! SAM’S ARMY STAND UP!!!

  • Stinkfist

    Crap, I turned it off after 1:30 into extra time and watched Everybody Hates Chris. They scored again?

  • Wacman

    I think Dempsey’s goal was marked off because Findley went towards the ball and he was in an offside position….had he have stood still, he would’ve been deemed “passive”, so his presence wouldn’t have mattered. Lame call, but i understand where the linesman was coming from.

    Also, whoever was marking the far post for Cahill’s goal did a pathetic job. The ball should never get in between a person and the post on a corner.

  • RoversRugby

    Congrats to team USA. Though I am not a very big soccer fan I will be watching this years World Cup action. I however am rooting for the Dutch (Hup Holland!) I’d like to see my Orange finally take the cup. Is there any way we could get quick blurbs or short recaps about all the games being played? Even if its just a little something it would be awesome.

  • http://waitingfornextyear.com Denny

    @ Rovers – We’re going to do the best we can. Craig and I will be covering things, and I’d guess we’ll likely have a daily recap piece with a blurb about each game, if we can. We’re gonna try.

  • http://gravatar.com PayDaMan

    Rovers Rugby whatup…Do you know Cleary

  • saggy

    excellent result, especially considering how few goal Australia have given up during their qualifying run. I believe they had the stoutest defense in the world during that time.

    230PM Saturday can’t come soon enough. I think England is better without Ferdinand, for what it’s worth.

  • Omar13Vizquel

    Good write-up. It’s Herculez Gomez (2 zees), if you’re interested in accuracy for the future. Hopefully you’ll have to write about my man Herc in relation to goals.

    Love the soccer focus on WFNY. Thanks.

  • RoversRugby


    I do in fact know Cleary, I havent been able to play the past two seasons (spring and fall) due to work situation. But I saw he’s been playin a bunch more. Hopefully this summer will be better to me.

  • JJ in DC

    Just got a chance to watch a replay of the game on ESPN3 since I was out of town. We looked pretty good, but the D is still shaky, especially on set pieces and corners. I’d volunteer my services for the back line, but there’s a reason I’m not a pro…plus I’m laid up with a partially torn quad.

  • dempsey

    Not a bad game played by the US of A. Classy finishes by buddle